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 Free iBT independent writing task submission

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PostSubject: writing response   Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:19 pm

I believe that people should sometimes do the things they donít enjoy. There are a lot of reasons why I believe this. Although people like to do things they enjoy more, but we can not always easily chose what to do. Sometimes we are forced to do something and sometimes doing some stuffs have benefits for us.
First, it is a fact that there are many situations in life in which we have to do the things we donít enjoy. So, we are forced to do those things. For supporting example one needs to look no further than a child who is forced to clean his room by his mother. Although he does not enjoy cleaning his room, but he has to do it. One might argue that when he does not enjoy it why he should do it? My answer is because of her mother. I think he has to clean his room to help his mother.
Secondly, there are some situations that people donít like to do something but it has benefits for them. In these ocassions they usually go for it. For example, when one goes to work, it is very likely that he does not enjoy his work. Or he enjoys watching TV more. So, why does he go to work? Because he wants to earn money, and he knows that working has benefits for him. It is also possible that one doesnít like his job and he prefers to have another career. But, he canít find a job in the field that he likes. I think should do his current job. I believe so because it is not right to tell his family that he can not earn money only because he does not like his job. It is selfishness to tell your family you donít have money because you donít like to go to work.
In my own life, there were a lot of situations that I chose to do what I donít enjoy. For example, once I was out with some of my friends. We wanted to go to the cinema, but we were not sure which movie we are going to watch. When we received at the cinema, I realized that most of my friends like to see the movie which I had seen it before. I didnít like to watch that movie once again, and I knew that I would not enjoy it. At last,
I decided to accept to watch that movie again, because I wanted my friends to be happy and I didnít want to split the group in to two groups. We had gone there together and it was not nice to leave them in the middle of the program.
To sum up, I believe that people should sometimes do the things they donít enjoy. Their reasons can be making another person happy, being forced to do something. Or one might do something that is beneficial for him/her.
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PostSubject: Independent Essay writing   Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:00 pm

Why do we do extraordinary things? Is it because we love doing it? There are could be a lot of reasons for that. Take for instance, a student who wanted to be part of a fraternity. He has to first pass the initiation process---experience pain, public humiliation to prove that he is worthy to become a member of their organization. It does not mean he enjoys doing it, he just have to show that he is strong, dedicated, and definitely, not a quitter!
Another example are those in the military. They have to leave their families behind to fight for our freedom. They can easily tell their officers, "I can't go, because it's my kid's birthday or someone is sick," but that's what they signed up for---- to serve the country no matter what. We have to thankful for them.
Moreover, if we want to achieve our dream, we have to sacrifice our time and energy for it. This may mean we have to endure long hours in the library studying, or staying up late in the hospital to babysit a patient.
To be successful in any field, one has to be hardworking, dedicated, and
passionate to his job. I can attest to that. My husband is an ER doctor. He works nights, and basically just sleeps during the day. Although I miss his presence, I know he is saving lives, and I am proud of him!
Whatever our reasons are for doing something extraordinary, we're doing this because it makes us feel good, that he have done something, be it for the country, loved one, or just for oneself.
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PostSubject: Please grade my essay, Thank you   Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:06 am

As a human being, we have to make a lot of choices every day. These are the choices at school, at home at work etc. Many of these choices are what we prefer or rather what we like to do. However there are some which we do not really like, but have to do. Well, I compeletely agree with this statement that we must sometimes do things that we do no really like doing. My reasons to support this are as follows.

Firstly, as the famous saying goes," In order to gain some we have to lose some". I believe that in life we have to face hardships in order to achieve something bigger and better. On road to achieve success we might not always be happy. Many a times we have to take tasks or decisions that we dont really want to take up but have to. Sometimes when you pick a bunch of roses you have to be ready to be pricked by thorns.A good example is, having an examination right during the time when there is a wedding or a family function. one might have to sit at home and study while others enjoy. One will miss out on the fun now but surely when the exam results arrive, the fact that they sacrificed their enjoyment will pay off in the form of good marks.

