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 Free iBT integrated writing task submission

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PostSubject: feedback on the essay   Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:37 pm

The lecture contradicts on the possible explanations of the mystery of the ship Mary Celeste, put forth in the reading. The professor makes certain arguments that challenge the reading.
One of the possibilities the reading brings out is that of Mutiny, where they crew kills the captain of the ship, robs the alcolohol and flees the ship. To this the professor argues that Benjamin was a very experienced captain to be attacked like that and also that if it was the crew that attacked and fled then they would not have left their personal belongings in the ship.
The second possibility pointed out by the reading is that of Piracy, where the crew who found the ship Mary Celeste could have stolen the alcohol and then killed the passengers and the captain on the ship to erase the evidence. To that the professor argues that if that that could not have been true as the person who found the ship was a good friend of the captain and that no such evidence was found in the investigation.
The professor rather states his own idea on what would have happened on the ship. As per him the ship might gave had a hint of fire and there might have been leakage of alcohol increasing the chances of the blast and in fear the captain and crew would have tried to abandon the ship. The crew might have tried to flee in the boats and drowned trying to survive or died out of starvation. He says that this could have been a huge possibility considering that the captain did not have any previous experience of transporting alcohol and could have panic-striken.
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PostSubject: Writing,   Mon Mar 17, 2008 12:17 am

There are many theories that are explained about the mystery of maryceleste ''ghost ship''. The laecture says that the captian benjamin briggs is a very much respected and experienced person toward his crew memebers and also the lecture states that they dint take any personal belongings along with them.On the contrary the reading states that the crew members killed the captian who is very strict and his famlly members leaving the ship.another point is that the rading states tht they have takenvaluables from the ship so they might hve killed te crew and the passengers which is contrary to the lecture.and then they took the maryceleste to the gibralter to collect the reward for the missing ship.
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PostSubject: integrated writting   Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:04 am

In the set of materials, the reading passage describes the "ghost ship" Mary Celeste found at the coast of Portugai in 1872, and the two most possible explanations for its mystery; the listening passage contradicts the two most possibe theories.

In the reading passage, Mary Celestew was found with suspecial evidence: hatches and prtholes open, nobody left on board, no damage, no violence.... Therefore, there are all kinds of explanations for the mystery. one theory is that the crew killed the Captain and his family, and took huge amount of alcohol with them. Anther theory is that the crew who found the Mary Celeste killed all the people of Mary Celeste, and clearned up all the evidence then brought it back to acclaim the reward.

The listen passage contradicts the two theories. first of all, the Captain, Benjamin Briggs was a respected and skillful captain, so it is little possible that his crew killed him and his family.Second, the captain of the ship and crew taht found the Mary Celeste was Benjamin Briggs' best friend. So the theory two isn't quite possible neither. The listening also brought out another explanation of mystery of Mary Celeste. It is captain Benjamin asked his crew to give up the ship when they thought the alcohol would cause the ship explorsure. And the crew and passagers were disappear, it could be drown at the sea, starvation, coldness...ect...
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PostSubject: mary celeste   Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:43 am

The reading passage tackles about the mysterious disappearance of Captain Benjamin Briggs and his family, board in a ship called Mary Celeste, considered a ghost ship was found abandoned in portugal in 1872.
There were two theories tackled in the reading passage. First, one of the mutiny aboard the ship and killed the captain and his family. One of the considerations that the ship was carrying 1701 barrels of alcohol and nine of which were found empty. Second, the one who found the mary celeste have been actually the one whose responsible for killing Benjamin Briggs and his family.They only wanted to collect the reward for finding the missing ship. In fact, the british navy officer suspected that they were a foul play and tried to punished them in court.
However, in the listening passage, records claim that indicates that Captain Benjamin Briggs was a well experinced and respected captain. In addition, the man who found the ship was actually a good friend of the captain and had nothing anything suspicious. In fact, the court failed to prove any evidence regarding the allegations.
Record shows that, Captain Benjamin Briggs is not experienced in transporting alcohol. Thereby, when experiencing or suspecting that the ship was going to explode they abandoned the ship and it appears that it is a normal response. All passengers lose from the sea due to thirst and starvation. Although, the ship was found with hatches and portholes open, there were no signs of damage and violence.
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PostSubject: integrated taks   Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:51 am

