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 Free iBT integrated writing task submission

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PostSubject: Please, score my response, thank you very much   Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:15 pm

The main point in both, reading passages and listening lecture is about the disappearance Mary Celeste ship, called also ghost ship for the different pirates’ theories and the supposition

In the reading passages, the writer explains that one of the theories was that the crew could have killed the captain Briggs and his family, however the speaker disagree about it, and explains that the Captain Briggs was very respected, he had a lot of experience and reputation between the sailors, also the crew had very reputation too.

It other theory in the reading passages was the ship (Gracie) that found Mary Celeste near Portugal could have taken amount of valuables and have killed the crew and passengers, but the speaker said that there is no evidence that this incident occurred and this theory could be one of the several pirates’ theories. Furthermore, the speaker affirm that Captain Briggs never transported alcohol in his ship, but this idea was not confirmed neither, even the speaker said that probably the alcohol could have created the powerful fire, but not damage on the ship confirm this situation.

The speaker concluded that in his opinion the crew and passengers could have died for different reasons, starving, no water or resources for survive or even everybody left the ship on the lifeboats and died for the same reasons.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:50 pm

The passage mainly discuss about the mystery surrounding the mery celeste ship , two theories have been told by to support this passage.
The frist one being that the capt of the ship only killed his crew members as he is a very strict man , but this does not go as its mentioned already that the capt Briggs was a well experienced man and his crew had a very good reputation. Another reason mentioned os about the leaking pf the alcohol bottles in the ship it contained 1707 bottles of which 9 were empty . The capt sighting the fear of a frie likely along with his crew must have left the ship.
The second reason sighted is the people killed the crew members and took the valuebles present in the ship. This is not true as there is no evidence to sight this as there was no sign of any violence in the ship.
On a concluding note we can say the listening and the speaking versions though were different the mystery behind this ship is yet to be unfolded
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PostSubject: task 1 writing   Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:45 am

The Mary Celeste story is
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Wed Feb 06, 2008 2:36 pm

The reading talks about the ghost ship 'May Celeste' and how it was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal with no crew or passengers. What is intriguing is that the ship was found with hatches and pothotels open but there was no damge or violence found on the ship.

The reading mentions two theories to explain the fate of the mysterious ship. The first states that the crew may have killed Captain Briggs and left the ship in one of the lifeboats. The presence of 1701 barrels of alcohol of which 9 were empty was an indication this may have been the cause. The lecture however mentions that the captain was an experienced man. The crew also had a good reputation and would never have done this. Moreover, the sailors who left the ship didnt take anything with them.

The second theory states that the crew and ship that found the Mary celeste may have killed everyone on board. However,according to the lecture, the crew and ship was a friend of Captain Briggs and there was no evidence of violence on the ship to indicate a fight.

According to the lecture, the ship likely exploded due to the presence of alcohol. Captain Briggs had never sailed a ship with alcohol before.The crew tried to release the fumes by opening the hatches and pothotels. Since fire was the greatest fear, they decided to abandon ship.The crew probably fell prey to a storm,drowned or died of starvation.
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PostSubject: task 1   Wed Feb 06, 2008 6:34 pm

Marie Celeste
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PostSubject: writing test1 task   Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:03 pm

The reading passage described the Mary Celest mystery, a ship which was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal in 1872 without crew or passengers on board. The listening passage discussed this mystery mainly considering the presence of the 1701 barrels of alcohol, which could be the cause of a possible explosion.
The captain responsible for the Mary Celest ship was Benjaming Briggs. He was a respected man with good reputations. Even having good qualities, Briggs never had transported a dangerous material before. Due to his inexperience in transporting such liquid, Captain probably got nervous and probably didn't handle the alcohol in a suitable form. Nine of the 1701 barrels of alcohol were found empty and this fact could be associated a possible explosion.
In summary, any evidence was concrete enough to confirm one or other theory. There are in facts records that a British navy officer suspected the crew of foul play and he tried to have them punished in a court of law.
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PostSubject: writing test mary celeste ship   Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:03 pm

