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PostSubject: CHANGE   CHANGE EmptyTue Oct 16, 2007 1:11 pm

If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Noting in the universe remains same. Therefore , every thing is changed with passage of time and so it is true ,man always quest for change. Nevertheless we can find new ways for progress through change If it is prestige for me I think I would like to change one thing in my hometown. I would like to develop advanced education system.

With development of my home town in last few years, the population is increasing rapidly .so education need as well as others necessities of life are also increased .
You know education is basic need for every citizen to development for country. Hence I would like to eliminate flaws in education system.

In order to rising the population ,the city has extended miles without proper plan.
Before this only public schools were running for education but now with increase population the number of private schools are developing for providing education.
It is pity that standard of education is low in these schools because every school has own syllabus and rules and regulation and there is no check and balance system . Some elite schools are present but fees can not afford every one even upper middle class cannot afford it. It means that there is need for proper planning for education.
It is suggested that every private and public schools have same syllabus, same medium of source, discipline.

The most important is that fee structure of private school is pretty so that every one can afford it.
If we talk about secondary level education , teachers give emphasis on practical work rather theoretically . Therefore, advanced labs are available for practice specially for science students . Because practice makes perfect and elite libraries are present in every schools for seek more knowledge.
It is very important that syllabus is changed with modern age and teachers are trained through training programs for advancement in knowledge after some time.
However at last but not least government should provide scholarships to intelligent students and make strict rules for providing the quality of education.

All in all advanced education system can help to development in every field of life.
Because it is basic ladder for development.
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PostSubject: Re: CHANGE   CHANGE EmptyTue Oct 16, 2007 1:59 pm

Hello PEACE,

Please be advised that this is an open forum for people to discuss and exchange information and ideas about the IELTS writing tasks.

You are welcome to post IELTS writing tasks here, but they will not necessarily be checked or graded by tutors. We already have a free pre-set IELTS essay task, and our volunteer tutors have enough on their plates dealing with submissions for that topic.

Of course, other visitors are welcome to commment on your essay, and post their own for you to comment on. This sort of exchange and sharing is highly desirable. Please just keep in mind that this is not a forum for people to post any essay topic they like with some sort of expectation that a tutor will come here and dedicate time to grading for you personally. We have free applications with feedback and we cannot offer tutor help beyond the range of those pre-set tasks.

Please also refrain from posting iBT essays here, and please do not paste your own iBT/IELTS essays across multiple forums - for the free feedback tasks stick to the topic given, and keep IELTS or iBT topics in their respective forums.

I know that people desperately want help with a range of essay tasks, but we are not an open free tutoring service. We offer help within a pre-set framework to keep things under control and fair to a range of visitors. Of course, as I said before, we have no objections whatsoever to test-takers posting topics and helping each other!

Thanks for your understanding.

- Jason
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