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 Free iBT independent writing task submission

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Il sik

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:18 pm

In our life, there are many things that we should do. Sometimes we really desire to do, while we absolutely don't want to do. In general some people say that People don't need to do somethings that they don't enjoy to. However, in my opinion, i think People should often do something that they don't enjoy.

At first, To live the life, people should do everything even if they enjoy or not. There are many people who don't enjoy studying and working but they have to do those things for better life. Some people might enjoy studying and working. However, most of people don't enjoy but they do for their successful life. I have a brother who is unversity student. He attends university which is the highest rank in South Korean University. Eventhough he didn't enjoy, he studied hard because he knew importance of high rank university. Since he went there, everyone who knows him recognize him very well. Likewise, people should do thing that they don't enjoy for their life.

Moreover, sometimes people should challenge something. Since people always can not do something that they want, they have to encounter something that they have not done before. This challenge will give people confidence. There is a commercial advertisement that is saying 'impossible is nothing'. As this quote says, there is not that people can not do. Even though they don't enjoy, if they really want to accomplish then they will finish that.

To sum up, people can not do things that they enjoy. If they want to success in their life and get confidence, doing things that they are not enjoying is good for them to get those.
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PostSubject: Pls give your valuable suggestions.   Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:30 pm

Although it is easy to do things that we like, I certainly agree with the statement that people must do sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. There are two personal reasons convince me to this opinion.

First thing is I want to make my family happy. Eventhough it is hard to do things that we do not enjoy, the success and the happiness of my family gained by the result makes me satisfied. Our parents have more experience, they know what is good for us.For example, taking pill for fever is difficult for me and I do not like to do it. But for the sake of my health and make my parents happy I take it. There is no gain without no pain.

Secondly, I do it for the well being of my own self. Some things should be viewed in distant vision. we have to analyse the thing. I do not like to study after finishing my graduation. I wanted to enjoy my life. But my family members wanted me to complete TOEFL to get a job in aboard. Initially I felt boredom and hectic to do it. But once when I come to know the benefits of doing the tests, I engaged myself in the subject. Also, it is a competitive and materialist world, in order to compete with others and be in a good position I have learn more.

Thereby, I conclude, that. Eventhough it is hard to do things which I do not enjoy but by considering my growth in future and also to satisfy others my family who dedicated their life for me ,I will do the thing even I donot enjoy.
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PostSubject: Pls give your valuable suggestions.   Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:35 pm

The college years are the best in a person's life. Do you agree or disagree with the statement. Give reasons to your opinion.

I disagree with the statement that the college years are best in oneís life.
There are many reasons for this. The college years are the crucial period in oneís life. It corresponds to the youth and healthy part of a manís life. Also, it is the time for him to select his course that decides his future. A manís life partner depends on his career. So the stress of the college life starts at this point.
Secondly, he has to compete with other people in order to keep up himself in the race. His responsibility adds up. He has to work hard to stand-up in the competitive world. To get a good job, he has to be regular in his projects, assignments, score in the
Moreover, the major problem is the money. Financially, he has to depend on his parents to meet-up the tuition fees, books, rents. Whenever, he needs more money it is required for him to answer why it is needed. It is a period of dependence where he likes to be independent. Some students have to repay their debt. This aggravates his stress. There are some students who do part time jobs to face the college expenses.
This makes his life even more stressful because he hardly find time to study.
Furthermore, his physical activity reduces because of spending much time in reading. Sometimes this sedentary life style leads to physical problems like mental stress, obesity. His hangouts with the friends ceases and thereby his life becomes monotous.
Eventhough, the college years are very stressful, I look forward for the forthcoming bright future. Thereís no gain without no pain. I view the responbilities, as a practise for presenting myself as a responsible and respectable person to the society.
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PostSubject: Pls give your valuable suggestions.   Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:38 pm

Some people like to communicate by e-mail and voice mail. Other people like to communicate by telephone or face-to Ėface. Which type of communication do you prefer and why? Be sure to include details and examples to support your opinion.