The reading passage talks about the mystery of the Mary Celeste. Mary Celeste has intrigued historians and many researches trying to explain what exactly happened with her.
Mary Celeste is knowly as the original ghost ship because the last time that she was traveling from New York to Genoa - Italy, she was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal in 1872. it is important to say that the ship was found with its hatches and portholes opened, and also none of the crew or passengers were there.
Another intriguered evidence is that was not found any sign of damage or violence on the ship, and people was never seen or heard ever again.
Reading passage gives us explanations to understand that mystery. Firstly, it says that the crew killed the strict captain Benjamin Briggs, and the family owner the ship left that using lifeboats. The second theory says that probably happened an explosion because the ship was carrying a cargo of 1701 barrels of alchool, and nine of which weel was found empty. Even though that theory might the explosion is an plausivel idea to explain the mystery.
On the other hand, the listening passage talks gives us examples to figure out the mystery, and do not believe in silly explanations, but in real incidents. Firts of all, it was said that the captain was not experience. However, it is important to say that the captain Benjamin Briggs had good reputation, and even more, he was friend of the owner of the Mary Celeste.
one important evidence to tell is about that the personal belongs of the family owner the ship was found on board. With that explanation, we can realize that there are no evidences that all to say that the captain was the responsible of the accident.
probably happened an explosion, because of the barrealss of alchool. Or the family died darwing. it is important to understand about what happended because it is a very nice story.
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PostSubject: MARY CELESTE   Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:35 pm

There is a mystery of a boat called Mary Celeste, which historians also refer to as a “ghost ship”. The ship was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal. The boat was traveling from New York to its final destination Genoa, Italy. It was carrying 1701 barrels of alcohol, nine of which were found empty. The ship’s hatches and portholes were found open. The passengers and crew were not found on board. There are many explanations for this mystery the lecture and the passage have different theories.
The passage’s first explanation is that the crew killed Captain Briggs and his family leaving the ship in a lifeboat. On the other hand, the lecture states that Captain Briggs and his crew members had a great reputation, therefore it would not have been possible for the crew to kill the captain.
Another explanation from the reading is that the ship and crew that found Mary Celeste took its valuables and killed the crew and the passengers. On the contrary the lecture tells us that the ship that found Mary Celeste was a friend of Captain Briggs and that there is no evidence at all of piracy.
Since there was no evidence of piracy, the lecture’s theory is that the Captain and the crew suspected an explosion of the leaking alcohol. Therefore, they opened the hatches and portholes to let the fumes out, abandoned the ship in the lifeboats and were lost at sea.
In short, historians have different theories of the Mystery of the ship “Mary Celeste”.
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PostSubject: Posting my answer for this integrated writing task   Sat Feb 09, 2008 7:51 pm

The reading passage provides various explanations of how Mary Celeste ship may be found abandoned by crew of another ship. However, the speaker of the lecture refutes both the theories strongly and he provides an alternate explanation of why Mary Celeste would have been abandoned by its captain and ship crew.

The reading passage provides two possible reasons of why Mary Celeste would have been abandoned by the Captain and ship crew.
Firstly, there was some misunderstanding between the crew and the captain Benjamin Briggs. So the crew killed the captain and his family and rest escaped in the life boats. The speaker refutes this explanation by citing the information that the captain was more experienced and was respected by his crew members and moreover the crew didn't even take very important things from the ship such as valuables and pipes. So he denies any chance for this action by the crew members of the ship.

Secondly, the crew of another ship would have killed the captain and crew members and took the Mary Celeste ship to Gibralter to collect the reward for finding the missing ship. The speaker refutes this explanation also by pointing out the evidence that the captain of the another ship was very good friend of captain Benjamin Briggs and also explains that the jury couldn't provide any evidence to prove this action by the crew of another ship.

The speaker of the argument provides alternate explanation to show the possible cause of abandoning Mary Celeste by the Captain and crew members and he also provides strong evidence to substantiate his argument. The crew of the ship suspected that the ship would possibly exploded at any time and would have abandoned the ship to save their lives. He also points out that the crew had never transported alcohol before and 9 empty barrels out of 1701 barrels shows that there was some leaking and powerful fumes resulted due to leaking and moreover fire was the greatest fear for the crew members during that era. A German historian also proved that powerful fumes can cause explosion without actually damaging the ship.