One does not reach the peak of his career by constantly doing things that he prefers to do . Compromises play an important part. A good example, if one has to get a higher rank or recognition in an office,then, even if the boss or subordinates are bad or lazy, that person has to continue without a complaint . Sometime colleagues may not be cooperative but as a team member or a leader one has to fill in the gaps or problens caused by them. However, at the end hardwork pays off. One more important thing is that, as a teamleader one has to give credit to many people even if they didn't make significant contributions. Nevertheless, all this pays off eventually when one get's respect for this behaviour and attitude.

I love swimming. I remember how I had to get up everyday and practice in the wee hours of mornings before attending my school. I didn't like getting up so early but I had to do my practice in the pool. Even though, at that time I didn't like it, it paid off very well when I got many trophies in swimming competitions at the national level. I believe that today any sports person, entertainer or celebrity also goes through the same stage, but eventually all these sacrifices pay off very well.
Thus I completely agree with the fact that we sometimes have to do things that we do not enjoy in order to be successful in life.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:44 pm

The human being, as a rational creature, has developed mechanisms to adapt to its environment. The process to achieve success in this adaptation often involves planning activities for a future reward besides the fact that some activities arenít joyful.

People sometimes do not do things that they enjoy doing, that is what differentiate us form other animals. Over millions of years of evolution we have achieved the reason and intelligence to decide over our impulses becoming a civilized society. We humans can take control over the impulse of urinating when we arenít near a bathroom, or we can plan our meals to certain hours even though we are hungry.

We have described simple and rather primitive examples of taking over control that illustrate how people often do not do things that they want to do. However, over our life we face situations where we have to even do things that we do not enjoy doing. When we face a dangerous situation we sometimes have to do things that we do not enjoy. For example with health issues, a 60 year old woman that has heart disease and hypertention will have to exercise every day and change her diet even though she donít like to. We also face situations where we look forward to achieve our goals and often require us to make sacrifices even though we don`t enjoy doing them.

Moreover the we cannot leave behind our emotional character that make us do things that we do not enjoy. A caring father will stay up late waiting for his child to stop crying or will work extra hours to go on a vacation.
Life is about sacrifices, achieving goals and getting rewards in such way we will look back and be proud and happy about our life.
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PostSubject: people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Sat May 09, 2009 12:35 am

All we do in our life are not exactle as we enjoy. I strongly agree with this statement that people should do things which are never interested in, and they do because of their need, in view of routines, and as passing their time.

First, people should do things in daily life because of their need which never enjoy. For example, some people never like to work but they must come along, though they do not enjoy their job. Actually their needs and life expense make them to put 8 hours a day on earning money. some women never like to work in hard jobs, but different occasions make them to bear.

Second, some do things just for sake of passing one stage of life, like students, and exactly like me. I never enjoy my school. I found it boring all day long. But I should do that time without enjoy. I actually believed at home, I can learn more.

Finally, some do things to just pass their time and have something to do. My father is a good example of such a thing. He works in a book shop as a cashier without any reason just passing his time. After he got retired. he understood, home makes him sick; so, he chose a job to not be at home, and to be in contact with others.

In conclusion, in our life there are several things we never enjoy doing. Because they got our freedom, calmness, and ever our precious time, but we oblige to do so.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Fri May 22, 2009 10:33 am

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Many people have been debating whether or not should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing. Some people
think they never should do things they not enjoy doings, however
others think we should do things even if we do not like to do it. In some situation you have to do something even if you are not enjoy doings.

First of all I want to draw your attention to is in many situations people find themselves between two or more options and they have to choose between them and they actually do not like any of these options, as example, I have been in a company for three years and really I do not like this job at all and everyday I have look at newspaper and try to find new post. I have no options either I left this job or I pursue in this post until I have a proper job. As you can see I do not enjoy in this job but I have to do it.

Second, sometimes we enjoy think but actually this thing is not the best things. people should do optimum thing not only the thing they enjoy to do it. For example my brother has 18 years old and he is now preparing for secondary school test. He is never enjoy
studying and he always enjoy to go outside and visits his friends.
My father always tell him do not do that just prepare well for your exam; it seems to me that if my brother only do enjoyable things for him he will lost his future. So he has to do the good things not only the enjoyable thing for him.