Although the improvement in technology had brought many upgrades in communication department, I certainly prefer communication by telephone or face- to face. This is because of two main reasons.

First thing , when an important message is sent by the e-mail or voice mail we have to wait for the reply. We are not sure whether the information had reached the concern person. Sometimes the recipient may not be present at the desk, he or she may in a vacation for a long period of time or there may be some problem in their computer. Without knowing the proper reason we may wait for the reply and if we donít get it in a proper time, we may come to a conclusion that the person is not interested with the topic. This leads to lot of misunderstanding.
For example, if a friend calls me for a party and send invitation in e-mail. I may sometimes fail to notice because of some reason. Sometimes this result in a miserable situation. So, by means of face-to-face or telephone contact we can confirm ourselves whether the information is reached or not.

Secondly, we can know the result on hand. By the gestures and the body language we can know whether the person is interested in a particular project or not. Accordingly we can negotiate to complete the project. In addition, a friendly smile and hand shake can do a lot than the e-mails. When I applied for the additional mark sheet through e-mail, there is no response from the school even for weeks. Then I went directly to the school to check my status. I was informed that because of some modem problem they didnít receive any e-mail so far. Then I directly talk to the office person and got my certificate.

Hence I conclude that the best way of communication is telephone and direct contact. I like to talk than to type. E-mails or voice mails canít share the emotional feelings. Moreover, eyes speak more than mails.
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PostSubject: Please review it   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:28 am

khyati wrote:
Many instances comes in our way of life that we have to do something that actually we don't want to do.I totally agree with it. In everybody's life , one day this situation comes.

In my life,I have faced many situations like that. On other side of the coin I believe that we should not do any such things that we don't enjoy.You should have your choice. But, sometimes, if we don't enjoy our task and somebody is being happy with that we should do it.

One day my grandparents told me that they are going for temple and they want me to go with them. On the same day, me and my friends decided to go tosee a movie. So, I was very confused that what should I do? Wheather i should go with my grandparents or my friends. Than I looked at my grandparent's eyes they were full of hopes and they were in need of me. I decided to go with them. Although I knew that I am not going to enjoy there as with my friends. But seriously once I went them I enjoyed with them.

My semester's result was declaired and somehow I couldn't able to make it well I got very low grade than what I expected. My best friend got highest grade. To celebrate it he organized the party and the worst part is she invited to me also. Although I was in that mood to enjoy the party still I went there to celebrate my best friend's success. My friend was aware of my situation so, he didn't force me to come but I want to be a part of her success as she gave me support in each and every path of my way.

What I believe personally that if because of you someone is getting happiness, fun and sometimes to keep other person's respect you should do what you don't enjoy. That is a part of life!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Please review my topic   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:39 am

SUBJECT: What is your approach to problem-solving, and how does it work for you? Use specific details to support your response.

Problem solving is a very tough task for each individual. Whenever, problems come in our life, we get depressed. It is very important that how you face the problems and later on solve it.

Many problematic situations came in my life but I never get panic or depressed. When this situation comes, first thing I will close my eyes and pray to God. I will pray him to build up enough strengh in me to face the problem. After that I feel fifty percent relaxed. If the problem is small and if I can handle with myself than I will try hard to overcome it. I will think of the problem than the posiible solutions. Whichever solution I like the best, I will go for that and work hard to fight against the problems. Most of the time I am getting sucess.

In case of big problems, I will take somebody's help to solve it.The one, who is nearest to me and who thinks always good for me such as my family members, real friends, etc. I will present my problem against them and ask for better solutions. I will listen everybody's view carefully. After gathering each and every points, I will think which one is best solution for me. I will write it down. I will note positive and negative effects of both. According to these points I will decide what to do next. I will choose the best solution according to my situation and work on that problem. Many times this happens to me that I am asking for some solutions to my friends and I am not following that. So, many of my friends become engry on me to ignoring their advice. But it is not possible to obay everybody's advice as the thinking of an individual is different. By God's grace each time I am getting success.