The Mary Celeste naufrage have been a mistery for many people that have researching about it. At the reading passage and at the lecture, they both speak about this miystery. The reading passage tell us about the history of it and the lecture tell us about the theories that exist about the "ghost ship".
At the lecture there are some important theories that explaing why the ship naufregated and why it was found in the pleace and in the situation that it was foud. One of this teories say that the ship may have been taken for pirates but it is not well admited because of the fact that the capitan were a very esperiented person. Other theory say that the ship that found the Mary Celeste were the same that steal the Mary Celeste but it also is a real theory because both capitans were friends and they havent doen it each other. The last thery is based in tha idea that the alcohol in the ship had gone to exploted and the capitand knowing that decided to evacuated the ship and open all the hatches and doors in orther to evacuate the powerd humes that the alcohol were prodecing. The last theory becames very interesting because it give an explanations about the hatches and the doors opend and why the people were not found. Indeed this theory says that the people dies during the time the were in the sae may be for a storm.
In conclusion the reading passage and the lecture are very related each other because the firts one introduce the topict of the second one. Also, in the lecture there is more explanencion about the theories and how they foult or became interesting in the way to explain what really happend with the Mry Celeste and the passangers.
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PostSubject: Could you please check my essay?   Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:08 pm

Historians and researches have argued about mysterious disappearance of the Mary Celeste’s crew for many years. The reading passage gives us two possible explanations of this event. First explanation is that it happened because of the mutiny aboard the ship. It means that the Mary Celeste’s crew killed their strict captain Benjamin Briggs and his family. In order to reinforce this idea the author of the reading passage states that nine barrels of alcohol were used up. Perhaps, they drank it to take courage. The reading passage gives another concept as well. It tells us that Mary Celeste was a victim of piracy. Supporters of this idea suspect the ship that found Mary Celeste in doing that. They are asserting that ship that found the “ghost ship” took not a big amount of goods and killed all the people on the ship. Moreover, they collected a reward for finding a missing ship.
However, the listening passage reveals that both of the explanations from the reading passage are not plausible. It supported by saying that the captain, Benjamin Briggs, and his crew were respectful people who had a good reputation. Consequently, it is unlikely that it happened because of the mutiny. In order to eliminate the idea of piracy the listening passage says that the captain of the De El Garcia, ship that found Mary Celeste, was the friend of Benjamin Briggs’s. By the way, according to the listening passage there is no evidence to prove these two ideas.
Furthermore, the speaker came up with a new idea to explain the mystery of the Mary Celeste. The listening passage tells us that the crew of the “ghost ship” abandoned it due to danger of explosion. Followers of this idea claim that the barrels of alcohol that started to leak. Consequently, the members of the crew decided to leave the ship because they were afraid of the explosion. According to the listening passage, it is likely that all of them found death in the sea, after the abandoning the ship. They could have died because of the starvation, storm, drowning or they might have gotten lost.


Hello, I wrote this essay in 32 minutes. That is my problem. How can I write faster? THANKS A LOT!!!!!
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PostSubject: WR-1   Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:50 am

The reading passage says that pirate theory is a possible explanation for the missing of Mary Celeste ship. But the lecture cast doubt on the reading by using a number of points and provide other possible thoery for the explanation of the missing of the ship.

First, the reading describes that there was a mutany abroad the ship and the crew killed the strict captain and and left the ship. However, this point is contradicted by the lecture. the lecture points out that the captain had a good retutation. He was respected person by the crew members. And the crew did not take their personal belongings from the ship.

Second, the reading says that the person who found Mary Celeste near Portugal may be responsible fro the missing of the ship. After taking valuable things from the ship, they killed the crew members to remove the evidence. In contrast, the lecture claims that the person who found the ship was a friend of the captain.

The lecture provide another possible explanation for the missing of the ship. The ship was carring largre amounts of alcohols. After leaking some of the alcohols they transport, they thought that there might be a explosion from alcohol. So, they abandoned the ship.
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PostSubject: W-1   Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:06 am

The discovery of the Mary Celeste ship, abandoned, with no crew on it, portholes open, missing goods and with no sign of violence, raises the mystery of his story. A few theories try to explain it but they are controversial.
One theory sustains the killing of the captain Benjamin Briggs by the crew and its escape on lifeboats with the missing goods, barrels of alcohol. Another theory states that the ship that found the missing boat killed the crew in order to get the reward for finding the ship.
The lecture contrasts both of the theories above explained in two points.
Firstly, captain Benjamin Briggs and his crew had a very good reputation and it’s hard to believe that such a mutiny might have happened.
Secondly, the captain of the ship who found the Mary Celeste was a great friend of Benjamin Brigg and there’s no possible reason why he should have killed him and his crew just for money.
Finally, the lecture introduces an alternative theory that might explain what really happened.
This theory has scientific bases, so it’s pretty believable; it theorizes that the ship was about to explode because of the licking alcohol from the barrels it was carrying and since the crew was inexpert on that issue, they decided to leave the boat and afterwards died by drowning or starvation
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PostSubject: please help me, thanks   Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:53 pm

