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 Free iBT integrated writing task submission

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PostSubject: [url]www.thesuccesssolutions.com[/url]   Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:50 am

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PostSubject: Integr essay   Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:08 am

The lecturer, providing some additional to the article information, argues against its main theories of the Mary Celeste’s mystery.
Both the article and the lecture agrees that the disappearence of the team of the ship is a mystery, which no-one can explain for sure.
According to the article, one of the most reliable theories is that it was a crew of the ship, who made a mutiny and killed the captain of the ship and all the passengers. However, contradicting this theory, the lecturer states that the captain of the boat was very experienced and the team had a good reputation to exclude this theory from the list.
Another explanation of the “ghost ship”, provided by the article, is that it was a crew of the boat, which found Mary Celeste, who killed everybody on the ship to remove the evidence of taking some valuables from the ship. Conversely, the lecturer proving the invalidity of this theory describes the captain of the rescuing ship as a friend of Mr. Briggs, the captain of Mary Celeste.
Contadicting the theories from the passage, the lecturer provides us with another one, which, he thinks, is the most valuable. He thinks that it was because of a danger of alcohol fumes explosion on the boat, that made the team and all the passengers leave the ship on an emergency boat, not even taking the minimum of their stuff.
Thus the artcle and the lecturer stronlgy argues against each other providing some controversial theories.
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PostSubject: The mystery of Mary Celeste   Thu May 14, 2009 4:30 pm

The article states two possible reasons to explain about the mystery of the Mary Celeste event. This ship called “the ghost ship” was found abandoned on the Portugal coast in 1872. However, the professor refutes the two reasons presented by the article and states another possible explanation.

First, the reading states the hypothesis of a mutiny aboard and the killing of the captain and his family by the crew. In this case the crew will have abandon the ship afterwards. The professor refutes this point. He states that the captain of Mary Celeste was a respected person and the crew had a good reputation. The fact that the ship was found with all the personal belongings of everybody creates doubt in the mutiny theory.

Second, the article claims that the crew who found the Mary Celeste was responsible of its robbery and assassination of the captain and his crew. However, the professor says that the captain of the ship that found Mary Celeste was a very close friend of Mary Celeste’s captain. He explains that no evidence was found to suspect such accusation.

Finally, the professor states that the abandon of Mary Celeste might occur due to a fear of fire. The ship was transporting a huge amount of alcohol and it was the first time for the captain and his crew to be in charge of this kind of goods. He explains that probably the captain was nervous about the leak of the alcohol and this has caused the abandon of the ship by the captain and his crew.
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Ngo Nhat

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Fri May 15, 2009 8:07 am

According to the passage, what happened to the ship Mary Celeste was unknown for many years. Therefore, two possible explanations were given. One of both was that the captain and his family were killed then the crew stole part of barrels of alcohol on the ship. The second one was that the crew and passengers on Mary Celeste were killed after some valuable things had been stolen by people who explored the ship. On the other hand, the lecture states that Benjamin Briggs was a honored and powerful captain, so he could not be killed. Moreover, his ship had never carried alcohol before, so there may be an explosion caused by alcohol, but the ship had no damage. What is more, the professor mentions about an evidence of opened hatches and portoles to support his idea above- a new explanation.
Finally, the mystery of the ship Mary Celeste and the reason that some barrels of alcohol were empty on this ship are still not explained appropriately.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste''s mystery   Sun May 17, 2009 9:57 pm

A man talks about the Mary Celeste’s mystery. He augues in the talk that the mysteries mentionede in the reading passage are inaccurate. He uses some reasons to claim that his theory is more desent than the theories in the reading passage.
First of all, he states that the captain was respected by the crews so that crews must not be the ones who killed the captain. He also says that the captain had good reputations among the crews. He claims the one of the points in the reading which says that the crews killed the captian.
Second of all, he says that the crew who found the Mary Celeste was a captain’s friend. The man insists that the crew found the ship not to receive the rewards but to contribute to solve the mystery as a frind of the captain.
At last, he says that the ship was evacuated by the captain’s decision that is made because of the alcohol leak. According to the man, it was the captain’s first time to carry alcohole, and when he found out about the leak, he became very worry about catching fire on the leaking alcohol. Thus the crews abandoned the ship to escape, but died from the starvation and also not having enough water on the lifeboats.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Fri May 22, 2009 10:12 pm

According to the passage, the truth about the ship Mary Celeste, namely “ghost ship”, has still been in debate for years. The ship was found in the coast of Portugal in 1872 with an empty status. There was no sign of destruction.