In summary, the speaker of the lecture strongly refutes the explanation provided by the reading passage and he provides alternate explanation of why Mary Celeste was abandoned by the crew of the ship.
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PostSubject: Integrated Essay 2/11   Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:45 am

The reading passage is stating two theories about Mary Celeste. Firstly, the author says that the crew of Mary Celeste killed their captain and his family then left the ship with one of the lifeboats. The evident, nine out of 1701 barrels of alcohol were empty, supports this theory. Secondly, the passage says that the ship which found Mary Celeste is responsible for the mystery. It explains its passage that after taking small amounts of valuables from the ship, crew killed all the crew and passengers to remove the evident that will harm them in the future. The passage says that one of British navy officer suspected the crew of behaving in bad way and tried to have them punished in a court of law.
However, the lecture disagrees with the theories that are given in the passage. Firstly, it criticizes that Benjamin, the captain of Mary Celeste, had good reputation among his crew. Secondly, professor stated that sailors did not take any of their personal belongings with them. Thirdly, the captain of the ship that found Mary Celeste was a friend of Benjamin. Moreover, in the court, professor states that attorney failed to provide any evident. Yet, the professor says that the mystery could have happened because of fear of fire. As the ship was having seven empty barrels out of 1701 barrels of alcohol, the captain and crew sensed a hint of fire and left the ship.
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PostSubject: mary celeste   Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:59 pm

The lecture seems to negate the theories regarding the mystery surrounding the abandoned ship, Mary Celeste.

Firs of all, the theory that there has probably been a mutiny aboard the ship did not seem likely, as said in the lecture. It has been found that the captain of the Mary Celeste was an experienced and good captain and his crew members also had a good record. The sailors did not even take their personal belongings upon abandoning the ship, so it was highly unlikely that the theory of a mutiny happening aboard the ship was true.

Another theory that was negated by the lecture is that the ship that found the abandoned Mary Celeste had other interests such as claiming a reward for finding the abandoned ship and taking what's inside the ship. To support this negation, the lecture said that the captain of that ship is actually a friend of the Mary Celeste's captain and that there is no evidence of piracy.

The lecture offered that the probable reason for the mysterious abandonment of the ship is that the captain and the crew had no prior experience of carrying barrels of alcohol. Thus, when they found out that the nine barrels had been emptied, they must have been scared of a possible explosion. So, they opened the hatches and portholes and abandoned the ship in a hurry. It has also been supported that the alcohol could have exploded without damaging the ship. Finally, it is suspected that the crew of the abandoned ship may have been lost at sea, encountered a storm or starved to death.

The lecture does state highly believable explanations for the mysterious abandonment of the Mary Celeste that could very well contradict the prior theories that tried to explain the mystery.
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il sik

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Feb 12, 2008 4:29 pm

The professor in the lecture says much about the mystery of the Mary celeste. What she said contradicts the reading passage that the 2 theories about the mystery

At first, the professor said that the captain Benjamin Briggs is a well experienced captain and had a reputation so that such thing that the reading passage mentioned could not be existed. This rebuffs the reading passage that says one of his crew murdered him.

moreover, the professor rebuts the reading passage's saying that another crews killed the people who were in Mary celeste. Because the captain who worked in another ship was a friend of Benjamin Briggs and he had not done any suspicious things.

The professor infers that Ship might be explode because of leaking alcohol. She says that since captain had an alcohol for the first time so that he was nervouse and when he and his crew saw his ship had on fire, they just ran away because fire was fearful thing in that time. Besides, one German scientist had an experiment about this explosion and found that only explosion can be occured without damaging the object. So the professor's inference might be acceptable for the mystery of Mary celeste.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:07 am

An abandoned ship in Portugal became a mystery, her name is Mary Celeste. Many assumptions were made by people who guessing about this mystery. This ship was trying to go to New York to Italy, but anyhow it found in Portugal, with no one inside it, just like ‘ghost ship’.
Several assumptions were made about this mystery. First, there was a mutiny happen in this ship, the crew were dislike the Captain and then killed him with his family, threw them to the sea, After that, the crew were abandoned the ship, using lifeboat. Second, there was a crew who responsible for this mystery, he was the one who found the Mary Celeste, he was kill all the crew and the captain, then took all the valuable things on the ship. After that they tried to get the reward of finding the missing ship.
I like the second assumption, it seems more plausible to me than the first one. The second looks that the criminal act had been organizing before. Making one ship with full of crew into a ‘ghost ship’ I think not an easy task.
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PostSubject: Writing Section 1   Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:23 pm