The reading and the listening passages are holding the various views about the mystery of the Mary Celeste boat. In the reading passage which is basing on the researching in many years, it inferred 2 possible cases that maybe cause the boat vanishing .First, the family of the captain were killed by the munity crew during the voyage. Another case was the starving of the value of the “ghost ship”, the crew of another ship which found out the “ghost ship” have killed the passengers and crew to remove the evidence. Otherwise, the speaker is quite different view with the writer, he said that there is no evidence that indicted the crew of another ship killed the people in “ ghost ship “.Moreover, he had more plausible sound about the exploiting alcohol while the ghost ship carried the barrels. The speaker said that was the first time they carried alcohol. There were 1701 barrel s, and another 9 barrels was licked during the voyage, that maybe cause the ship cached fire. The speaker insisted that the crew might fear and abandon the ship. Maybe, the starvation caused them die.
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PostSubject: integrated writing task. the mystery of Mary celeste   Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:35 am

According to the reading passage, the mystery of the Mary Celeste or called the ghost ship was found to be intriguing according to the historians because they found the portholes and hatches open but they didn’t find any evidence of violence when they discovered the ship empty passengers and crews.

One theory was there ‘s a mutiny aboard and the crew killed the strict captain Benjamin Briggs and his family before throwing them overboard then leaving the ship in one of thee lifeboats.

Another theory was the ship and crews taking the ship to Portugal may have taken the valuable left in the ship and might have killed the crews and passengers of the ship then took the ship to Gibrastel to collect the reward for finding the ship..

The lecture argues about this, the captain of the ship Mr. Benjamin was a very good leader, a well respected person doubting that he was killed. Also, they did not find any missing personal items in the ship.

The probable reason might be because of the 9 alcohol barrels emptied out of 1701 in the ship might cause explosion and the powerful fumes caused the ship to explode thus they open the hole and hatches. They might have panicked that forced the people of the ship to go on lifeboats or have drowned or starved so they had disappeared.
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PostSubject: Integrated Writing Response   Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:08 pm

The lecture and the passage talk about Mary Celeste, a ship that was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal in 1872. The passage provides a couple of theories on what could have happened to the ship, while the lecture tries to refute those theories with some reasonable explanation. The lecture goes on to provide a completely new theory citing some good explanation supported by evidence and anecdotes.

The first possibility that the passage cites is that the crew could have killed the strict captain and his family before abandoning the ship on lifeboats. The lecture indicates that this theory is highly unlikely because the captain of the ship was very experienced and well respect by his crew. Moreover, the fact that the crew did not take their belongings suggests that the crew might not have abandoned the ship willingly.

The second possibility cited by the passage is that a nearby ship, Dae E Gracias, could have captured Mary Celeste and killed everyone onboard and stole all the precious cargo before returning the ship to the British navy for a reward. Although, the lecture seems to not suspect any foul play by Dae E Gracia, because a subsequent court case that attempted to convict the crew of Dae E Gracia did not find any evidence of any such act. Moreover, the captain of Dae E Gracia was a good friend of Captain Briggs.

The lecture provides a third plausible explanation of what could have happened. The fact that 9 alcohol containers were empty suggests that the alcohol could have evaporated due to heat, creating dangerous fumes. Onboard fire was very prominent and dangerous in those days and the fear of such a fire on the ship could have led the crew and the captain abandon the ship on lifeboats in to the sea. Subsequently, starvation or drowning could have killed the entire crew.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:54 am

