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 Free iBT independent writing task submission

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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that...   Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:37 pm

People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

I completely agree with the statement, maybe some more that others but everyone do a lot of things that they don't enjoy. Who likes to wash dishes? or Get up early all the mornings for going to work?

In my opinion there are two big groups of things that people don't enjoy doing.

The first group is the stuff that almost everybody don't like to do but we have to do it, like housework, get up all the days at the some time, study on Saturdays night for a final exam, etc.
Who like study on Saturday when all his friends are in a pub? I guess, no one, but the person who does this has an objective, he/she is studying something that he/she enjoy and wants to graduate, then study on Saturdays night is a sacrifice that this person has to do.

The second group is the stuff that some people really hate it. For example someone who works in a job that he/she dislike and all the days fells unhappy because of that.

I think that is common to do things that are in the first group but I consider as a problem if we make things that are in the second group because they are not anymore a litter every day stuff, if not they are somethings that make us unhappy.

In conclusion, we always have to choose what we enjoy doing, like our carers, jobs, friends and if we have to travel 45 minutes by bus to get to the university we'll not enjoy it but it's not a big deal. But if we suffer all the days because we don't like what we are studying, well better to change the carer.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.   Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:50 pm

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.

When I was a child I wanted to grow up fast and become an adult. I was convinced that reaching the adulthood a magic door would open allowing me to do whatever I want especially those things that I really like. While we may reason as a human being we enjoy freedom and we have the right to do whatever we want or take pleasure in, there is not doubt about the fact that many time our desires are limited for a
superior force. Hence, this innocent thought that I used to have was vanished when I faced the fact that even though I was an adult I was restricted. I had more responsibilities and a great part of them were not enjoyable. As I was maturing, I realized that several things that I did not enjoy doing them I was doing them anyway for two principal reasons: there was a need and I did not have a choice and the second is that I did things just because I really love somebody.

Many times in our lives we go through circumstances where we have a need that is necessary to take care of it immediately. We do not have a choice; we have to take decisions as soon as possible. For example if we do not have money to continue our education. There is a need, money and we have to find the solution to complete our career. The first thought that come to our minds is ďgot a jobĒ. Our goal is to finish our education promptly so we will be able to work in the field that we know we will enjoy. But we would face a reality that the job we can get is not precisely the one we really enjoy the most. So this is a clear example of doing something that we do not delight in.

Many times in our lives we cross by with something known as love. It could be our husband, our children, our parents, etc. There are strong bonds that link our life with someoneís else life and a new attitude comes up. How many thing we get used to do for our loved ones? Uncountable!! The fact that we do it every day does not mean that we find them enjoyable, but we do them for love. For instant, we are the one who have to wake up earlier than the rest of the ďtroopĒ in order to make that our house function. Preparing breakfast, making sure that our children have the lunch and their backpack ready for school, etc are some of the things that I can mention. Probably, we enjoy to sleep late in the morning but we know they need us and we know that we love them. So, here we have another example of doing something that we do not enjoy but we do it for love.

Finally, I would say that our lives are plenty of situation where we have to do things that really do not enthusiasm us, but we are sometimes forced to do them while we sometimes do them just for love.Nevertheless, our children will pursue the dream to become and adult and do only the things they enjoy.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:26 am

From the birth to the death, human beings set up goals and whatever the goal. It could be to buy a car or to become the big boss of a multinational company.
Human beings always tend to achieve and obtain their goals and they focus on each step which allows aiming these objectives. To achieve our goals implies that sometimes one has to do things that one doesnít enjoy doing.
I effectively support the statement that people should sometimes do things that they donít want to do and donít enjoy doing.

Firstly, it is a utopia that people could do always things they enjoy. We have to come back to reality. In life, when one wants to do something there is sometimes things one doesnít want to do. A famous writer, Jean Paul Sartre, said one day ďthe others are the hellĒ. This citation demonstrates perfectly the problem. When one wants to do something, one needs the others to achieve his/her goals. The issue is that others think in a different way of you and as a result, they become an obstacle, small or huge depending on what they want. Given that they are obstacles, you have do deal with and negotiate in order to achieve your goal. As negotiating is synonym of not doing always what you want. Therefore, sometimes you have to do things you donít enjoy.