Thus, problems, sadness and happiness are the parts of our life. Everyone should accept the truth of life and they should face the problem with courage and intelligence.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:27 am

I agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. I can quote an example from my experience. When i was doing my bachelors in nutrition and when i was working in a hospital as a dietary assistant i used to hate nursing. Whenever i see a nurse i just feel pity for them. As they work with patients and see through their illness and work with blood and everything i felt that that was not a cup of tea for me.

One day i just realized the dedication and their kindness towards the patients and the blessings they get through helping people in pain and distress so i just wanted to give a try and did some diploma in nursing and was working as a nursing assistant. When i entered that career i was really enjoying it than what i was doing before.

So to conclude When u look at things from far it might look difficult and unpleasant for you but when you get in to it and try it i think every person will enjoy.
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PostSubject: Independent writing task   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:42 am

Life is containing all the good things and bad things, favors and dislikes. Everyone occasionally faces the situation of having to do something that he doesnítí enjoy doing. But still, he has to do it. The kind of situation happens often when thereís a goal behind. Once the person performs the unfavorable task, it can help to achieve certain goal. Then it must be done.

Things always comes with a package, there always have pros and cons. People have been seeking goals all the time, pursuing greatness, becoming rich, wooing oneís love, even just trying to lose weight might be oneís goal. These goals are what we favor. Many things and tasks must be done to achieve those desirables. However, many of those things and tasks might not be favored. If all of the things that a person does not enjoy doing are all skipped, thereís no chance that the person is going to get the good result.

Efforts have to be made to get the favors. I have working hard to earn more money even though I hate to wake up early every morning just not to be late for work. A man needs to propose to his girlfriend because he wants her to marry him, although he truly feels embarrassed doing so. These two things are just some examples of the real situations happen in our everyday life. As a matter of fact, people make decisions to do some unfavorable things most of time. Because those favorable objectives behind make it worthwhile doing the unfavorable things.

Iím agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. On the circumstance that if doing such things can make us gain the desires. Then we should do them.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy   Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:53 pm

I don't believe that people should do things they don't enjoy excpet in very rare cases, such as doing something to save somebody's life or to save something with a very special significance for you . Ii remember once I dropped a ring in the toilet and it was very special a lthough it didn't wroth alot so, I put my hand in the toilet to get it and of course I didn't enjoy it but as I said before this an emergency case, and it turned to be a very funny moment to remember and I keep enjoying remember that I save my ring and I forgot about the toilet . However, when it comes to work and job I believe in a proverb says ''love what you do to do what you love.''
Another techniqueI use it myself if I don't like doing somthing or Idon't enjoy it is to analyze this work.
Why Idon't enjoy it?
Is there anybody responsible for that feeling?
Does this thingor work mean alot for me?
Does anybody get any benefit out of this work ?
Does it make anyone a little bit happier or better ? and this is the key point , because after answering these questions and even I didn't get any sasitsfactory answer excpet that '' yes,this work will make someone's life a little bit happier a little bit better sure Iwill enjoy it .
This makes me believe strongly that I should enjoy most of things I do and and to turn those things which I don't enjoy to enjoyable things.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:12 am

I totally agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing because of several reasons.
Firstly, very often those activities that we did not not find enjoyable in our childhood appear to be very useful and instructive later on in our adulthood. For instance kids are not particularly fond of doing all those things required by their parents in order to be polite like saying "thank you" for a favour or washing their hands before taking meals. However in future those activities are considered to be a normal part of our everyday life.
Besides sooner or later each of us faces a situation in our professional field that requires us to do something that we do not like or even hate doing. For example we need to take an extremely hard test or are obliged to take a boring course with a strict professor at the university. Although,to put it mildly, we are not very keen on these activities still there is nothing in our life that would be perfect for us and not contain anything that may cause at least some minor problem.
Finally, our tastes and preferations gradually change and adjust themselves to certain circumstances in our life. That is to say that what was a boring or challenging activity in the past may become an entertaining and enjoyable one in the future.
Therefore, doing things that we do not enjoy is a natural and inevitable part in our lives.
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PostSubject: independent writing   Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:57 am