The "Mary Celecte", a ship that was found abbandoned at see has became a mistery. It was foud unharmed, with all of the hatches open, but with no crew or passangers. Both the lecture and the passage present us with several explenations to why the ship was found empty.
The lecture dosn't agree with the explanations that were given in the reading passage. For example, the reading passage suggests that the crew that found the ship took some of the valuables of the ship and then killed the crew to hide the evidence. The lecture suggests the contrary; it sais that the crew of the ship that found the "mary Celecte" were in good relations with the original "Mary Celecte" crew and had no reason killing them.
The lecture suggests a more reasnable explanation as to why the ship was abbandoned. It states the fact that the ship was carrying lots of alcohol on board and the alcohol was leaking. The captain was probably afraid of an explosion or a fire that could have happend because of the alcohol fules, and abandoned the ship with his crue.
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PostSubject: the Mary Celeste   Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:34 pm

The reading passage and the lecture were both talking about explanations of the mystery of the ghost ship Mary Celeste. However, lecture was challenging explanations addressed in the reading passage regarding the crew killed their captain and giving another explanation.

Benjamin Briggs was the captain of Marry Celeste. As the reading passage has told us, he was killed by the crew who then leaving the ship with lifeboats. This story is not convincing enough because, claimed in the lecture, Benjamin was an experienced and respected captain. Also by the clue that all of their belongings were not been taken with them. Upon these facts, the crew is less likely to murder such a respectful person.

The speaker also gave another explanation to the mystery. The ship was carrying a large amount of alcohol. But, Benjamin, although he’s an experienced captain, has never transported alcohol before. It is understood that that he might be nervous and more careful with the shipment on-boarded. Under the suspicion of having fire accident on the ship, Benjamin might order to abandon the ship. No one was found survived should because of drowning and starving after leaving the ship.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:58 am

The lecture and the reading deal with the "ghost ship" Mary Celest and with possible explainations for the incident.

The lecture contradicts the explainations assumed in the reading passage.

First, the reading says that the crew might have killed the captain, Benjamin Briggs. But the lecture discovers that the caption was well liked by his crew and that the crew had a very good reputation. So, it would not behave like mentioned in the reading.

Second, the reading mentions the possibility the people who found the ship might have act like pirates and kill the crew to exploit the assets of the ship. But the lecture mentions that the capitain of the ship that found the Mary Celest was a friend of Captain Briggs and that there is no evidence for the theory elaborated in the reading.

In the end the lecture also offers a alternative explaination for the Mary Celest case. The alcohol containers might have been damaged so that the alcohol could flew out and vapourize so that alcohol gas would be all over the place. That could be the reason for the emptyness of some of the containers. Additionaly that could explain why the hatches and portholes were opend. The crew wanted to let in fresh air. According to the lecture one of the biggest fears of a captain at that times was fire on board. Captain Briggs might have been afraid that the ship could explode because of the alcohol gas in the air. So he and his crew might have left the ship to save their lives. After leaving the Mary Celest they might have died in their small lifeboats on the raw sea. The lecture therefore gives a plausible explaination for the "ghost ship" Mary Celest.
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PostSubject: The mystery of Marie Celeste   Fri Feb 22, 2008 2:59 pm

The lecturer cast doubts on the main theories brought by the text author. The two theories were: the piracy and the mutiny aboard the ship.
The lecturer said that the captain was an experienced man, with a good reputation and the crew respected him. So the first theory, brought by the text passage, doesn’t seem to be real. The crew didn’t have a reason to kill the captain, as is stated in the text. Also the piracy as another theory looses its sense because the captain of the crew, who found Mary Celeste, was one of captain Briggs close friend. And also in the lecture it is stated that the court failed to provide any evidences.
However, the lecturer has brought another theory of what happened with “ghost ship”.
Capitan Briggs didn’t have any experience in transportation of alcohol. So, when some of the barrels started liking alcohol, a powerful fume has been produced .The lecturer said that the biggest fear of that time for captains was, fire on board. So, the lecturer considers that Captain Brigg and his crew abandoned the ship fearing the fire. And, they could die out of starvation and thirst or their ship could sink some where in the ocean.
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PostSubject: the mystery of mary celeste   Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:33 am

The lecture describes two possible explanations for the mysterious circumstances in which crew and passengers of Mary Celeste ship disappeared.
According to the lecture, opposite to claims mentioned in reading passage, there is no evidence of possible mutiny abroad the ship. There are several reasons supporting this claim. First of all, the captain was too experienced for such possibility. Secondly there are no evidences that crew did something suspicious. What is more, the crew did not take anything from their belongings. Those important facts make less rational claims from the reading passage, about possible murder of a captain and his family by the crew.