The author of the reading mentions some theories which has given to reason the mystery. One is that the captain of the ship and his family is murdered by the crew. The theory also proves that by the strange incident of 9 empty barrels of alcohol out of 1701 ones. Another is people in the Mary Celeste were killed for evidence after their fortunes were stolen by another ship. It was said that a British officer tried to arrest the crew of that suspected ship.

The lecture responses the reasons mentioned in the passage by the information about Benjamin Briggs, the captain of the mysterious ship and the crew of the suspicious one. Benjamin is known to be an skilled captain with much experience and prestige. He couldn’t be easy to knock out in that way. Responsing to the theory of the robber ship, the lecturer says that its captain is an trust-worthy man and there’s also really no arrestment or evidence against the ship.
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PostSubject: Writing task   Tue May 26, 2009 9:15 pm

The missing crew from the ship Mary Celeste is a mytery. Though may explanations were given for the mystery none of them were sound.

According to the passage mutiny is one of the explanation for the mystery. But according to the lecture the explanation of mutiny is not sound and the reasons given in the lecture are that the captain of the ship, Benjamin Briggs is an experienced captain and is also well respected by his crew.

The lecture also claims that piracy explanation is not a sound one as the ship with missing crew was found by another ship whose captain is a friend of Banjamin. Moreover there is no evidence that any of the personal belongings are missing from the ship.

The lecture indicates that one of the sound explanation for the mystery is that the crew might have abandoned the ship fearing a fire explosion due to some of the leaking alcohol barrels. Crew might have fell prey to storm or died due to starvation. Opened hatches in the abandoned ship also support this explanation.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste - writing task   Fri May 29, 2009 2:29 pm

The lecturer mainly focusses on the different theories surrounding the disappearance of the ship "Mary Celeste" also called as the "Ghost Ship".

The lecturer opposes the theory that the crew members killed the captain and his family owing to his rude behaviour stating that Captain Briggs was a highly respected person and of good reputation.

The lecturer also opposes the theory that the ship that actually found "Mary Celeste" was responsible for stealing belongings from the ship, killing the captain and the crew, and thus destroying evidence. He supports this by emphasizing that the captain of the other ship was a good friend of Captain Briggs. Also there weren't any evidence of any belongings being stolen from "Mary Celeste".

The lecturer finally says that a possible fire-threat could have been one of the reasons why the crew abandoned the ship. Fire in those days was highly feared. Since 9 out of 1701 barrels of alcohol were empty,the ship could have been abandoned by the captain and crew fearing that the alcohol fumes might ignite a fire. And the captain and the crew could have lost their lives due to the bad weather of the sea.
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PostSubject: integrated task   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:49 am

A ghost ship named Mary Celeste was abandoned in the coasts of Portugal in 1872. It was known to have been travelling from Newyork to Genoa, Italy. Several theories have been proposed as to what caused the abandon. The passage explains two of the possibilities, "A Mutiny" and "A Piracy".

The passage says that the Captain of Mary Celeste, Benjamin Briggs was overly strict which made his crew members to kill the captain and his family and throw them into the sea. But the lecture contrasts this by saying that the Captain was an experienced and a respected person who was in charge of his crew and had freindly relationships with them.

