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 "Writing review task" THOMSON guide p703

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PostSubject: "Writing review task" THOMSON guide p703   Wed Jan 16, 2008 8:31 am

Free Trade is a way we can buy and sell good easily without barriers. The professor thought that Free Trade is good for the global economy. However, the reading stated that free trade is a bad one. The processor‘s lecture casts doubt on the reading by using a number of points that are contrary to the reading as follow.

Free trade, according to the lecture, is good for local company. It offers the opportunity for local company to strengthen their company by improving operation. It’s also a change to get technology from global company. The professor’s point is different from the reading. It said that free trade will make local company bankrupt and cause the workers lose their jobs.

The professor said that the government can save a lots of money by not subsidize inefficient company even if they can’t get tax from goods imported. Although the reading suggested that tax tariff is a good way to make income for the government.

European Common Market is a good model that Free Trade can make a peace, as the professor said. The reading contradicted this view point. It mentioned World War II as an example of economic confliction among countries.

In conclusion, the points made in the lecture contrast with the reading. Making the local company stronger, saving money for the government and making peace demonstrate that Free Trade is bad is in doubt
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"Writing review task" THOMSON guide p703
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