Secondly, if people would do always what they like it would come down to a world made up of selfish people. In your life you have to give to the others and sometimes what you do for the others is not necessarily what you enjoy. For example, when friends or family ask me a favour, I will do it even if I donít like doing it. It is for me important to know how to give to the others.

To conclude, I think a world where people would do what they like can not fly. The only one people who do what they want are kings or dictators and one obviously knows that this sort of people donít last a long time in our society.
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PostSubject: Writing   Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:22 am

I completely disagree with the assertion that "People should sometimes do thing which they are not interested at". I believe that what ever work we do, we should do it with full sincerity, dedication and with full interest. A uninteresed work can not be successful, even though, we put out 100% effort. Enjoy the work indirectly means that doing the work with full interest. To support my point, i would like to cite 2 examples from my personal life.

Firstly, i would like to quote an example from my academic area. When i was doing my schooling, i dont enjoy studying tamil, eventhough tamil was my mother tongue. I used to study because only for the score sake. I neither have full concentration nor have interest to study tamil. Because of this i got only 84% in tamil. Though my overall percentage went to 95%, because of getting less percentage have reduced. Otherwise, i would have got more than 95% as my over all score. This is because i didnt enjoyed studying tamil.

Secondly, i would like to give an example from my work experience. My team leader is wonderful, kind hearted person. He never used to force anyone to complete their work. We need to submit a writeup for our project, which should be around 50 - 60 pages minimum. Its a quite boring job to write a document. But, we used to enjoy preparing the documents. We used to work with full interest so that we used to complete our work in time, eventhough, the work is so boring to do.

In sum, people should work only if they enjoy doing it. It becomes successful only if the work is performed with full interest. If one does not enjoy doing their work, it will be a complete failure.
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PostSubject: İndependt Essay   Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:44 am

Everbody wants to do the things that they enjoy. To understand other people and start to enjoy new things, one should try things not enjoyed. There are new popular games in my country not played before. Moreover, I have new habits that I have not enjoyed. Trying new things is a good habit.

In my country, the basketball wa not so famous. People have enjoyed football. They did not want to play basketball for years until they have seen basket games in movies and television. Then, they start to try it and enjoy it. Now, it is a so famous game. For example, a child at age of 12 may know all NBA best player with the whole name. Moreover, he may make a collection of stars and play daily basketball. I did not like baketball until I was 15 years old. After, few unejoyable tries, I have started to like it. Also, it is a new hobby for me.

I want to meet with people wanting to play football. I thought that people playing basketball was fool. How they play this game, I asked myself when I was child. But later I understand that this game is also nice as footballand. I enjoyed this game and people playing it. I had met a person from India. He plays cricet. I told him whether he wanted to play basketball with me. He told me that he did not enjoy it. After a while, he accepted to play with me. After that game, he wanted to play it regularly with me.

In conclusion, we may not anjoy something now but it does not mean that we will not enjoy it later. One may like this new habit. Also, one may understand other people better by playing the same game. Each game has its own mantality.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:29 pm

As a human being to live in this planet we have to do a lot of things.In my opinion people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy.To support my opinion i have given some points,such as
firstly in student life some student does not like to go school regularly. As a result of their irregularity they are unaware of their home work,cant answer in class.Every lectures seems to them is a new one
Consequently they becomes lazy,aware of their study.They becomes a burden not only for his family but also for the nation. on the contrary a regular student is more attentive then those who are irregular.

Secondly, sometimes we does not like to do our regular necessitate at the same time in a regular basis.As for example some of us does not like to wake up from bed early,some does not take their lunch and dinner in time. as a result they become lazy.Physical exercise is very effective to be a happy person.Though it is hard to do exercise regularly, we have to do it to keep fit our health.

Some people does not like to make friend,they like to live lonely.consequently they lead a dull life.To make our mind fresh , and as a social being we have to make good friend.A good friend can influence our life variously.Some does not like to go abroad for tour.As a result their knowledge is limited only for their territorial. On the otherhand those who like to visit different area around the world ,they can enjoy there life.