The passage suggests another possibility could be that the ship which found the Mary Celeste killed the crew and the passengers for greed of valuables and threw them overboard to erase any evidence and later took the ship to Gibralter to claim a prize for finding the abandoned ship. This theory too, is countered by the lecture. It says that niether did the passengers carry any valuables which led to piracy, nor did the court find any evidence against Dae E Gracias who found the ship. Also the captains of both the ships were found to be in good terms.

The lecture gives one plausible expalnation , since both the passage and the lecture agree with the fact that out of 1701 barrels of alcohol that were carried, 9 were found empty. The barrels of alcohol would have been emptied due to leakage which led to fumes. Captain Briggs feared an explosion from these fumes, He feared a fire most as never before had they exported alcohol. This also explains the opened hatches and portholes. Hence they fled on a life boat and got lost in the sea either due to starvation or falling prey to the storm.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:34 am

In this set material listening passage make a little introduction about ghost ship Mary Celeste and his intrigued histories, and the reading passage explain one of the most clearly history about this mirterios ghost ship.
In the listening passage The story of mary celeste is an intrigued net of deferent stories, because it is a lost ship founded in Portugal in 1875 without passenger on board and his alcohol barres empty , but the most wear is the ship doesn’t have any violence sign . Is possible that some pirates attacked the navy founded to many alcohol.
Instead the reading passage shows the deeply analyze of one of the theories of MarY Celeste . First of all the captain Benjamin Briggs was one of the most important in his time and was the first time he collected alhcohol. Apparently he and his trupulation founded the alcohol has been lost, then the captain fail in panic and left the navy in lifeboats in the middle of the sea when they were killed by the ocean while the ship could be found earth with any problem.
In conclusion mary celeste is a fantastic story crated from a little error of an important protagonist to the sea.
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raju a

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:44 am

In the lecture professor made several points about the mystery of Mary Celeste, an abandoned ship off the coast line of Portugal in 1872. The professor argues that piracy or mutiny and other ship crew member those who found it do not provide clear evidences about its abandoned. However, the reading contends that earlier two character might have played vital role as a cause to abandoned ship. The professor's lecture casts doubt on the reading by making a number of points that are contrary to the mystery of Mary Celeste.

The first point professor uses to refute on the reading is that the piracy is not the accurate information because captain Benjamin Briggs was respectful and experience and mutiny on board had not taking any belongings from the crew members. However, the reading states that mutiny might have killed the crew member and abandoned the ship.

Another reason professor suspect on the reading is that crew members of "De E Gracious" those who found Mary Celeste have no reason to abandoned ship. He thinks this because captain of De E Gracious was a very good friend of Briggs. whereas reading claims that De E Gracious crew might abandoned the ship by taking some valuables and greed of getting prize for finding a lost ship.

Finally, the lecturer advocates that the ship might be abandoned because of the fear of its explosion. He believe this because the powerful fumes leaking out of the alcohol board on the ship might frightened the crew member which forced them to evacuate the ship. In contrary, the reading states different opinion about empty bottle remains on the ship.

In conclusion, the professor made several points that oppose the points on the reading. Leaving personal belongings as it is and good friendship between two captain proves that piracy and greed are not the major cause of its abandoned. Moreover, he supports that nervousness among crew members because of explosion could be the valid reason.
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PostSubject: Answer   Fri Jul 24, 2009 12:20 pm

The passage actually talks about a so called "ghost ship " and the ways that may explain the incident somehow, and the lecture that follows explains why piracy is ruled out and the reasonable explanation is that the crew abandoned the ship themselves .
The first reason the lecturer gives is that the sailors were respectful of their captain and trusted him and would have never killed him and his family .
The second is the fact that the captain of the other ship that found the abandoned ship , was known to be a friend of the captain Benjamin Briggs and as a result wouldn't have slayed his own friend, and was cleared of all charges at the end of the trial .
And last , the lecturer provides us with the ultimate plausible explanation , which is that the crew abandoned the ship because of the fear of explosion, that was the worst fear in those ages . The 9 empty barrels and the open hatches and portholes can be a proof of this , since the leak of alcohol could have caused fire and consequently an explosion.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:35 am

Mary Celeste is the name of an abandoned ship. This ship was found in the coast of Portugal in 1872 and is considered the original “ghost ship”. The reason Mary Celeste was abandoned is a controversial issue until today and, thus, there are many different explanations for its mytery. The lecture presents one of the these. And by doing, it cast some doubts about the reasons presented by the written text.

