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 the advantages and disadvantages of buying pets

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the advantages and disadvantages of  buying pets Empty
PostSubject: the advantages and disadvantages of buying pets   the advantages and disadvantages of  buying pets EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 10:58 pm

More and more people living in big cities are buying pets.
What are advantages and disadvantages of this trend?
Busy schedules have caused a lot of trouble for modern people, so people have chosen plenty of different ways to escape these stresses. The majority of mankind devoting to lovely domestic animals since they believe that living with pretty animals provides certain benefits. By contrast there are also those who contend that pets are no useful. So, what are reasons that make people think following two sides.
While some people claim that loving animals can be a companion, a protector, the fact that there might be some drawbacks. The main vainness of vets is dirty and noisy. Most animals have a big furred and they play around the house without having a bath. As the result, they make everything be in confusion at sixs and sevens, especially is unclean and some children allege with their furred. Although sometime dogs or cats help people become more and more relaxed in their own worlds when joking with them, these animals always annoy by barking even if their owners are working or sleeping. Furthermore, the pets cost you a lot of money and time to buy and take care them. Almost pets are rare and valuable so people who want to own them have to pay an extortionate price. To keep animalsí heath people must walk daily exercise with them and take free place for them. Consequently, you waste your time on doing nothing.

While it might be argued that vets are not valuable, the truth is that they bring people a number of benefits. It has also been said that domestic animals are disordered and troublesome, but they help people life be more beautiful and more active. For example, joking and watching puppies run in circles and bark with pleasure to greet people can warm the heart and soul of pet owners everywhere. And then people can be out of isolation or shyness as well as stress. Although there are may be some occasions where children are allergic with furred animals, most of kids growing up with animals become more energetic and have higher levels of stronger immune system activation because of tricking with puppies. Last but not least, domestic animals are wonderful protector of people. But for their alarms by barking, the houses would not be safe.
In conclusion, I believe that there is seldom the bad side of becoming a pet owner. These loving animals can make people not only enjoy their feel but also the sight of an excited little wagging. I am really happy when playing with pets and I cannot image there is one day I do
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the advantages and disadvantages of  buying pets Empty
PostSubject: Re: the advantages and disadvantages of buying pets   the advantages and disadvantages of  buying pets EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 3:17 am

thank you for the information

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the advantages and disadvantages of buying pets
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