Besides this importance some times we have to avoid those things thats annoy us.
In conclusion i like to say that not only to enjoy our life but also to make our existance valuable sometimes we have to do somethings which we feel bore.
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PostSubject: People sometimes should do things they do not enjoy.   Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:34 am

In this complex world, people have to do lots of things and indulge themselves in their day to dat life even from their childhood till their last age. So, are people really enjoying in doing all the things? I'm of the opinion, that people should do certain things eventhough they donot enjoy. Because in some cases, they are forced to do such things by others or they are simply doing duties which are inevitable.
In many cases, people are being forced by other people, for example by parents or teachers to do some things inspite they donot like to do so. For instance, children are forced by their parents to involve in some activities. My seven year old son does not like to wear cumbersome clothes in winter, so I have to force him to wear because I have a concern about him. Also, patients who have diabetes or blood pressure are forced by their doctors or family members to follow a strict diet or do some exercises eventhough they do not like to follow them. Once they see the incredible benefits out of them, they will really start to enjoy.
Moreover, some people are doing their duties, because they are inevitable, but they donot enjoy them. If they donot do them they will encounter a problem. For example, eventhough some soldiers serving in the military, donot like to go for a war with another country, they have to do , because it is their duty to follow the directions of their higher officials and to protect their country. This will be a part of their country's History later.
In conclusion, I want to say that people in this most competitive world should adjust themselves to face all the things and donot hesitate to do some things for their welfare.It is vivid we have to pass through various activities and events in every part of our life to be successful.We have to accept them whether we like or dislike.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:51 pm

Yes, I agree that Sometimes People should do things that they do not enjoy doing. In my opinion, it actually depends on several situations and the necessity of the work.

If we talk about our job life or carrier, one may not always get the work he/she loves or is specially interested to. But for living and to maintain his family responsibility the person has to do that job. One may first try for his preferred job, but that is not very easy to get always. So, if he doesnít get that he must think for the other convenient but less preferred option.

It is true that a person cannot give his full effort and use his ultimate talent on the job that he doesnít like, but again when it comes for life he just can sit and wait for the best one to come for him. Instead he has to do what opportunity he gets first, in order to fulfill the basic needs of life.

There is other point of view regarding this topic. That is, when you do the things that you donít like, you put some extra effort to make it desirable. As a result, the outcome might come something pretty good because of that extra effort. In the long run you might get stressed though. When you try to do the unpleasant work desirable it will work as a motivation for you to try for something better.

A person might get to a stage of life when he can do whatever he enjoys to, but that part of life comes in a long way of struggle. That struggle part is doing the things you donít like to do. What I suggest is, every human being should do the things he doesnít enjoy as a base part of his life. After doing the worst things, when he riches to the best part of life, he can realize the real sweetness of success. I am a good example in this sense, I used to work as a call centre executive in a telephone company, and I hated to talk in the phone for 8 hours a day continuously. Everyday I promised to myself that it will be my last day working here, but moment later I used to recollect the positive points of that job, that they are bearing my education cost or I can show the experience to get a better job etc. After working there for 2 years, by showing that experience I got a very good opportunity in a respected position in the number one telephone company in my country. So, this how I learnt from my own life that why people should do the things that they donít like to do.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy   Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:53 am

I believe there are certain characteristics which define an adult human being and one of them is the ability of self-control.This virtue would not be gained easily and should be practice over time as a result of this, one will be able to accept undesirable situations and keep on doing his or her job in spite of the circumstances.In the following I will name two of the instances in everyone's life that require this kind of response.
Let's start with something we can all relate to,studying.It is not the most enjoyable activity but definitely one of the most useful ones.So you can not just stop studying only because you do not feel like it. A mature person will carefully see things through and then decide to do the right thing.
Another familiar situation is when you really want to stay up late and watch your favorite movie but you realize that you should get up early in the morning,this dilemma hits you every time but there is no way out of it but to go to sleep otherwise you will be sleepy the next day and your day will be wasted.In any of the mentioned situations the preferred choice is not the right one but as you go on in your life you learn to compromise and make rational decisions.
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PostSubject: essay   Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:56 am

There are some things in life that are not the way we want them to be, but that is one of the most important lessons that life can give us. I definitely agree with the statement that says that people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing because we are always going to find something we do not enjoy but we have to do. Since we are born we have to obey rules from our parents, whether we like them or not. If we want to go to school or college, there are regulations, rules and laws that we have to follow, and we might not enjoy them, but they are mandatory. And if we get a job, we will have to do a lot of things we do not enjoy, but they need to be done.

First of all, since we are born, there is an obligation to follow the rules given by our parents. That is because they give us everything we have. So, from the moment we are born, our parents teach us that we have to do things that we do not enjoy. A baby would probably cry because he wants the mother to hold him in her arms, but the mother lets the baby cry to show him that he has to get used to the idea of not being held by his mom. The baby learns that he has to stop crying and stay in the crib because there are some things that we have to do, even if we donít enjoy them.