The lecture gives strong arguments for the explanation not mentioned in the reading passage. This is the possibility of explosion on a board caused by alcohol transported on board. The amount of open bottles can be an evidence of licking alcohol or a try to open bottles by the crew. This claim is supported by experience made in nowadays time, which proves, that explosion an board was possible with so huge alcohol transport.
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PostSubject: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:19 am

The lecturer basically denies the theories written in the reading passage, with introducing the students another possible theory.

While the reading passage explains for the mystery of the Mary Celeste, saying that the crew killed the strict captain, Briggs and his family and left the ship in one of the lifeboats, the lecturer claims that the captain was a well experienced and respected man, so the crew’s riot could not have happened to that ship. The reading passage also discusses the responsibility of the ship which found the missing ship. The theory explains that they took some valuable item from the Mary Celeste and killed the crew and the passengers to remove the evidence. However, the lecture insists that there was no evidence that Gibralter took that action at all.

On the other hand, the lecture introduces another possible theory. He mentions that the leaks of alcohol caused the captain a fear of explosion of the ship since the Mary Celeste had not carried any alcohol before and the strong smell of the leaked alcohol could have been a good reason to make the captain to decide to leave the ship. The lecturer says the crew and all the passengers left the ship in the lifeboat but died possibly for a drowning or a starvation during the drift.
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PostSubject: may have taken more thatn 20 minutes   Wed Feb 27, 2008 9:46 pm

There is a great mystery surrounding the abandoning of the Mary Celeste Navy Ship.
Both the reading and listening lectures offer very different suggestions on why this could have happened.
The reading passage mentions as explanations of why the ship had been abandoned, three plausible arguments:
One is that the crew had killed the captain, Mr. Brigg, and had thrown him overboard.
Another is that the people that found the ship were responsible for it; and even a British officer took the crew to court since suspected them to have played foul.

The second lecture refutes all these arguments saying that the captain was a well respected and experienced man, so it is unlikely that his crew might have mutinied against him.

Other evidence presented is that none of the crew had taken any of their belongings, showing that theft couldn’t have been a reasonable explanation of what had happened.
Even the captain of the ship who found Mary Celeste was a good friend of Captain Brigg.

Since the ship was known to carry a cargo of barrels of alcohol, a possible explanation may lie in the fact that the ship was found with only nine barrels of alcohol, leading to conclude that there could have been a leak of alcohol aboard, and that an experienced captain and crew may have known the dangers of alcohol fumes to provoke fires; reason enough to make all aboard to leave the navy immediately.

Moreover, the court case did not produce any evidence against any of the crew members.
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PostSubject: Integrated writing task   Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:00 pm

The mystery of “ Mary Celeste “

Both, the reading passage and the professor in the talk are presenting the researchers hypothesis about the mystery of the “Mary Celeste “. “ The ghost ship “ was found abandoned on one of the coasts of Portugal in 1872 with its hatches and portholes open, but no evidence at all about the crew or the passengers on board.

The reading passage gives two possible explanations to this mystery. One is that of a rebellion against the strict captain, Benjamin Briggs. This rebellion ended when the crew killed the captain and his family. The professor in the talk seriously doubts this scenario because evidence shows that the crew respected the captain and the captain had a good reputation. The speaker mentions the fact that the sailors did not take with them any personal belongings.

Another possible explanation of this mystery according to the reading passage is that the crew which found the “Mary Celeste “might have been the one responsible for the disappearance of the original crew. The reading passage states that the crew, which found the ship, took valuable things in their possession and killed the crew and passengers in order to hide the evidence. The professor in the lecture contradicts this idea as well. He says that the act of piracy is ruled out because the discoverer of the ship was a friend of Benjamin Briggs.