That last gives the two following explanations for the Mary Celeste mytery: 1. there was a mutiny aboard the ship, in which the captain, Benjamin Briggs, and his family were killed and 2. those who are considered to have found the abandoned ship in Portugal were actually the responsibles for its cast away.

The lecturer, however, claims that the captain of the crew that find the ship was a friend of Benjamin Briggs. The lecture also rejects any kind of pirate explanation for the mytery. Its main explanation is the following: it was the first time that the captain and his grew were carrying alcohol. Therefore, due to some error in that transportation, they faced the risk of an explositon. During that period, everbody feared fire. Thus, they abandoned the ship and probably die in the sea afterwards.
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PostSubject: integrated task   Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:20 am

There have been lots of explanations about what had happened to the Mary Celeste, a ship found on the coastline of Portugal in 1872,with the crew-missing. Some argue that the crew murdered the harsh captain and his family and then left in a lifeboat.Those people present as a proof the 9 empty barrels of alcohol. Others suggest that the crew of the Mary Celeste was actually attacked by the DIGracia (the ship who found the Mary Celeste), which they claim was searching for some valuables.They also explain that the crew of the "ghost ship" was killed as to destroy evidence for an assault and also for the remuneration for the finding of a missing ship.

The speaker, however, disagrees with these theories. According to him, the captain of the DIGracia was a friend to the leader of Mary Celeste, and would not have attacked him. The second theory is also rejected because the crew had left all of its personal belongings and also the captain was inexperienced. Finally, the speaker suggests another , more possible theory: that the ship might have exploded because of the alcohol on it and the crew might have died from starvation in the lifeboat.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste's mystery   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:14 am

In 1872 a crew-less ghost ship was found close to the Portuguese's coast. It was the Mary Celeste, a ship supposed to head in Genoa –Italy – leaving from New York. It never did it, indeed. Both the reading and the lecture suggest some hypothesis about how really happened. The former proposing the mutiny or the piracy possible causes and the latter refuting them while highlighting a third perspective.

First, the passage explains how a mutiny could have took place on the ship. The captain was known to be severe and the crew might have demurred against him and than killed him. The crew would have eschewed after on the lifeboat. However, the lecturer suggests the unlikelihood of this perspective, the captain being a redoutable and experienced one.

According to the reading a second likely cause is at stake: the crew of the Dei Gratia, the ship which found the Mary Celeste could have stolen some valuables, such as the alcohols' barrels. After that, they might have killed everyone and asked for a reward. The nine barrels missing out of the 1701 that were on the ship, could confirm that. The lecturer refute the above cause, arguing the Dei Gratia's captain was friend of the Mary Celeste's.

Furthermore, the lecture presents a third, more likely hypothesis. This was the first time Benjamin Briggs, the captain, was transporting some alcohols. Thus, while finding some of the barrels were loosing liquids and some fumes were pervading the ship, Benjamin and his crew might got scared. The risk of an explosion may have spurred them to leave the ship, jumping on their lifeboat. In conclusion, they all might have died while caught in a storm, or while starving in the middle of the ocean.
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Anita B.

PostSubject: Feedback and Score for Ana   Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:25 pm

In the lecture, the professor jeopardizes the main standpoints on the passage and presents a different theory of the Mary Celeste's Mystery. Furthermore, He undermines the passage's theories about disappearance of Mary Celeste's crew by presenting different evidences.

First, the passage states that mutiny and escape of the crew were a possible explanation of disappearance of Mary Celeste’s passengers. However, the professor challenges this hypothesis by explaining that the captain was respected by the crew, he had a good reputation and he was experienced. Also, he says that sailors didn’t take any personal good. This way, the lecture challenges the passage’s first theory.