Second of all, when we start growing, we realize that we have to do a lot of things that we do not enjoy because they need to be done. An important step for people is to go to school or college. In order to fit and do well, we have to follow regulations, and do things that we donít enjoy. We have to eat healthy in order to have energies and give our body the proper nutrients; we have to do our homework, even if we do not enjoy it, because that is the way to learn and get good grades at school.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that part of the learning process in life is to do things that we do not enjoy. Doing these things gives us the possibility to understand that things are not always going to be the way we want them to be, and that in order to get something, we have to sacrifice something. In this case, to do something we do not like is the sacrifice to get some other things we enjoy.
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PostSubject: wrt2   Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:34 am

[b]I do agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.
We can assume our world and our lives are built on rules. Maybe not everyone likes rules, but, as one famous roman proverb quotes, rules should not be discussed but respected . In a way or another, the order in a society is maintaned by the ability of the people to respect rules. This is is just one example when people should do things they do not enjoy doing, since considering rules is compulsory and necessary.
In my opinion, happiness is indeed the greatest feeling in the world and it's something all of us aim to achieve. But what happens when there is too much happiness and pleasance? It becomes boring, because beautiful is what is not often met and happiness is what not often felt. Considering the laws of the Universe, we have to give something first and only then wait to get something in change. Thus, only after completing our duty we should expect to be rewarded and enjoy doing something we like.
People are lazy. No one likes to work and everyone would rather relax or do something pleasant than go to their job. But people have to work, even they mostely do not enjoy it. What would happen if there was no need for people to work? How would they feed their families? How would they ensure their children?
If people would have the possibility to bann whatever activity they do not enjoy, the society would become a total chaos. Children would quit schools. Grown ups would leave their jobs and spend days long on the couch. Parents would abandon babies because it is not enjoyble to change pampers. It would be actually ridiculous.
In conclusion, as we can understand, people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.
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PostSubject: my essay   Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:48 pm

Life is not about doing the things you like all the time. If life was as easy as limiting yourself to do things you like and nothing else, then the world wouldnít be as developed as it is. Sometimes you have to do stuff that you donít enjoy, and thatís why I agree with the statement above.

First reason I believe people should sometimes do things they donít like is because, just imagine, if a student can decide if he or she doesnít want to do the math homework, only because he or she doesnít like the subject then they wonít be receiving the education they should. Teachers and parents should educate younger people to do things they donít like.

Furthermore, I believe if a person limits his or her condition to only doing things he or she likes, then that individual will grow up to be a mediocre and lazy person, whereas if you do things you donít like, youíll develop a strong power of will and other people will admire you for holding on to something even if you donít like it.

Last reason I believe people should do things they donít like is because that way, when they do the things they like, they will appreciate them and enjoy them much more than what they would if they did them on an everyday bases. What I mean is that if someone enjoys playing guitar for example, but the band needs someone to play piano, the person will play the piano to help the band, but finally when he can play guitar heíll enjoy it a lot and he will be grateful that he can finally do what he likes.

For all the stated reasons I believe people should sometimes do activities that do not fulfill their expectances or that are not their favorite activity to do. The world needs people that are hardworking and willing to do almost anything for the good of someone or something; the world does not need spoiled people that will only do what they want.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:46 am

The statement presented takes a stand that people should be willing to do something which they don't like to do on some occasions. I agree with the statement and believe that this is the only way someone can improve on essential skills which are required in life. I will present some reasons for the my this belief.

First, I think likings and dislikings of an individual for a particular task keep on changing with time. So if a person never does something new, which he dislikes doing, he will never learn a new thing and his skill set and knowledge will become stagnant. For instance, take regular exercising. A person may try exercising and can simply claim that he doesn't like it and can give it up. The real advantages of regular exercising unfold over a period of time and the one's liking for it grows with time. Another such example is studying. Young kids generally find it difficult to focus on a sedentary activity like studying. If these kids had their way, they would simply refuse to study citing that they don't like this activity. Clearly, studying is an importan part of one's maturity and can't be given up in this way.