Every person has important tasks and jobs to do as per their age and profession.Let me explain with examples lets take a family which has mother ,father and two children , here it is role of the parents to provide emotional ,moral and financial support for the children and the family as a whole. It is their role whether they like it or not they have to fulfill thier duties as parents and guardians of the family.They can't say we don't want to go to work .Other than when they are sick .They have to go to work make a living to support the family and in addition maintain a stable household , taking care of all the financial expenses like mortgage,school fee for children,groceries etc.And doing chores at home like cleaning the house ,cooking and maintaing the house.They are supposed to do these things whether they like it or not.
As per the children they have things and chores to do in accordance to their age like if they go to school they are resposible for completing their schooltasks like home work ,projects on time .Helping the parents with household chores like cleaning their rooms ,taking out trash ,helping with the dishes and laundry etc ,they are expected to do these things whether they like them or not .If both the parents and children do their chores and jobs i a responsible way there will be less chaios and confusion and things will go in smooth and harmonious way .This effect the quality of life in the sense that if there is harmony and peace there will be more happiness and more quality time the family can spend together .
This is how adults ,children and teenages do this which they may not really enjoy but they have to do them any way .
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:17 pm

Lots of times we encounter situations in life in which we do things that we do not enjoy doing. We either do them because we feel a need to do them or we do them because we are abblied to do so. I agree with the statment that each person has to do some things in his life that he does not neccecerally enjoy doing.

Ever since we are children we are being taught that we have to do cirtain things, some on a regular basis even. But theese things are not allways enjoyable to us. There are thousands of examples from our everyday lives for those things. Children whos' perants force them to eat their vejatables, teenagers who have a curfew and adults who have to be ontime at work and not be tempted to stay in.

All of theese examples are things that are a neccery part of our everyday lives and we do them to avoid the chaos that would have happend if we did not do them. If a person doesn't follow rules, the basic stucture of a normal life is crushed and chaos appears. That is why people try following the rules of society no matter how the erge of doing as they please is great.

Another example is when people do things that they do not enjoy for the sake of something more important. It is very common to see a family member sacrifice something for another family member. Theese altroistic acts don't bring the person pleasure but he does them anyway because he feels a need to sacrifice for a loved one.

In conclusion, it can be seen that all around people of all circles and ages do sometimes things that they do not enjoy doing. Some do it because they obey cirtain rules, some because they have a greater goal ahead. Basiclly this is an important part of life and people must not allways do only the things that they enjoy.
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PostSubject: Has human harmed the Earth? Give your opinion   Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:15 pm

Indeed 100%, we have impaired our mother nature. We grew up by getting the nourishment and kindness provided by our parents and when they are aged we in turn give them benign. Till today we have used and using the wealth of mother nature. Have we ever thought of doing good deeds for her?

First of all, we could perceive the climatic changes all around the world. Now a days, people who live in desert experience snowfall. The coldest place Minnesota in North America is sophisticating above 100 degree Fahrenheit.

Secondly, the arctic region is now reducing inch by inch. Sooner, one day the penguins and polar bears will become extinct as the dinosaurs today.

Finally, but not the least, oil usage. Because we suck all our our mother's treasure, not solely oil, but also mining gold etc. This causes earthquake.

Unknowingly, we humans have advanced in technology by damaging the wonderful Earth. It is not too late to fix it.