There are various reasons that were given in the reading passage about why the Mary Celeste was found abandoned at the sea on the coast of Portugal. One possible reason according to the reading is that there must had been a mutiny. It is possible the crew members decided to attack the captain and kill all the passengers. Another reason that was given in the reading passage is that the ship and crew that found the Mary Celeste could have been the responsible on killing all the ship's passengers. Theses two reasons that were stated in the reading passage were clearly opposed in the lecture. It was stated in the lecture that mutiny is not possible because the captain of the Mary Celeste has a great reputation of being a good captain and he is well respected by his crew. It was also said in the lecture that the captain of the ship that found the Mary Celeste is a very good friend of the captain of Mary Celeste so it is also very unlikely for them to attack the Mary Celeste. It was stated in the reading that 9 barrels of alcohol were missing in the ship. By this information, a theory was formed in the lecture stating that it is possible that there could have been an explotion due to an alcohol leak. It was said in the lecture that an alcohol explotion can occur without damaging the ship.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:27 am

The narrative and the audio section describe the mystery of the Mary Celeste. The Mary Celeste was a ship that left New York in 1872 with a destination of Genoa, Italy. The ship never arrived in Genoa. The ship was found and taken to Gibraltar by a ship named Daity Gracia, which collected a reward for the return of the ship. The evidence found on the ship has lead to much debate as to the actual events that ended with its abandoned condition. The written section takes the viewpoint that the Mary Celeste may be attributed to piracy or mutiny. On the other hand, the lecturer does not think either of the first 2 options are “sound.” To be able to ascertain the actual events it is necessary to understand who the captain of the ship was, the contents in the ship, and the procedures that the captain and the crew would have taken under certain conditions.
The captain of the ship was Benjamin Briggs. He was an experienced Captain with a good crew. This does not support a case for mutiny. The Captain of the Daity Gracia was a friend of Captain Briggs. This may lead one to believe that there was no piracy on behalf of the Captain of the Daity Gracia.
The contents that were on the ship were 1701 barrels of alcohol. . When the ship was found 9 of the barrels were empty. The Captain had never transported alcohol before and was not experienced with this type of cargo, although he would no what procedures to follow in case of an emergency.
If the cargo began to leak or cause fumes it would be very dangerous. In that situation of a risk of explosion they would have abandoned the ship on a life boat. Thus leaving behind their belongings and leaving the port holes open. This would also explain why there was no evidence of violence on the ship. It is also noted that if the alcohol would have exploded, it is possible that the explosion would not have caused serious damage.
Although there seems to be some controversy as to the events that led to the abandonment of the Mary Celeste, the history of Captain Briggs, the alcohol transported on the ship, and the procedures that would have been followed in an emergency, it seems more plausible that the ship would have been abandoned for fear of an explosion and that the crew perished at sea.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:12 am

The reading and the lecture refers to the mystery of the Mary Celeste ship. To begin with, the reading suggests two theories that could explain what happened to the ship. The first one mentions that there was a mutiny aboard and that the crew killed the captain and his family, and that this crew used a life board to save their lives. The second one refers to the fact that the crew who found the ship is the responsible. According to this last theory, the people who found the Mary Celeste, took the belongings of the people who were on board and later they killed the passengers and moved the ship to Gibralter.

In contrast, the lecture suggests two explanations completely different. It explains that the crew who found the Mary Celeste is not considered guilty and that there are not evidences that show that there was any incident of violence against the passengers. The lecture suggests that there is a theory which is highly believable. This plans that the captain of the Mary Celeste suspected that the ship was about to exploit, because of the alcohol bottles that were on the ship. He was deeply worried and alerted to the crew, who opened the portholes and jumped into the sea. They were lost in the sea, and they could have died because of staying several days alone without any help.

It´s evident that the theories from the lecture and from the reading differ widely. Though both of them, try to clear mystery of the “ghost ship” Mary Celeste, from various perspectives.
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PostSubject: Pls Review the integrated writting task   Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:12 pm

The passage and the lecture talks about the ghost ship, Mary Celeste which was abandoned near Portugal in 1872. Several theories have been proposed to find the reason behind the abandon. Possibility of two such theories are given in the passage, however the lecture does not agree upon those theories and explains the other plausible cause.

To begin with, the passage states that the first reason can be piracy. The passage talks that the valuables would have been stolen and then the caption and crew might had been killed by pirates to erase the evidence. Nevertheless, the lecture says that it is observed that noody on the ship has carried valuables with them. So the lecture rules out this theory given by passage.

Secondly, the passage states that the other cause might be mutiny. The caption might be the very strict person which made its crew to kill the caption and his family. Notwithstanding, the lecture states that the caption was very calm person and was respected by his crews. Therefore, this possibility is also not accepted in the lecture.