The professor describes one of the most reliable explanations. The captain and the crew abandoned the ship because an explosion threatened them. There was a leakage of alcohol, fact explained by the empty barrels of alcohol. After the escape, the crew and passengers might have disappeared due to a deadly storm, starvation or even thirst.
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PostSubject: Mary Celeste   Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:41 am

Both the reading and listening passage tells about the ship Mary Celeste and tries to explain the facts surrounding the mystery of the ship. The listening passage refutes most of the points that was presented in the reading passage. It argues that the theory that mutiny could be the cause of the ship being ransacked and subsequently abandoned was unacceptable because the captain of the Mary Celeste was of good reputation. Other than that, none of the crew's belongings were taken with them which does not support the theory of a mutiny happening onboard the Mary Celeste. The other theory that was presented in the reading passage was also refuted in the listening lecture. It is said that the crew from the ship which found the Mary Celeste was responsible for the state that the ship was in, with 9 out of 1701 barrels of alcohol missing, and the portholes open. However this theory was also shaky as no evidence could relate to the ransaking of the Mary Celeste to the ship that found it.

The lecture gives an alternate theory as to why Mary Celeste was abandoned seemingly in an abrupt manner. It theorizes that seeing that Captain Briggs was inexperienced in transporting alcohol previously, and because of fire concerns on the ship, they might have abandoned the ship in haste leaving behind all their valuables. This would support all the evidence that was left behind on the ship.
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PostSubject: writing   Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:41 am

The ghost ship called Mary Celeste was found without crews in Portugal in 1878 making his journey from New York to Itally .According to the lecture the historians have many teories ,about what could happened to the captain and the members of the ship.The recorde shows that the captain was experienced with a good reputation.The circumstances shows the crews disappearency is verry confusing,because they have vanished without any trase ,the pipes ,personal belongins were found on the ship. The first theory claims what it is in the reading passage , such as the ship made his journey carring barrel of alchool and having problems with the charges ,and without any kwnoledge they choussed to do abandone the ship with small bouts . It is possible that they drouwned into the sea. the Professor thinks that the second teory is much closer to the reality . such as,the crew that found the abandonned ship named Marry Celeste was the responsable with the dissapearency of the peple on board.
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PostSubject: The Mary Celeste   Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:16 am

The disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste has caused a lot of questions to arise. Many theories tried to explain that by assuming it was related to an uprise by the crew against the captain, or as a result of being attacked by another ship.

The lecturer casts doubt in these theories. He claims that the theory of an uprise against the captain is not true; because the captain, in addition to having a lot of experience, was reputable and his men were loyal to him. Also, the crew did not take anything from the ship. Therefore, the theory of mutiny is not correct. The lecturer also doubts the theory of piracy, because the captain of the ship that found The Mary Celeste was a good friend of Captain Benjamin and the court that tried him did not find him guilty of piracy. Finally, the lecturer relates what happened to the Mary Celeste to the alcohol cargo it was carrying. Captain Benjamin suspected a leakage from the alcohol barrels, and thus he ordered the crew to open all hatches to air the ship, since alcohol might lead to a fire. After that, they evacuated the ship on small boats and possibly died in the sea because of a storm or due to the lack of food and water.
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ana sofi

PostSubject: Mary celeste   Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:11 pm

The mary celeste ship is considered a ghost ship because nobody knows why there was no crew in the ship when they found it and why they have never seen the bodys again, they never found nobody, just the ship, they said that it could be 2 things well firstly the captain that was a very respectfull man was scared about fire because they were transporting alcohol in the ship and the scientifics say that could be one reason of why nobody was on the ship they get scared about the ship that could explote so they get off the ship and get lost and die. Another theory is that the people from portugal that found the ship do all they need to get money for founding the ship so practicaly they dont need to consider this a ghost ship because there´s a lot of possiblities about why there was no crew.
The reading and listening talk mainly of the same, mary celeste and the mystery here is wich of the theories is right they could be like persecuted by somebody and they where scared because they have a lot of alcohol and if somebody shott to the ship it could explote so they leave as i said i think this is the most apropiated theorie.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT integrated writing task submission   

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Free iBT integrated writing task submission
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