In conclusion, People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing for many reasons , first of all sometimes we do not have many options and we dont have our optimum option in our hand. second, sometimes our enjoyable option not the optimum one.
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PostSubject: Independent writing- Task2   Fri May 29, 2009 2:50 pm

I disagree with the statement that people should do tasks that they do not enjoy.

Each individual is unique in character and has unique tastes and choices. Generally it has been proven that a person can excel in a task only if he/she enjoys what he/she is doing. Forcing someone to do something that they do not enjoy will not only result in poor outcome of task but will also eliminate the fun involved in doing it.

Another reason why people should not do the tasks that they do not enjoy is because it can have a positive impact on their behaviour. They will know to stand up for themselves and believe in what they do. They will know how to say "no" to things they dont like and not just do it for the sake of others inspite of them disliking it.

I have a personal experience to support this argument. I do not enjoy drinking alcohol and I have been in situations where people have tried to force me into drinking alcohol. Since I do not like doing it, I have stood up for myself and believed in myself which makes me proud of what I am today.

In conclusion, I strongly emphasize that people should never do things that they do not enjoy doing
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Aly Sami

PostSubject: Essay   Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:02 am

I agree with that people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy. Living in an urban society with it's strict obligations and rules sometimes forces people to do things they don't like. I bieleve people should give up some fun inorder to achieve some good living conditions.

That choice has many aspects. One of them is the financial aspect. As people may be forced to maintain a job they don't enjoy much only because it's salairy is good. People also may stay most of their time working away from having fun and enjoying their time. People have some responsiblities towards thier families for example. These reponsibilties would propably acquire funding like kids going to school.
Another aspect is the social aspect. People don't live alone by themselves but they live within a society. Such a society may have some rules or obligations that people are indirectly forced to do. For example, In most of the eastern societies girls cannot return home late in the night, even tought they couldn't be doing something wrong. Also there are some actions that aren't publicly acceptable in some societies such as males having tall hair or wearing shorts in some easteren society.
What i meant to say is that people could be free but still have some things to do to maintain their position in society and to respect it's believes and culture.
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PostSubject: The college years are the best time in a personís life.   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:43 am

Although some people complain over the college years, I strongly agree that the college years are the best time in a person's life. After finishing the college, lives of people start to change. For instance, having great friendships, having no life responsibilities such as earning money, caring children are the most important supporters of my argument.
First of all, people generally need to find a job to earn money, after the college finished. It is a new responsibility for people who never experienced a job before. In college years, the only responsibility of a student is to pass the exams successfully. According to my experience, it was very easy, because I had much free time to prepare for the exams. However, I have to work a lot to earn money nowadays. Many of my family members think that after beginning to earn money, a family should come secondly. This statement is probably same for a lot of people living in my country. Then, most of the people will probably have a child. This is harder than to be in a college since the additional responsibility for another person begins to take place.
Secondly, I was proud to be in a college due to having great friendships. For example, I had a friend, John, who is the man I spent three years to live with. We shared the same room at dormitory. Hence, we ate same meals and we went to same places to have fun. All these activities lifted our friendship above. Unfortunately, I cannot contact with my dear friend now, because I do not have enough time to hang out with friends.
In conclusion, the college years were the amazing times for me. I never had an experience like those years. The more the time passes, the more responsibilities dramatically cover the people's life, which makes the rest of life more boring than it was in college times. After living these situations, I defend that the best times of my life ended years ago, while I was graduating from college.
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PostSubject: Describe an event from your countryís history, and explain w   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:45 am

Republic of Turkey has a huge historical background to discuss. It can be considered as a continuation of the Ottoman Empire. The most important event in the past about the Republic of Turkey is the military takeover at 1980. Its importance comes from the military takeoverís effect on economy and political future of the country.

Firstly, one of the major effects of military takeover is on the economical situations of citizens. After the government changed, generals restricted the people to go outside. Streets became empty and local trade nearly stopped. Thus, economic problems begin to take place mostly in cities. For instance, markets selling personal care stuffs lost their profits. Because, nobody cares personal health when a military takeover occurs, because going outside is prohibited. In short, economic problems of people were the first result of military takeover.