Second, the writing also explains a second theory of Mary Celeste’s mystery saying that people who found the ship killed the passengers and try to sell it. Even though the professor explains that the person who find the ship, a good friend of Mary Celeste’s captain, didn’t find any evidence of that theory. Also, he says that because the passenger’s belongings were intact the piracy seems to be impossible.

Third, the professor opposes to the writing's statements explaining a new theory. He states that it is possible that the crew abandoned the ship because of a possible explosion for an alcohol lifting. Also, he affirms that the crew probably died because of storm, starvation, drowning or thirsty. He also states that this theory is more plausible because it was demonstrated by an experiment that was made by a German historian.

To sum up, the speaker presents statements that contradict the main points made in the passage. Moreover, he presents a theory with more credible evidence.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste's mystery   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:22 pm

The reading passage and lecturer discussed the mystery of the ghost ship "Mary Celeste". Although the reading passage shows the piracy by the captain or crews are one of the possible explanations, the lecturer disagrees with this idea and indicates other possibilities.

First, the lecturer mentioned that the captain of Mary Celeste had a good reputation of having great responsibility, and he was respected by many crews and their families. Therefore, the lecturer explains there are few possibilities that the captain killed crews and left the ship.

Secondly, although there are records that the crew was suspected by a British Navy officer and was punished in a court of law, the lecture mentions that no clear evidence of piracy against the Mary Celeste had been showed. Therefore, the lecture also explains that the crew suspected by Navy officer was not in charge of this mystery.

Instead of these two possibilities shown above, the lecturer supports the explanation that the alcohol carried by the Mary Celeste was in charge of this mystery. It is true that the Mary Celeste carried a cargo of 1701 barrels of alcohol and nine of them were found empty. The lecturer also mentions that this was a first time for the captain to carry alcohol. Therefore, the lecturer indicates the possibility that nine barrels of alcohol leaked, and since the captain was not get used deal with alcohol, he and crews escaped immediately from the ship, worrying about the explosion. Then escaped crews were died in the small escaped boat by starvation or storm.

In brief, the lecturer doesn’t support the possibility of the piracy, but he supports the idea that alcohol carried by the ship was in charge of the mystery of The Mary Celeste.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:05 am

The lecture is about some possible theories that could explain why the Mary Celeste was found abandoned next to the coast of Portugal in 1872. Both the lecture and the passage give different explanation about possible causes but they don’t seem to agree in the occurrence of the facts. Firstly, it’s important to mention that both the captain and its crew were people with a good reputation and with a broad knowledge of navigation techniques. The captain, Benjamin Briggs, enjoyed the respect and friendship of its formal crew, so it’s hard to think of its crew as possible suspicious.

Secondly, the passage suggest that other possible theory was that who found Maty Celeste could be the ones responsible for this because they wanted what was in the ship. In the opposite side, the lecture argues that as they alcohol was linking, an imminent explosion was going to take place so the crew hat to abandon the ship.
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PostSubject: ghost ship   Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:22 pm

In the given set of materials, the reading passage discusses possible explanations of founding a ship empty, while the listening passage casts doubt on these hypotheses.
The reading passage states two stories that might have happened. First, the crew may have killed the captain and runaway. Another possibility is that thieves may have attacked the ship and killed everybody on it. After that, they bring the ship to be rewarded for finding a lost one. The reading passage argues that neither the first nor the second hypothesis happened.
The listening passage contradicts the two stories mentioned in the reading passage. Because the captain was respectful by his crew the first hypothesis is refused. Besides, the second hypothesis is unbelievable because the ship was found by another captain who was a friend to its captain. But, a more acceptable explanation is that the crew left the ship frightened of its cargo explosion. Consequently, they were lost and died of drawn, hunger or thirst. It is more likely to accept this story than the stories mentioned in the reading passage.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:16 am

In the text, the author deals with the mysterious ghost ship called Mary Celeste which was found abandoned at the coast of Portugal in 1872. Neither the crew, nor the passengers of the ship had ever been seen again. The text proposes two possible scenarios: On the one hand, there might have been a mutiny during which the captain was killed. Afterwards, the crew might have left the ship. On the other hand, the ship that found the abandoned Mary Celeste might have been resposible: They might have taken some valuables and killed the crew and threw them overboard.