Overall, to make our future generation to enjoy the most of our Earth, we need to preserve it. That is we need to help Earth to treasure her wealth. This could be done, by, consuming less electricity like drying the clothes in hot sun instead using the dryer, growing trees and plants, less usage of oil i.e by carpooling etc.
Quote :
The highest tower is built one brick at a time
. If there is a will, there is a way to save our BLUE PLANET "THE EARTH" from GLOBAL WARMING.
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PostSubject: Independent writing task   Mon Mar 03, 2008 1:46 pm

People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

Do we enjoy everything we do in our everyday life? Perhaps the answer is no. However, every action has its own benefit. Since ancient times, people have been controlled by powerful leaders, Government or By laws. Even if we do not like it, we have to follow the rules and do what we are asked to in order to maintain the prosperity of our society.

First, let us reflect for a second about our duties during our childhood. Our parents often asked us to tidy our room after having fun with our friends. All we wanted to do is play, have fun with our mate, but never be involved in cleaning up the mess. We preferred to have our parents do it for us. However, later we realized that it was an excellent lesson and helped us to become responsible adults. Every rule, law teaches you a valuable skill in the future. We all have responsibilities and duties to respond to.

Another example could be that of a student who does not care much about studies or performing an education. However, their parents insist on persuading them in having an education. The student might feel annoyed by this continuous hassle, but later in life understands that without education he is not able to have a life that he could be proud of. He is affected in a negative way in all areas of his life: professional, social and familial. Most of the time, the word ďhave to ď irritates us, but it is beneficial.

In addition, how many times it happened to us, parents, to have our child screaming in a car sit? They do not want to be buckled up but By Law requires it. Although they do not like it, it is for their best interest. The Law protects our child by requiring safety measurements.

To conclude, I wish to mention that people already got used to the fact that their life and actions are controlled and it is not upsetting for us anymore. We got to the point where we even expect the Government or By Law to interfere in our lives in order to protect us.
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PostSubject: Pls give your valuable suggestions.   Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:30 am

Should children grow in a countryside or in a city?

Today's children are the tomorrow's leaders. In the modern world, things changes from minute to minuteSo, by keeping the future of the children in mind I certainly think that city is the best place for their growth.
I have a plethora of reasons to support my view. Let me put forward few of them in a following way.

Firstly, It is a competative world,each person must possess many talents to land themselves in a good
position. Development of technolgy is very obivious, there is a growth in new companies, satellite have paved the way for new channels and many more shopping places. These resoures provide the children not
only knowledge but also part time jobs which helps to fill their purse which is seldom in the country side.Secondly, People have a good trasport facility so they can goto many places. Suppose if a child likes to learnbaseball, music, gymnasium it will be easy to go and also there are many instutions or classes are there to fulfill their demand. Hence, they get an oppurtunity to explore many things which is difficult when they are raised up in the country side.Therefore, I believe that the city provides them oppurtunities to learn more

Secondly, In my personal experience I have seen children brought up in a city are very exuberant,potent,and are found with remarkable capacities.By this it does not mean that the country side children are
dull, very few people in the country side come up with flying colors.And also for this they have to strain more which is not necessary in the city. I have seen most of the people in the expatricate are from city. This
is because they get more oppurtunities and they utilize them easily.

To sum up, I discern that the city opens many door ways which helps the children to stay current.The competition in the city life teaches the people how to overcome the difficulties and attain a best place.
Eventhough development depends upon indiviual interest I perceive that the ratio of oppurtunity to learn, to explore new technology, to get a job city is the best place.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:38 am

Would be a pleasure to do only things that we enjoy to do. But life is not always easy and we are asked to do thinks that we sometimes don't like, at least not that particular time.

go to bed early? Not go out with friends? Study for exames?To go to parents' friends house? Holidays with annoying people or places?
Certainly yes, who never had a situation like that?

Sice we are little babies, we learn that things are not always enjoyable. As we grow up, we continue builg our pleasures and hates. But through the "bad or not enjoyable" experiences we can really get the balance of our lifes and learn also about priorities, rights and must.
Things that we hate do to on day, we be very fun on the other days and things that you love to do one day can be very unpleasant ont he other stage of life. Everyhting depends of the point of view, age, influency.