Secondly, the other effect of military takeover is on the political future of the country. After the administration of country changed, politicians were sent to jails to prevent their supporters to rebel. Generals were in the power until a new election starts. It took 20 years to set up the election. Therefore, political problems had occurred. For instance, generals didnít know how to improve relations with the other countries from all over the world. Thus, relations of Turkey with the other countries couldnít go very well. If the real politicians took place instead of soldiers, relations of the countries would be better. To sum up, political adventure of Turkey has been affected badly from military takeover.

In conclusion, military takeover, done in 1980, has an important place in Turkeyís history. It had effects both on economical welfare of the citizens and political situations of the country. People lived economical problems during the time of soldierís interruption. Moreover, political background of the country started to change in response to military administration.
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raju ach

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:44 am

Different people have different opinion about doing things in their own way. Some people believe that things should only be done if it is enjoyable or give pleasure whereas others believe that non interested things are hectic to perform. As far as I am concern I believe that people should only do things only when they enjoy doing. I believe this because it gives self satisfaction, work perfection and fruitful result.

The first reason I believe this because self satisfaction is one of the major phenomena for doing any kind of work. For example, if the work what I do is not interesting it won't definitely satisfy me. As a result I might be ruined to do the other work as well.

Another reason I believe this because one should always be perfect while doing any kind of work that means less possible mistakes. If I am not enjoying the work I might come across plenty of mistakes. For example, in my last semester I took botany class. I really hate dealing with plants. Since the subject was not interesting to me I end up with failure and finally have to change the subject.

Finally I believe this because enjoyable work always bring fruitful result. Positive result is directly proportional to our interest, hard work and how enthusiastically we are doing it. for example, I was always interested in medical field since childhood. I always enjoyed dealing with human body. This interest of mine buildup my carrier as professional pharmacist.

in conclusion, I strongly believe that self satisfaction, perfection in work and fruitful result can only be possible if the work is enjoyable rather than hectic and stressful.
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rayyan a

PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:16 pm

I strongly`disagree to the the point that people should do things what they dont want to do . Because if a person do things they dont like that means they are not paying attention and they are not devoted , they are just doing things because they have to ,But on the other hand if a person doing the thing which he like to so atomatically hewill give his/her full devotion.
considerexmple of a student , When a student is not studing in a class as he should be althogh he is attending all the lectures he/she will not get good grades . On the other hand another student which is a also attending all the classes as the first one but he/she is attentive and listinig to the lecture which is delevering to him. so definately he/she will get grades compare to the first one that means that people should do things what they like to because the thing which is liked by the people ,people are giving 100% to it .
Take another example of life patner , Life patner is some thing that should be of your on choice ,If you want spend your entire life . Because life patner is something that if it is of your on choice then you would like to spend your with her you will involve in all matter you will take care of your patner and her likes and dislike . But if it is not of your like then you will like to spend time and you will not nagotiate her . arguing on little matters . thats all count if your patner is not of your like.
So the conclusion is that " Things which you are enjoying means you are giving 100% to it andd you are fully devoted to it . Which is required to be successful in every stage of life .[scroll][center]
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PostSubject: HEEEYYY   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:54 am

could anyone tell sometn about my essay ?

We should live a) only for today; b) only for tomorrow. Which position do you agree with and why.

Every person has a different view for the life. Some of them want to be comfortable in the future; some of them defend to be in peace today. In my country, people are generally eager to find a good job to make their future safe. My idea is different from their idea. Although most of the people want to live for tomorrow, I support the idea that we should live for today. There are several reasons why I prefer to live for today.

First of all, we cannot be sure whether we will be alive or not tomorrow. Therefore, thinking of future is totally pointless from my point of view, because only God knows about our future. For example, letís assume that I am a worker in a factory. I am working hard without any social activity to be happy in the future. However, nobody can guarantee me to stay alive until tomorrow. I can die after a traffic accident after leaving the factory. If this happens, all I have done until this situation will not mean anything for me. After looking this illustration, I choose to be in the side of living for today.