The facts, that are provided in the lecture cast doubts on the reliability of these explanations made in the text. In the lecutre, the speaker rejects the theory that pirates were responible for the destiny of the crew. Here, it has to be taken into consideration whether the word "pirates" imply the same as "mutiny". Probably the speaker implies that the crew has shown up as pirates.

Furthermore, the speaker doubts that the other ship that found the Mary Celeste was responsible. The speaker explains, that the captains of both ships were friends, so that it is quite unlikely that the one captain killed his friend and the entire crew.

Additionally, the speaker supports a new explanation for the destiny of the Mary Celeste. He refers to the ships duty to transport barrels of alcohol. The captain of the Mary Celeste and his crew had been very experienced staff, but they had never transported alcohol. So a leaked barral and the smell of alcohol all over the ship might have caused the captain to expect a severe leakage and danger. Nevertheless, it was found out later, that there had only been one empty barrel of alcohol. This fact contradicts to the text which says, that there had been nine empty barrels of alcohol. The captain probably expected the ship to explode and might have orderd to leave the Mary Celeste. Afterwards, the crew might have died in the liefeboats caused by starvation or storms. Besides, it had been a frequent reaction to leave a ship that was in danger to caught fire in those days.

To sum it up, the speaker in the lecture disagrees with the explanations made in the text and rejects that either pirates or the other ship had caused the disappear of the crew of the Mary Celeste. Moreover, he provides a very detailled and logic explanation that the ship was abandoned because of a leakage in the barrels filled with alcohol.
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PostSubject: writing   Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:50 pm

[b]the author explains the mary celestte by saying that the cre may have killed the captain benjamin briggs and his family and gives another option that the ship and crew that found the mary celestte might have killed the crew and passengers ...
the speaker however think that the captain in the crew suspected that the ship may get explode and to save the life's all the members on the crew might have jumped into the sea . he supports his idea by mentioning that after the ship was found it has 9 barrals of alcohol missing , he generates that the captain might have thought that ship may get fire and therefore jump into the water to save the life and unfortunately lost their life's in the storms and in the situation of hunger..
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:41 am

The passage talks about the mystery of the ship Mary Celeste and the disappearance of its whole crew without a trace. It then goes on to talk about possible explanations like mutiny and foul play by the crew of the ship who found Mary Celeste. The lecturer refutes these claims with some facts and provides other possible explanations to the mystery.

The first point that the passage makes is that the crew revolted against the 'strict' captain Benjamin Briggs, threw him and his family overboard and left the ship in one of the lifeboats. However, the lecturer argues that Capt. Benjamin was an experienced and respected captain who was quite friendly with his crew. Also, if the crew did leave the ship, none of them chose to take their personal belongings, not even their pipes - which seems weird to say the least.

The second theory that the passage purports is that the ship and crew that found the Mary Celeste, killed the crew and took over the ship, for claiming the prize of having found a lost ship. Again, the lecturer refutes this point by noting that the captain of the ship that found the Mary Celeste was a friend of Capt Briggs and hence an attack by him would be unlikely. Also, the investigation into this matter also found nothing against the locators.

The lecturer then goes on to give a completely different plausible explanation to the Mary Celeste mystery. He points to the fact that Capt Briggs was inexperienced in handling alcohol based cargoes and this was the first time that he was captaining a ship that was carrying such a huge load. As the passage states, 9 out of the 1701 barrels were found empty. The lecturer puts forth the possibility that these barrels leaked and strong fumes were created due to this. The captain and crew got alarmed and they first opened all the hatches and portholes to let out the fumes, a fact found in the passage as well. When this did not work, fearing an immediate explosion, the captain and crew must have abandoned ship in mid-sea. They could have then got lost in the sea or perished in a storm or might have died off starvation. This could explain the disappearance of the crew with the whole ship completely intact.