Can you imangine if we have only bright days, with sun on top of our heads, with out cloud or rainy days or vice versa? The same working rotine over and over? The same job, the same car, the same attitudes? Or even, if we have always our prefered food? Of course we should get food sick after having the same food for one month. So, this so delicoius food would not be so extraordinary as it was before...anymore! How boring could the life be?

The real pleasure comes from the kwnoledge about the difference bettwen fair, good, excelent, not good, bad. The time when we do things the we really enjoy are more special and the feeling of pleasure is so nice that we can expect with much more exciment for the next enjoyable turn.

Life is a game. To lose is so bitter but the win is much more sweet!
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:06 pm

In my opinion, I agree that people should sometimes do things they do not like to do.

For example, studying is a boring task to some people. They do not like it because it needs time and a lot of effort to succeed. In addition to writing reports and submitting homeworks, just trying to set down and try to study for an exam is a real headache to them. But after all, studying and working hard in school or college is the key to a successful career.

Another example is housekeeping. Sometimes, trying to keep a house clean and tidy all the times needs a lot of work. Washing dishes and cleaning dirty laundry is not an easy task for some people. However, it is important that people live in a clean and organized house. It makes finding items easier instead of looking everywhere and spending a lot of time to find a lost item.

The last example, which might sound funny, is that young kids hate to go to school. They do not understand that learning how to read and write is a necessity in today's world. They do not like school because they like to play all day instead of working or studying.

In conclusion, people sometimes do not see the good side of something they hate to do. If they think positively about it and list the advantages of it, they will do it and like it with time.
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ana sofi

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:32 pm

People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing
For this statement i said that people shoud do the things that are convenient for them like if somebody told you to work all the night and you dont want but they are going to pay you so can do it to get money if you need it but if they are not going to pay you and you dont want to do it you dont have to. There are many situations for this statement because i think the people should do things that they enojoy if you dont enjoy you are always angry or like depressed because you are not living the life but as i said if you dont want but they are going to give you something that you need and you agree with this, you should do it. practicaly this is a conduct of the humans do what is convenient. The most important thing is that everybody have to feel good about what they are doing if its not, you do the things in a bad way because you really dont want to do it. So i have to say that i agree with this however if you want or not you do things you dont want everyday like getting up early, studing for an exam, going to school or taking care of your brothers when you can go to a party, you have to do all you need to be someone on life if you want to have lots of money you have to work very hard and your not gonna like that, if people do wathever they like always nobody could be succesfull in life of course almost everyone likes that somebody do the things you have to do, but as everybody said nothing is free in life.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:14 pm

Each of us faces situations in life where we need to do things which we do not enjoy doing. Nevertheless we have to do it. There are many reasons behind it- either because it is the right thing to do or because it is our responsibility to get it done or because we need to do it out of our social obligation.

To start with, many a times we do the most un-enjoyable thing because in our heart we know that it is the right thing to do. The classic example of this situation is our lack of enjoyment to do studies during our childhood. But never could we escape doing that. It is not that we do our studies out of fear of our parents or teachers only but we also know in our hearts that skipping our studies is not the right thing to do.

Apart from that, sometimes we need to do things out of our responsibility. For example, many a times a student has to drop off from the school or college before finishing his studies and to take up job to meet the financial needs of his/ her family. Though he/she does not enjoy doing the job rather than finishing his or her studies, he/she has to act out of his/her responsibility to save the family from financial crisis.

Another reason which is valid in this context is that we live in a society, therefore we are bound by some social rules and regulations which we need to obey for proper functioning of the society. For example, consider a situation when one truly enjoys listening to the music in high volume. How badly he may like to hear his music loud, he should not or would not turn up the volume of his music system beyond a certain limit because it would otherwise disturb his neighbours who may complain to the police and he would get arrested for this offence. So due to this social obligation, he would not do the thing he enjoys doing most.