Second, I think there are some things in real life from which one just can't escape. These are the things which you need to do for your survival, no matter what your likings and dislikings are. An example of such an activity is one's profession. It is absolutely necessary for everybody to work to earn his daily bread. If one decides that he doesn't like working for money and just wished to while away his time in catching butterflies, an activity he claims is the only thing he likes doing. Such a person needs to work, earn money to survive and then can indulge in the activity of his liking.

In sum, I agree with the statement presented and think that "willingness to do something which one doesn't like" holds the key for the all round growth of an individual. It is a reality of human life which one must accept.
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PostSubject: peple with different attitudes   Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:44 am

I completely agree with the statement as it mainly depends upon the situation and need

In this present world people have to set their minds according to the demands and opportunities which exist at that time. for example ,you may be genius of programming but you cannot have always opportunities in particular domain. You need to work for other domain for some time. You have to be regularly updated with your knowledge otherwise there is a every possibilities of running out of the competition. you may not enjoy at that time but the important thing is to exist with full potential.On the other hand if you are looking for a particular thing and not competing others because of the things that you really not enjoy with will have more chances. This also may leads to laziness and poses towards negative attitude. The world is changing, some times you will not enjoys changes, but you have to adapt yourself to cope up with.

However it depends upon the situation and maturity levels of every individual.There are some ideal persons who cannot do the things they like.At the same time, If we go through the history we can see most of the successful people did some odd jobs before creating history. As far as Im concerned with it all depends upon the conditions ,environment and as well as their life style
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PostSubject: Imagine that you have received some land to use as you wish   Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:57 am

I love animals, especially cats. It really saddens me to hear about animal shelters and how most animals they rescued had to be euthanized. If I was given a piece of land and were able to use it any way I wanted, I would build a cat shelter. I think we need more no-kill animal rescue centers capable of offering good adoption supervision and cleaner facilities where the animals can enjoy more freedom.

The shelter's main characteristic would be a "no- kill" policy. I believe that animals should have the same rights as humans, and we shouldn't decide their destiny for them. The rescue center would be big enough to offer shelter to a huge amount of cats. In the case it ever becomes full, "foster homes" would be provided for the felines. Foster homes are people who take the cats to their homes temporarily until someone else adopts them, or space becomes available in the shelter.

Most animal shelters have no control of the adoption process. Anyone can adopt an animal, regardless of their capability to take care of them or of their plans to keep them forever. If I could use that land to build a cat shelter I would have a strict adoption screening process. The person willing to adopt a cat would have to submit an application in which they would include details such us economic situation or housing and family conditions. This should help evaluating whether the cat would be in a good environment. Each person would be interviewed in order to evaluate if they are psychologically able to take care of the animal. This process would help reduce the number of abandoned animals.

If I could build a cat shelter, I would make sure it had excellent hygiene and living conditions for the animals. Most shelters keep the cats in very small crates, by themselves. I would like to build a shelter with big ventilated rooms for the cats, where they could enjoy freedom, exercise, and could play with the other cats. Since cats love sun bathing and playing, I would build the center with big windows. The cats would have plenty of toys and cat trees to exercise.

I would use the given land to provide a better environment for rescued cats. I think that if the cats were cleaner, healthier and able to play around, more people would be attracted to the idea of adopting them.
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PostSubject: independent essay   Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:23 pm

It is controversial whether people should sometimes do thing even though they find no joy in it. Some poeple may disagree with it, saying people can make choices of not doing what they don't want to do, but I strongly believe people should do things regardless of their pleasure because those works could an important stage which lead them to the stage where they want to reach, and people can change their minds once they start doing those works.

Most people have their own dreams and try to work to achieve them. Once they reach their dreams, they feel a sense of fulfillment and become delighted at what they have done. However, the methods to achieve the goals are not always pleasant tasks. When we read the interviews of the experts whom people try to be like, we can know that the ways to reach
those goals are challenging and they are tempted to give up because of its difficulty. But if they decided not to do it just because they do not enjoy that part, then they could not get to the final part and would not have made those achievements.

In addition, people can their minds. When I attended an elementary school, I started to take a piano lesson. However, I found that it was tedious to practice the same peice of play over and over. So at first I tried to quit, but due to my mother's advice I decided to keep practicing it even though I was not merry about it. However, once my skills are improved I found myself playing more difficult peices easily and more I play more I became to enjoy it. If I quit at the first place I would not find this kind of joy from playing a piano. Based on my personal experience, I think that
people sometimes bear and endure what they are doing, because they may find joy later and if they give up at the early stage, they would not feel this joy forever.