Secondly, people mostly enjoy things when they are young, because physical and mental activities of people will not stay good as they are now. Physical inabilities can prevent people doing some activities. For instance, drinking alcohol with friends, playing sports games, and having lovely relationships are better when they are experienced for a person who is in young ages. Living for the future cause people to miss these kind of activities, so I prefer to accept mentality like ďseize the dayĒ meaning live for today.

In conclusion, I am convinced that living for today is better than living for the future. Our future is not clear when we look at it now, and living younger exactly fits into my body. In my opinion, if I have chance to do something, I would do it for now, not for later.
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PostSubject: People sometimes do things that they do not enjoy   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:29 am

Although, I was being taught that a conscious person should try to enjoy the life as much as he can, I think in order to enjoy and to receive much pleasure sometimes we need to do things we do not like.
To begin with, I want to stress that money for me is not the biggest treasure in my life and also money is not everything which make you happy and fulfilled. However, money gives you a chance to do things you like very much as travelling, doing sport, studying, communicating and expressing yourself. Taking these points into a consideration, I think that in order to receive some pleasures people need to work very hard and usually it is connected with the lack of free time, tiredness and other things which are not associated with enjoyment.
Secondly, every person has as rights as responsibilities in the society. To be a full part of a society person should follow some rules and restrictions. Law and order were created to regulate the civil life of the citizens. Sometimes these regulations contradict with the desire of the person. But following the rules maintains your status and creates a good basis for building a good life.
Concluding, my opinion is that people are required to do things they do not like. Life could not be taken as only the process of getting pleasure but the process of working and building the pleasure and enjoyment. In other words, enjoyment is a rare prize which you need to win. More you try more you get finally.
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PostSubject: Pls make comment and rating my writing!   Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:23 pm

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the statement: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

It is hardly to image that a person does not like freedom in action and do what he/she wants to do. But each person belongs to the society and is one of the members of the society, thus, sometimes one has to do what he/she does not really want.

Being a member of the society, a person should follow the societyís rule and regulation to ensure the whole societyís benefits. If each person does what he/she enjoys regardless of the damage or violation of others, the society becomes chaos. A manufacturing company tries to maximize its profit and does not care about environmental issue, what will happen next? Not only the residentsí health who are adjacent to the company are affected but also the future generationís one will be damaged.

During each personís life, it might be more than one time a person has to choose doing what he/she does not like because of his/her future or in long time purpose. A student, who has got part time job in order to pay his/her tuition fee, might prefer spending more time on study or going out with friend. But in for the sake of brighter future, the student needs to do what he/her does not really adore.

In short, freedom in action or in other words that doing what a person wishes to do is still a dream that everyone tries to obtain but freedom should be conducted in a given limitation to guarantee otherís benefit as the whole or even for his/her current purposes.
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PostSubject: Free iBT independent writing task   Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:18 am

While many people prefer to do things that they do enjoy doing, some people think people should do things that they do not want to do. Personally, it is a difficult question which is better for me. However, If I had to choose just one, I disagree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

My primary reason is that when I need to do things that are not enjoyable and comfortable for me, these works might give me much stress and discouragement. I would fail to get a good outcome as well as fine process. Moreover, the people around me, who work the same things together, may feel uncomfortable and boring. It is bad! When I was a high school student, my classmates and I had such an experience, which was the preparation of a school festival.

In addition to that, my second reason is that to do things that people think are not enjoyable, can make their mental state depressive. I also heard of problems of depression among workers, which is recently increasing the number of case. According to the articles that I read on my newspaper, they revealed that the cases of depression are increasing dramatically after they have changed their work that they consider as not enjoyable. It is also a bad situation. My fatherís friend had the same problem, I heard.

In conclusion, I cannot agree with the above statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. In general, many people, especially the ancient people said that people could improve their knowledge and skill by experiences that they have done things that they dislike or fail to do. However, currently, these ideas are changed, I think. We had better be enjoy doing many things.
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PostSubject: W. task 2   Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:35 am

Is it fair to avoid all nasty and joyless things that come up throughout our life? I don't think so. In order to live a good life we should be able to manage with all kind of situation, which include doing things we strongly dislike. I support who says we sometimes need to do things we don't enjoy at all, to really enjoy what we do. I will explain my perspective through a personal reason and a more social one.