In view of the above three reasons and innumerable other reasons which are not listed here, I agree to the statement that many a times we need to do things we do not enjoy doing.
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PostSubject: writing task   Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:28 am

I believe people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing. There will definitely be some situations which we have never expected and that would force us to do things which we dont enjoy doing.
During childhood,though many wouldnt enjoy going to school or doing homework,these activities become very important and unavoidable that they would be forced to do it. But in long run,they help in their future a lot.
There could be lot of similar situations. We would not feel like doing certain things but the outcome of it will make us realise the importance of doing it.
The same holds true when it comes to work place. We may not want to do a certain work, but then, it would be of much importance to our career and might even lead us to our promotion.
Many such things are prone to happen in our life. Say for example,having medicine for headache. I wouldnt enjoy having a medicine,there could be many people like me. But then in unavoidable situations,am forced to have it for my own well-being.
To conclude it,I would say,people should sometimes do certain things they wouldnt enjoy..may be due to situations they face,but it is all about how we take it and an open mind will always help us see the positive side of it
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:37 am

Some people think that people should do things that they enjoy doing, because they think that people have a fun and people must do enjoy their life. However, most of people have to do things that they do not enjoy doing sometimes, because of their jobs, schools, and house working.
First, people should do things that they do not enjoy doing because most of people have a job. If people work in a company, they have to do their work even if they are not like do it. That is a rule for an adult people.
Second, people sometimes should do things that they do not enjoy doing. At a school, many kids have to ask their teachers. All of the kids have to do their study, obey their teacher, and do their homework. Most of kids are not like doing study or obeying. However, they should follow their leaders.
Finally, people sometimes should do things that they do not enjoy doing such as a mother. House wife is the most important person in the world, because she has to do a house work almost everyday. Mother has to keep clean up their house, make her family's food, and take care of her children. Some mothers feels that is comfortable to her. On the other hand, most of women feels that is very tired and they do not want to do.
In conciliation, many people feel they are not enjoy their life. Some people have a job, some people have to go to a school, and some people have to do house working.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:23 pm

In our lifes there are a lot of things we do. Some of tham are our hobbies, others are our work. I think that people tend to do the things they enjoy. But from time to time we face the situation we have to do what we not realy enjoy. What to do in such situation? Is it better to do what we do not like or is it better not to do it?
First of all, I think that for reaching my dreams is necessary sometimes do what I do not enjoy. For expample I like my study at the Faculty of Pharmacy very much. I enjoy a lot of courses. But there are severel courses I do not enjoy. In fact I hate tham. Physics was one of tham. I like chemistry and pharmacology and I can see tha importance of these courses, but I can not see a strikt connection between physics and the drug selling in pharmacy. And my point is that is required to pass the physics exam to continue with my study. So this is an expample of one situation when I sometimes do what I do not enjoy doing.
Further more what about relationships? For example I enjoy skying and my boyfriend do not. But w ego skying at least once a year although he do not like skying and he can not sky very well. On the other hand I do not like action films and thrillers. But sometimes w ego to the cinema to watch an action film simply because I know he loves tham. And I do not mind. If we had done only the things we enjoy, we would not have been satisfied.
Situations similar to what I have mentioned we can find in every area of life, so my opinion is very clear Ė sometimes we have to do things we do not enjoy doing.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:05 pm

