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 plz rate my topic

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PostSubject: plz rate my topic   plz rate my topic EmptyWed Nov 28, 2007 7:53 am

Students go to universities for completely diverse reasons. Some people attend university to gain more experience or obtain a degree. Other people go to university to maximize their knowledge or be qualified for
a job. From my point of view, I go to university because it is my family’s desire, I want to discover university’s life and I communicate with new people.
First of all, going to university was my family’s dream to me. Furthermore, I knew how much my parents sacrificed to make my life
happy and easy. Moreover, this was the only great request my parents asked me to do for them as a result I should go to university.
Again, I want to go to university to discover a new world to me. When I was young I used to hear about life in university from my older relatives. Thereafter, I dream by the day that I finish my secondary school to attend university. Attending university means to me freedom. I will be free to wear different clothes every day rather than uniform. Equally important, I will arrange my schedule as I like.
Finally, when I attend university I make good relationships with new friends who have nearly the same interests and priorities. My colleagues and me always study and enjoy our leisure time together. Moreover. In the summer holidays we look for training in companies related to our special together.
In a nut shell, I attend university because it is my family’s dream, to discover life in university and to make new relationship.
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PostSubject: To ibttoefl and others wanting feedback on unknown topics   plz rate my topic EmptyMon Dec 03, 2007 6:52 am

Hello ibttoefl,

As mentioned previously, due to the nature of our service, it being free, we will only give feedback to the essay questions we put forward. This does not mean that others cannot give feedback. By all means, please help each other out.

Furthermore, please look at some of the feedback we have already given to previously posted writing submissions. You can probably assess yourself and edit yourself.

Please, use this part of the open forum to share ideas on how to improve your writing or other elements related to the iBT TOEFL test.

All the best on your test.

Yannick O'Neill
Managing Director: www.onlinenglish.net
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plz rate my topic
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