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 People attend college or university for many different reaso

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PostSubject: People attend college or university for many different reaso   Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:00 pm

Many people attend college or university for many different reasons. In my country attending to the university is very important goal for many students. I believe that the most common reasons for attending to the college or university are to prepare for job, to have new experience, to increase their knowledge of themselves and of the world around them.
Career preparation is primary reason for attending to the university. I think future of each persons depend on the job. And nowadays gaining the job is very competitive, and also the more knowledge leading to gaining the better job. This day many jobs are very professional and therefore, people need to learn many skills that related to their future's career.
Students also go to college to have new experience. They can visit many new people around many cities .for many it is the first time away from home .at college they can learn how to take care of themselves and to learn to live on their own without their family nearby.
Attending to the university is very important role to increasing people's knowledge. people can gain many information that relate to themselves and our world and they could peruse their studies they can learn many skill about their feature’s job .on the other hand people with increasing their knowledge can serve to their family and also they can be better mother or father for their children. In addition they can serve to their society; also they can to be more useful than before, in my opinion the better society need to have expert people.
In brief, we need to attend college for making better future for instance to have a good job to have more experience and to learn many thing that useful for our future. I think all of these reasons why people attend to college
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People attend college or university for many different reaso
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