Sometimes we think of happiness and the reasons for it in our lives.There are people who think satisfaction comes towards us when whatever we do and wherever we go is very joyful and causes us to enjoy.But I think the truth is just the opposite.
It is very interesting that when we are born ,we burst into tears with the first inhale, because it is a nessecity for starting breathing. Everyone knows that crying is not an enjoying act ,but at that moment it has its vital consequense. I can provide several examples that one should do things in life that he/she does not enjoy . The reason is that every success has its own expense that should be paid. More over ,when we struggle to reach a goal there will definitly be obstacles to get through and that that costs a lot of energy and effort.
As the experiences have shown , those who have been successful and made their dreams come true,were those who were not scared of tasks which coused discomfort to them.For instanse if many scientists had been enjoying all the time and had not been so serious to tolerate the hardship of studying and working so hard, now we were short of many modern appliances and technologies we are enjoying .
So we come to the conclusion that the saying "no pain ,no gain" is a truth and is worth to remember.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do the things that they do not enjoy   Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:16 pm

As a girl who grew up at a strict Chinese family, I have been forced to do a lot of things that I didn't like, such as going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 6am; 2 apples a day, sick,. While now I grew up to be a person who has strong will and healthy life routin. So, I absolutely agree with the opinion that people should sometimes do things that thye do not enjoy doing. Because it helps us to build our will, and to discover our life.

To do something that we don't enjoying doing is the best training to our will. As we know, human being's will creats miracles. Plenty of things have proved that, like the people survived from 9.11. They were buried by trashes of builds for a week without water and food. How can they made it? Some said it's lucky. But I say it is will. it is their strong will keep them surviving. Will is born-with, yet it could be trained as well. And to do something that we don't enjoy doing is a really good training for will. For instance, if you don't like running, and now you should start running for 30 minutes a day. If you could keep on running everyday for a year, two years or even running becoming part of your life, no matter it rains or snow, it could make an inference that you have built your strong will. In fact, in our life, there are all kinds of little things that you are sick of can help you train your will. liking drink two cup of milk a day; going to bed and wake up at certain time everyday, ect.... Let's train our will; let's do things that we don't enjoy doing.

Besides training will, to do something that we don't like doing could help us to discover our life more. Human beings always assume a thing how would it be before they try. And the"assumption" is not always correct. That's why we should sometimes to do something that we don't enjoy doing, which offers a chance to discover the truth of the fact. I always said i don't like durian. I don't like durian. In fact, I hadn't ate any durian yet, while i had heard a lots of it that smells like shits. So, I rejected it like a shit. But one day, my roomate, Jane passed me something set with a small box when she just steped into our apartment. she said: "good stuff. I fighted really hard to keep a little for you." seriously, I ate it without asking what it's. I finished the whole pile really quick, and said" it does taste, what's that?" When i got the answer :durian, I realized that i was wrong. Since then, I started to try something that i don't enjoy for offering myself a chance to discover life more.

Thus, people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. Not only it helps us to build our will, but also helps us to discover our life more.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:47 am

Some people like to do things only they are enjoying while others thinks that sometimes they need to do things they do not enjoy. Between these two opinions, I fully sopport the statement that people should sometines do things that they do not enjoy doing. I will explain my point of view in the following paragraphs with exemples and reasonings.

First, you can get benefit from doing that you do not enjoy. For instance, if we let our children choose to do anyting what they want, almost of children will spent their time to play. Because they are very curious about the environment and like to explore the surroundings, they will not pay less attention to study. So, they will be less productive in their study. Children might not recognize the benefits of such a act. But gradually they will understand they need to do things they do not enjoy. Another example is exercise. Doings thing they do not enjoy is like a physical exercise. To overcome one's own laziness, we need determination and abandoing bad habbits. But if you put some hours to exercise even though you are not enjoying, you will have better health.

Seond, when you doing things that you are not enjoyng, you will face difficulties. However, after overcoming the difficulties, you will have satisfaction of overcoming the challenges. That will give you mental happiness and confidence that you will slove another similar problems. You will be a better position to handle similar problems because you are already familiar dealing with that kind of unpleasant experience.

In conclusion, based on the reasons I describe above, I strongly believe that sometimes, people should do things they do not enjoy doing. Sometimes, it is wise to go against his wishes and wills.
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Free iBT independent writing task submission
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