The lecturer says that work by a researcher later on showed that the fear of explosion from fumes was unfounded. However, such was the fear of fire on ship that captains had in those times, that these fumes could have led the captain and crew to this panic-led decision.

In conclusion, the lecturer provides pointed arguments against the theories floated in the passage and then goes on to propose a different explanation regarding the disappearance of Mary Celeste which he supports with sound reasoning.
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PostSubject: Submitted answer   Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:03 am

The lecturer made several points to cast doubt on the possible reasons provided in the listening passage about how the ship Mary Celeste’s crew had disappeared. Then, the lecturer cites a more compelling hypothesis about the mysterious ship.

First, the lecturer asserts that the captain of the ship was an “experienced” and “respected” person to the crew. This clearly refutes the point in the reading passage that there had been a mutiny abroad the ship, and the crew perished the ruthless captain.

Second, the lecturer cites that not only the crew did not steal anything from the ship, but also they had not picked up their own belongings such as their pipes. This exactly contradicts the point in the reading passage that the crew may have sacked the ship after the strike.

Third, the lecturer argues that the man who brought the ship to Portugal, in fact, was a friend of the missing captain. Moreover, there had been no reliable evidence in the court that the crew had any attempt to take control of the ship. In contrast, the author reports that the people, which had boarded the ship to Portugal, were been suspected to “fool play”, and were putted into a trial.

Lastly, the lecturer presents a strong idea about the disappearance of the crew. He mentions that it was the first time for the crew, and the captain to transport alcohol, so the captain and the crew may have abandoned the ship using their small boats because of their fear of explosion. He also states that there are strong clues that support this idea like the empty barrels, and a historian’s claims. The crew may had drowned, or died because of starvation.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:19 am

The reading passage has two main theories that explains how Mary Celeste was find empty. The first of them describes the crew unhappy with their captain, so they might have made a mutiny. They also killed the capitain and his family, and threw them into the sea. The second theorie is about the people who found the ship. They might have killed the crew and the captain, searched for valuables and abandoned the ship.
However, the lecture passage doubts that the first theory it’s true. Because , the captain had good reputation and was well respected by the crew. Futhermore, the crew did not bring their personal belongings in the escaping. The second theorie in the lecture was that an explode occurried, caused by all the alcohol they were transportating. Because of that, a fire started catching up the leaking of the alcohol, making the crew and the captain ran away. This happened because the captain had no experience about how to transport alcohol.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:34 pm

There were several theories mentioned by both the reading passage and lecuture as to how to explain what really happened to Mary Celeste, a ship that was found along the coast of Portugal in 1872.
The lecturer said that the 1st two explanations that were asserted in the reading passage were not possible. It says that there was a mutiny going on during that time, that the crew must have killed Captain Briggs, and his family, and escaped through one of the lifeboats. The professor totally disagrees with this because according to him Captain Briggs was a very respectable captain, and very well-liked.
Another false assumption was that the ship Del Y Gracias who found Mary Celeste were responsible for killing the Captain and his crew. The truth is that the captain of that ship was a good friend of Captain Briggs. There is no way that he will try to hurt a friend, and there were no evidence that could link him to the murder.
The only possible theory would be that there was an explosion within the ship. Since there were 1701 barrels of alcohol on board, and nine were found empty as mentioned in the reading passage. According to the lecturer, this was the first time Captain Briggs carried alcohol on board. There might be leaks within the barrels that could have produce fumes, and made them scared, and probably Captain Briggs ordered everyone to abandon the ship and just used the lifeboats to escape. They could have died at sea, either by hunger,thirst, or drowned in the process that's why there were no sign of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   

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Free iBT integrated writing task submission
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