First, I think that doing things we always enjoy it's likely to be an impossible deed. Although we might like the final aim of what we are doing, we still might have to deal with things we don't enjoy. For example, if I wanted to do a Ph.D. in the States I would have to study English as harder as possible. This learning process might be sometimes very boring and nothing but enjoyable, though the final goal is something I deeply would like to achieve.

Moreover, in a social perspective if we lived in a society were none did things they dislike, it would be a still and sluggish society. I am thinking about all the jobs which include a relevant part of boring things to do, such as working at the station selling tickets and doing always the same thing. What I am saying is that we all strongly need all kind of jobs to be done and in a society where everyone wants to do only things he enjoy no jobs would be done.

Why shall we do things we don't enjoy? This might be asked by who sustains the opposite perspective. I would answer them with another query: "How would you know what does it means to enjoy something if you never did things you don't like at all?". Thus, I think that without any sacrifice we wouldn't even know what does it means to really enjoy something. Without studying English everyday, which is boring sometimes, I would never know how good is to do the Ph.d.I might have achieved.

To summarize, there is an old saying which is always truthful: no pain, no gain. Therefore, if we don't manage do find a way to do also things we don't enjoy we won't even know what does it feel like to really enjoy something.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:50 am

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

In everydays life, there are always problems and duties that cannot be prevented. For example unemployed people have to search for work or have to deal with financial problems. Those are problems that one must solve, they would otherwise affect ones existance.
To my mind, besides those essential unpleasant things, people should not participate any activities or do any things that they do not really enjoy.

In my point of view, our life is highly affected by those unpleasant activities. Solving and dealing with those problems costs a lost of time and energy. Consequently, it is not necessary to deal with additional things that are unpleasant and unjoyfully. For example, some people may participate in weekly activites like sports which they dislike just in order to please their friend or partner. Those people should not forget that life is too short and that they should be careful to do not forget one's own wishes and principles. In a case like that, they should rather quit the training or switch to any sports that are more joyful for themthelves.

Nevertheless, it might sometimes be necessary to do things that you do not really enjoy. This might be right in some special situations. For example, going for lunch with your girlfriend and your girlfriends family is a nice gesture for your beloved, even if you are not really in the mood or simply dislike the family. Thus, those arrangements should not be too frequent. I am convinced, that it is sometimes necessary to do unjoyful things for your beloved. It ought to be mentioned that this is a very important principle of our society. We have to help each other, otherwise, our system cannot be functional.

To sum it up, I would generally disagree with the statement with the exception, that you might do those things for your beloved in order to help.
Of course, this raises the question where to set the limit and when to say no. As far as I am concerend, this is a question that everybody has to think about on oneself. It is necessary to find kind of a compromise: You ought to help the people in your surroundig without loosing your own wishes and your identity.
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PostSubject: answer fot the writing indp task   Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:07 am

People do different things throughout their lives. Some of them people appreciate, the other they hate or don't like. It is a controvertible question if people should do what they abhor, or should they skip to things they only like. However, there are always some indisputable reasons for that we should comply to the situation and do what is abominable.

First, without some specific things one cannot reach what he wants. Therefore, he is obliged to do what he don't want to. For example, to get into an American college, a student should get through a TOEFL test. Before passing it, he must thoroughly prepare for all the sections the test consists of. For many students this work is a total drudgery. Nevertheless, we all do an onerous hateful job to finally get into a dream college. It simply costs the price.

Second, some things we don't want to do now somehow will help us in the future. I hate preparing food, but when I grow older and have a family, this experience will help me. Students, who don't like the computer science classes, will say “thank you” to their teacher in the future, because it is difficult to gain a job today without knowing how to use a computer. Doing the abominable job has a much further perspective, than one suggests.