To sum up, people should do some works even though they dislike them. These tasks may be indispensible when they try to reach their life-long goal. Also, they could change their minds once they are used to those works more. By doing the works even though they don't perfer, people can develop themselves to a better level when those works are beneficial to them.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:29 am

A lot of time, people do a thing that they don't enjpy doing. in her usual life. in work, in house, in school.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:29 am

A lot of time, people do a thing that they don't enjpy doing. in her usual life. in work, in house, in school.
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PostSubject: Should ppl do what they don't enjoy doing?   Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:36 am

People would not be comfortable doing things that they normally do not enjoy doing. In my opinion, whether they should do these tasks heavily depends on the motive and reason behind. Should a satisfactory reason exists for them to do a task they dislike, it is acceptable that people do what they do not normally enjoy doing.

Anyone who does something has some reason for his actions. In some cases, that reason is the mere joy that comes out of doing the thing. A person could watch movies just because he/she enjoys watching movies. n such situations, one finds no reason why a person who does not like movies should watch movies . There is no reason for that; thus he/she does not need to do this task.

On the other hand, there could be occasions when, for some reasons not related to enjoyment, a person should do things he/she does not enjoy doing. One of these could be to help others. Assume a woman who does not like swimming. She could be sitting by a lake side and sees a little girl going to drown in the lake. This lady would expectedly go and swim across the lake to save the life of the drowning girl.

One can also find other reasons why people at times need to do things they do not normally enjoy. There can be a father who hates watching football in a stadium. But if this man has a child who happens to be playing football, and invites his father to watch him play in an important tournament, the man needs to go and watch football. In this case, the man is doing what he does not enjoy to do just for happiness of someone he loves.

In general, a person does not need to do things which he does not enjoy doing, unless there exists an ulterior reason, like the ones mentioned above,necessitating the person to do the task.
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PostSubject: writing skill   Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:40 am

I strongly support the idea that people do the things which they do not enjoj. In my opinion it's reason is the world conditions that we live in. we usually have to to something that we don't like in our school, work and family.

In my high school I took the biology and chemistry classes although I wanted to be a diplomat. Moreover, in the university my major was political science but I was supposed to take chess lesson. I did all of them just to reach high marks and good job.

secondly, in their work, people have missions and rules that they have to obey. for exaple, I have to write long essays about the Turkish citezents who live abroad. I accept that it's a part of my job but I find it boring, anyway. And sometimes I feel like a waitress when I serve coffee or tea to my supervisor. However I have to earn money to survive.

Finally, in the family people have responsibilities as a father, mother or children. like everybody else, I have to do many things to make happy my parents. For instance, I have to call all my relatives every week and I have to visit them on holidays. Of course I love and miss them but I don't enjoj too much to spend time with the people who are older than me.

consequently every people have responsibilities and works, therefore, sometimes they have to do many things that they do not enjoy so much. To have good marks, good job and earn money we should try to feel happy when we are busy with our daily works
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PostSubject: ibt writing esay   Mon Dec 22, 2008 7:41 pm

I agree that the people should do sometimes that they donít enjoy doing. This is because we just donít live on the earth only for our own happiness as well we should also try to keep others happy. Real happiness is found in others happiness. Also, for our better and otherís satisfaction we have to do something which we donít want to do.
I will state at first that why we are forced to do something against our will. This could have happened for our better success in life. For instance, sometimes we donít want to study and waste a lot of time. We forget that time is so valuable and it waits for none. But study is the first priority in a studentís life. To make a better future we have to do study and wasting time like if we wish to gossip or watch TV then we shouldnít do these during study time. Because weíll never get back our losing time.
Moreover, we are human being, most beautiful creature in the world. We should always remember that we are for each other. We shouldnít always think of ourselves only. We should learn to do self -sacrifice. And we should find happiness in others satisfaction and happiness. Like anybody asks help to me, and if Iím not interested to it but we should do. Suppose Iím not interested to carry grocery but my parents want help then we must follow them only for their satisfaction.
If anybody is happy instead my happiness then it is the biggest enjoyment in life. So we should do sometimes even though weíre not interested. We should accomplish our duties towards others. To make happy others or for our own better we have to do something in our lives
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do NOT enjoy...   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:14 pm