Finally, the lecturer states that nine barrels out of the 1701 alcohol barrels were found to be empty and the caption was travelling with such barrel for the first time. The nine barrel which were empty might haven been leaked which caused the ship to explode. The professor also states that, further, the ship might was taken by tides and storms to the Portugal port. The storm and explosion might have damaged the ship.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste : this essay is written by my student.pls.check   Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:12 pm

The passage and lecture discuss about mystery of Mary celeste which is known as a "Ghost ship". Mary Celeste was disappeared during the voyage from New York to Italy and found at the coast of Portugal without neither passengers nor crew. The Passage teaches us 2 possible theories but lecture doesn't agree with both of them and gives us other possivle theory.

The first theory that passage discusses is mutiny on the ship. Crew killed stric captain and left the ship but lecture disagree with this theory because captain of Mary Celeste,Benjamin Briggs, was a calm and respected by crew. There is no reason for crew to kill their captain.

Another theory doubt on the crew who found abandoned Mary Celeste. They stole valuables from the crew and passengers, and killed them to remove evidence. However, lecture disagree with this theory also. Lecture says there is no evidence that they stoled valuables.

Finally, the theory given by lecture is becaus of the explosion of alcohol. Fire was the greatest fear for the crew and they saw alcohol explode. They were shocked and left the ship. Lecture says a research discovered that it is possible to exploed without damage the ship. It seems the most posible theory.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:29 am

The text talks about the mystery of the ship Mary Celeste ( found abandoned off the coast of Portugal and considered the original "ghost ship") and gives two possible theories for the state in which it has been found ( it's hatches and portholes were open but no crew or passengers were on board).

The lecture however argues against the two theories, stating that they are unlikely since the captain of the ship that found Mary Celeste was a friend of Captain Briggs with no motive of robbing it and besides there were no valuable items on board. The second theory is disproved by the fact that Mary Celeste's crew had left behind their belongings, indicating a hasty departure. This was most likely due to the captain's belief that the large amount of alcohol vapors caused by 9 leaking barrels present on board would lead to an explosion. They even tried opening the hatches and portholes in an attempt to avoid combustion.
Later studies and model analysis have shown there was no real danger but Captain Briggs had no experience with carrying such type of load and therefore decided to abandon ship.

The fate of the captain and the crew is still unknown today but it is believed they were lost at sea or perished because of starvation.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:09 am

The case of "Maria Celeste" ghost ship is a controversial one.
The story is that this ship was sailing from New York to Italy and it was lost. But another ship found it in the middle of Gibraltar sea with no people on board and with hatches and other stuff open. There are three ideas what might have happened.
The first is regarding "piracy". This is a less believable because the captain was a honored man being thus an impossible target for the pirates.
The second suggestion might be the fault of the crew of the ship who found "Maria Celeste", and probably the crew robbed the ship, stole every valuable item and send the ship in the middle of Gibraltar sea. They wanted to get all the merits for themselves.
A prosecutor of that time followed this line but he did not found any suspicious fact for blaming the crew.
Another idea what might have caused the abandonenment of the ship is the idea that the ship was carrying numerous beer barrels, which might have leaked and the alcholic gas produced from the barrels caused an explosion.
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PostSubject: Mystery of the Mary Celeste   Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:28 pm

In the lecture, the professor question some of the explanations that exist about the mistery of the Mary Celeste, which ones have been described in the reading. Therefore, the professor bring about a new possible and plausible explanation.

On one hand, in the lecture, the professor suggests that the theory about a mutiny could not be possible because the belongings of the crow were founded inside of the ship;as a result, it is not plausible to believe that the crow left the ship without it. In addition, the professor went on saying that although the captain who found the ship was not a friend of captain Briggs, there was not evidence that he had attacked the Mary Celeste ship; consequently, the second theory described by the reading may be not possible as well.

On the other hand, the professor describes a new theory. It said that the captain Briggs was an inexpert, and his travel was the first alcohol load that he carried; therefore, there was problems with the correct storage of the alchol that could contribute to the formation of fumer. It lead to a possible explosion that could kill people without making any damage in the ship. It can explain why there was nine of the barrels with alcohol empty. The reading also talks about this nine empty barrels.
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PostSubject: mystery of mary celeste   Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:06 am