In addition, sometimes it is difficult to survive or support your family without doing what you don't like. Not many people would like to be janitors, but if they have no alternative and there is a family behind, one will always agree on any menial work. Many celebrities had done obsequies jobs, before they gained fame. For example, to pay his living, Brad Pitt worked as an advertising chicken in a chain of restaurants.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to always escape doing something hateful. If you are goal oriented, if you want to be a superior specialist or if you simply want to feed your family, sooner or later you'll have to face the abominable task. It is inevitable, so better be prepared for it today, than tremble when finally face it.
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PostSubject: integrated writing task: The Mystery of Mary Clest   Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:31 am

The text and lecture discuss theories about the mystery of Mary Clest. The Mary Clest was found in the cast of Portugal in 1872. Mysteriously all the doors and windows where opened, but the crew was missing. The Professor casts doubt on the explanations for this which are introduced in the reading passage.
First, he explains that the captain of the Mary Clest was experienced and a good capain. This directly criticizes the first explanation given in the text, that there was a mutinity aboard the ship because captain was cruel.
Second, the Professor contradicts another explanation for the mystery by saying that the captain from the other ship that found the Mary Clest was a good friend of the captain from the Mary Clest. Therefore the piracy theory stated in the text is not logical.
Third, the Professor introduces an additional explanation: He explains that it was the first time for the captain of the Mary Clest to transport alcohol. The Professor indicates that the crew might have been afraid of fire on board, due to leeking bottles of alcohol in the ship. This explains the fact that the windows and doors where all opened Ė the crew might have tried to air the ship in order to prevent a fire. The lack of experience with transporting alcohol might have led to great fear and further to the abondenment of the ship.
In conclusion the Professor contradicts the explanations for the mystery of Mary Clest by showing why these theories have flaws. Further he offers a third explanation for the mystery.
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PostSubject: individual writing task: Is life just about joy?   Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:10 am

Today people are more used to being able to choose the activities and lifes they want to choose. Some would even go so far to say that one should never be forced to do things that he/she does not want to do. Others might disagree. I believe that it is necessary and important to do things that are not enjoyable. It will be shown that life is not just about joy and that this is an important lesson to learn for a child in order to survive. Further my essay will prove that it is sometimes not impossible to reach certain aims without doing unpleasant things.
First, in my opinion life is not only about joy. There are so many things that have to be done in order to survive. For example it is not common for many humans to live the comfortable life we westerners have. For many people it is necessary to kill an animal, or carry heavy pots of water over long distances every day Ė activities that surely nobody enjoys. Thus, I agree with the opinion that people have to do things that they do not enjoy sometimes.
Second I think especially for people in countries that are as developed as mine it is a very important lesson to learn that life is not only about joy. For example I had to do jobs I did not like for years in order to survive. And this formed my character and made me more grateful for the things I have. This is a strong reason for me to disagree with people that hold the opinion that life is just a big party.
Third, it is often necessary to do things you do not like in order to achieve a longterm goals. For example I really hated going to school and I could have stopped it much earlier than I did. I chose to do my ďAbiturĒ though, because I did want to study Psychology. If I had not finished school I would not be so happy with the work I am allowed to do now.
In conlusion there are many goo reasons to agree with the opinion that one sometimes should do things he/she does not enjoy. It was proved that doing so is necessary in order to survive and in order to reach certain goals. Further it forms the personality or in other words is an important lesson in everyones life. I believe people that hold the opinion they do not have to do anything they do not enjoy are unripe and might be corrected by experience some time in their life.
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PostSubject: Independent writing task   Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:14 pm

People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.I agree with this opinion.
First,as we all know,life always not smoothly for us.We need to learn how to accept things what we don't like and we need to try our best to do all of things that we don't like,expecially,sometimes we are in trouble.
Second,when we face to some problem and we don't have no more choice,then we have to do that,in my opinion, this is a duty.For example,last week,my mother had a bad cold and she really didn't want to work, but she had to go to work,because in her company nobody work iat night that day,that si my mother's duty.For this reason,i needed to take care of my little sister for 5 hours,actully,I didn't like her so much,she's not a pretty girl in my mind,but i had to do it.and since that night,i changed my mind,I can get along well with my little sister.Now,i think she's a nice girl.So,if you think someting you don't like,why not try once?Maybe you change your mind after doing that.
Finally,there are not a lot of things that we would like to do.For things,there are always what we don't like more than what we like,if we can't change the thing we don't like,why not try to accept it?Thinking is different from life,usually we think wo don't like that but when we do that,we will find lots of fun from that,don't we?Life always like this.
Smiling everytime,change what we can change,accept what we can't change,trying our best to do everything we have to do.Finding fun from that and making life beautiful.
For these reasons,I think people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:51 pm