The human mind is, many a time, doubting between what is right and what is wrong, and what people should do about it. Sometimes we are forced to do things that we do not agree doing; yet I believe that, although we do not feel like, we should do them anyway.
In the first place, there are some formal duties and obligations which, if disrespected, may have a negative effect on us. Think of, for example, homework and mid terms at school. If you fail to do any of these, you may have problems at school, and even be unable to go on to the next year. If this happened, who would be the one to blame? You. Why? Because you have certainly failed to do what was asked.
In the second place, there are some moral, familiar duties which you should fulfil, and, from my point of view, failing to do so will harm family relationships. Suppose that your grandmother is ill and unable to move on her own. If you did not help her, such as doing her shopping or cleaning her housw, it could be the case that she feels that you do not care about her, which would really be painful.
Some people argue that you should not do things you do not agree with, in views of the possible negative effects that this could have on you. This is applicable to extreme cases such as sexual harrassment, but let us think of a boy who was an inborn talent for piano, but he refuses to take piano lessons his parents ask him to take. I am sure that this boy will be grateful to his parents as an adult, because they helped him to polish his skill and even to become an artist.
To summarize, I firmly believe that doing things you do not agree with is the right path to follow. In the end the outcome will, inevitably, be positive.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:43 pm

The statement indicates that people sometimes have to do things they dislikes, but it doesn't specify why they have to. I agree with this statement because sometimes you have to do things you don't enjoy for a medical reason, because you have to be a role model for other people or because you need to have money for living.

First of all, there are some medical situations that requires to do something that you don't like. For example, I don't like to go to the dentist, but if I have a cavity I must go (and fixing it is not enjoyable at all). Another example is when I am sick and the doctor indicates me to drink a remedy that has a bad taste, so I will have to drink it in order to get better.

Another reason is to be a role model for other people, like small children, and you have to do things that you don't like just to teach them some good behaviour or to make them do something that is good for them. For example, I hate carrots but I must eat them if I want my 3 year old son to eat them too.

The third reason to do things that you don't enjoy is because you need money to pay bills and to get food, and the only available job is far away from what you want to do. Moreover, this last reason is a fact of life, because not all the people can work and live doing what they like. About 70% of the world population works in a job that they dislikes, but they have to work there.

In conclusion, I think that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing because there is a must situation that you have to cover: a medical problem to be fixed, being a role model for other people or your working responsabilities in a job you don't like.
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PostSubject: writing independent task   Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:32 pm

I totally agree with the state that sometimes people should do something that they do not enjoy doing, this is mainly due to the fact that the life is not just as we want it to be so we have to be conscious and be prepared for doing what we HAVE to do, another point is that in this way you will appreciate more the things that you do enjoy.

Sometimes we are in front of many situations where the life dares us to take a decision between what we want to do or we have to do. For instance, if we have to choose between to study or going to work, I will definitely choose to study now that I really enjoy learning new things and the studyís environment in general, but, if my family has lots of financial problems and I have the chance to help solving it going to work it means that I have to do it because I love my family and I could not permit that they suffer if I can help.

When you finally get what you really want after struggle doing things that you like or dislike, you are totally graceful and realize that all those things worthwhile. Regarding to the example given before, once I overcome the situation I could go studying with the feeling that my family is fine and that they will be able to celebrate with my any success.

Earlier or later the life will force you to do things that you do not enjoy but this is a way for learning and growing up as a person. Therefore, I am not against this natural law.
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PostSubject: Essay   Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:39 am

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is well known that if you want that somebody knows about something give it publicity. Particularly I agree with the statement that advertising can help to know about any specific country or place or whatever thing could be imagined.

The advertising industry is a powerful tool, normally what it does is an investigation about the product, in this case is about a particular country, it find the most important characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. What places have to been visited, which are the countryís habits, costums, heritages, traditions, as well as which things have to be avoid.

Furthermore, the advertising could help to remark the strength of the country helping it to get investment from foreing investors, situation which benefits the country economy itself. For example, if the country economy is dominated for the Oil sector, a good publicity of this could bring transnational company to build refineries to process its petroleum, helping, in this way, national formers and leaving money in the country.

However, the advertising has to be well conduct in order to get accuracy information and try to exalt the major point of the country, even though the disadvantages of the country has to be mentioned in order to keep the equilibrium.

In summary I agree with that a good promotion about a country can help us to know a lot about it.
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Free iBT independent writing task submission
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