Both of the reading passage and the lecture discuss the mystery of Mary Celester ship. While the reading offered the two explanations for that case, the professor challenged them by argueing several points.
First of all, the professor casted doubt on the first explanation made in the reading passage by stating that captain Benjamin Briggs was highly respected and had a good reputation. The first explanation was that the captain was killed by his crew because of being so strict. However, he was in charged of group members and had good relationships with others. According to the lecture, he never trained alcohol before. Also, the emptiness of nine barrels of alcohol can be explained by running out of the voyage.
Furthermore, the professor stated that there were not passengers who brought valuable things along with them even their pipes. Therefore, the theory that the ship and crew have taken a small amout of valuables from the ship is not reasonable. Also, there was no evidence to support the explanations. Everything was done in suspicion.
To sum up, the professor indicated some inplausible points in the reading passage by showing all of the above reasons.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:07 am

The lecture and the passage discuss possible reasons for the mysterious disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste, a ship found on the coast of Portugal in 1872.
First of all the lecture refutes two common explanations that are also depicted in the passage: mutiny and piracy. The passage argues that possibly the crew killed its captain and left the ship. However the lecture does not agree with this fact as the captain was known as a highly respected person with a professional and well trained crew.
The other option stated in the passage assumes that goods were stolen in a piracy act and that the crew was killed. The lecture contrasts with this theory underlining that no great amount of goods were missing and that the discoverer of the Mary Celeste was a friend of its captain. Eventually a alternative reason presented in the lecture focuses on the alcohol that was on the ship. As it was the first time such a great amount of alcohol was carrying and firewalls and explosions could be caused, possibly the captain paniced and left the ship with his crew.
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PostSubject: mary celeste   Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:51 pm

One theory is about the captian Benjamin Briggs and his belongings, which are in the reading passage, they metioned that he was strict and not a good model of the captain so that crew killed captain and his family. Not to leave evidence they left the ship on the ocean. However in the lecture, he disagree with the passage, because captain Benjamin Briggs was the respective person to the crew and also he didnt bring any personal beloings on the ship, futhermore there is no evidence of killing captian.
On the other hand in the lecture they metioned another possibe theory that can explain the ghost ship, which is that at that time the alchol was his first trade items. Due to that he could not care of the alchol well so that some alchols were licking because of that it became flamable and finally explode in the ship without damaging the ship, so that crew who survived from the ship, run out with the surviving boat without lefting the ship on the ocean.
Due to the situation on the reading passage and the lecture, both examples are quite reliable to readers.
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PostSubject: The mystery of the Mary Celeste   Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:57 am

There are quite some theories about the mystery of the Mary Celeste. The lecture refutes the two theories stated in the passage. In the passage it is said that it could be either a mutiny or the crew murdered the captain or a piracy from the own crew but this is just the contrary to the belief in the lecture.

Firstly, the lecturer tells that the captain was very experienced in his job and very respected by the crew. This directly contradicts with the passage when they write that the crew members could have killed the strict captain and then flew with lifeboats.

Secondly, the lecture contradicts the passage in another point. The lecturer mentions that there was no evidence that the crew had done piracy. Because they didn’t take anything with them from board, not even their pipes. And a friend of the captain told that there was really no evidence that the crew had done anything suspicious. In contrary the passage, where it is written that crew perhaps has killed the others on board to bring the ship Gibraltar and then collect the reward for finding a missing ship. According to the passage, also a British navy officer suspected this, but that contradicts with the states made in the lecture.

In the lecture they find a more sound explanation could be the worries about the alcohol on board. The captains and the crews greatest fear was the fire. And so when they heard some of the barrels of alcohol exploded, they ordered to abandon the ship and so they died in a
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PostSubject: Solutions Staffing   Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:23 am

The lecture detailed two different scenarios that directly oppose the claims proposed in the reading passage. The passage detailed two poosible scenarios. The first being that Mary Celeste was taken over by the crew and the second that the crew that found the ship took advantage of the cargo and some of the goods on the ship. The passage used the fact that nine of the 1,701 barrels of alcohol were found empty as evidence to support both of these claims.

However, the lecture challeneged the evidence used to support the theories from the passage by presenting a theory that tells of the alcohol leaking in the ship, causing flammable, noxious fumes to permeate the air in its cabin and hulls and forcing the crew to abandon the ship in fear of an explosion. This negates the theory that alcohol may have fueled the attack on the ship's captain by the crew.

The lecture went on to present factual information that challenges the second theory presented in the passage. The fact that the Mary Celeste was found by a ship captained by a friend of the captain, challenges the theory of the crew that found the ship murdering the Mary Celeste's crew and pilaging some of the valuables and cargo.
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PostSubject: sdfsadfdsadds   Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   

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Free iBT integrated writing task submission
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