People around the world have different points of view about jobs they must do. Some individual believe that they must participated only into what they enjoy to do: others think that sometimes they should do things that annoying them, and each category has his own reasons. In my opinion, the claim that people should sometimes do some tasks which are not preferable from them is fully true and there are several causes contributing my feeling.
First of all, the world is not an easy place where we always found what we want when we need so that everyone should be ready to do what he is suspected to do even if it is a difficult mission. As instance, a father, who is responsible for a family and he could not join the career he likes, should found another job in order to earn money to afford his family needs.
In addition, in order to be able to survive in the global society we should possess the power to realize great achievement in various fields even those we do not like them.
For example, students should study all academic subjects even those which are not interesting in order to be expected as truly educated people and in order to be able to compete for a good job in the true world.
Furthermore, sometimes we think that we would not enjoy something until we try it.
For example, once when I was at the high school I refused to join my friends to a trip in the sea because I think that I would not enjoy it as I was scared from the open water but finally they convinced me that it would be very interesting , I went with them and I found it very amazing.
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PostSubject: Writing section 2   Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:39 am

I agree with the statement that people should sometimes do things that they do not like. There are many reasons i feel this way.

Firstly, doing things that we do not like to do helps in building our character. We become more tolerant towards things in general and also develop patience. It gives a new experience and opportunity to learn new things. We might never know when the acquired skills, if any, might come in handy. For example,consider cooking. Many people,including me,do not like cooking. But if they cook occasionally,then they would have slowly developed a skill. This might come in handy,say,when traveling to a new place where the food there is not suitable.

Secondly ,we learn to appreciate the work we like to do better. As is popularly said,the value of true happiness can only be realized when we have experienced pain. Similarly , we can enjoy the work we like doing in a better way if we occasionally do things we do not like. And in many occasions, the result of work we do not like to do might be very rewarding. For example, tending to the plants and shrubs in a garden regularly might seem tedious, but the resulting effect can enhance the beauty of the garden which we can later enjoy.

Thirdly , doing only things that we like tends to make life a bit boring. Doing different things occasionally adds a little bit of spice to life. Not to mention , in some cases new skills are acquired that always adds value and gives us confidence to try new things.

In conclusion , i feel that people should occasionally involve themselves in work they do not like. As stated by Robin Sharma, in his bestseller
'The monk who sold his Ferrari', truly successful people are differentiated from ordinary people based on the fact that they occasionally
do things other people would not prefer to do, even if they themselves also dislike it.
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PostSubject: independent essay   Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:01 am

I agree that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. I feel this way because many times doing these things will be useful later in life. Additionally, being able to do things that you donít like doing is an important characteristic. Therefore, people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing because these things might be useful later on and also because it is important to get used to do things that you donít enjoy doing.

One reason I think people should sometimes do things that they donít enjoy doing is that having done these things might be useful later in their life. For example, children donít enjoy doing homework, however they have to because it is important in aim to learn. When they will be adults, they will realize how important doing homework was. Therefore, people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing because they will be able to realize how important it was to do these things only later.

Another reason I think people should sometimes do things that the donít enjoy doing is that it is important to be flexible. In life you canít always do only what you enjoy, thus you need to be able to adapt to situations. For example, if you want to be a doctor even if you donít enjoy studying you will have to, you donít have the choice. Therefore, people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing because it is important to be able to make sacrifices in aim to reach a final goal.

In conclusion, people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing for two main reasons: having done things that you didnít enjoy doing might be important later in life, life isnít easy therefore people should get used to make sacrifices.
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Free iBT independent writing task submission
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