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 Free iBT independent writing task submission

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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:34 am

alhtough all of us at what time or another may have to do something that we don't enjoy doing, I strongly disagree with this being our way of life.
first of all, we all want to succeed in life, we all want to achieve high place whether in our prsonal life or our work life, but how can you do this if you can't enjoy what your doing, how can anyone truely achieve anything if he has to spend his life doing something he is not passionate about.
secondly i think life is hard enough and too short for any of us to be stuck in doing things we don't enjoy. i yhink when you look at the people around you, you can really spot those people that actually enjoy their lives and those who don't. the person who enjoys what he is doing is a happy person and this shows on his face, in his attitude towards life and even in his relationship with others.
i know that from experience, having lived most my life trying to please others, in my choice of friends, my education and my work. i used to live a very unhappy life and it showed in my relationship with my family and friends, in my grades in school and later in my work life, until one day visiting my sick friend in a hospital i looked around me and found people dying very young, not having enough time to enjoy life. that was a turning point in my life, i quit my job and started taking art courses, tje thing i have always been passionate about, and now i am fully enjoing my life having my own art gallery, married to the man of my dreams, having great friends who share the same interests like me.
so as i said life is too short to waste, so everybody has to enjoy it.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:17 pm

I believe that people sometimes have to do some things that they do not enjoy.This is because of some reasons.First, people have to accept some obligations to remain healthy.Second, sometimes people have to accept them to show their respects to others, and they have to do some things to prevent bringing negative consequences.
First, people have to accept some obligations to remain healthy.For example, some people do not like jogging.However, the doctor has prescribed them to jog every day about half an hour.In this case, they can not follow their interests because if they do ,they may encounter some serious health problems.Taking medicines can be another case in this point.Definitely, no one likes to take medicine, but they have to take because if they do not, they may become sick.
Second, people have to do some things to show their respects to others.For example, a teacher notices his student not to talk with his classmate.In this case, the student should obey the rule even though he likes to continue his talking to his classmate.Another example can be dictatorial countries in which people have to obey the rules with out expressing dissatisfaction.
Finally, people sometimes have to do somethings that can prevent bringing negative consequences.For example, some people want to meet a counselor, and they should wait in the line.In this case, no one can express his dissatisfaction about the line,and can not say that he wants to meet the counselor soon.This may arouse other's anger.Therefore, I think people should be considerate of other people even though they are not comfortable.
In conclusion, I want to say that people have to accept some obligations to prevent some negative consequences,to respect to others, and to remain healthy.In my opinion, people should manage their lives.They themselves should determine what they should do in what situations.This would help them to live happily.
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PostSubject: sometimes   Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:21 pm

I agree with the statement 'people sometimes do things that they are not enjoying.' There are several reasons why people do as such. First, they are doing to make their friends or other happy in other words they are sacrificing their happines for others. Secondly, you are may be forced to do if someone order you to excute. Thirdly, to make living.

Consider case whereby you do things you donot like for the sake of others which is becoming not uncommon to observe. In social system of living ,it is essential to give due consideration for the society whom u are leading life. As a matter of fact you pay price for such activities. we can see an example when you wash the cloth for your neghibour eventhough you donont enjoy washing.
I can substantiate my second reason whereby the external factor influence your interest, forinstance your boss can order you to do something which you donot like such as giving direction to excute one task. I can produce counter example by taking myself . After completing my secondory school with excellent result, the government assigned me to study agriculture. studing agriculture was not my interest but since the government ordered me to do it , I did the course. I have passion for medicine ;however, I studied four years the one that my mind did not appreciate.
Life in general is difficult so toovercome the burden of life you will try to do something which you donot appreciate. an example for this is prostitute..I believe that they donot like their profession but they want to get some money for surviaval that is why they indulge themselves in such duties.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:20 am

I agree that people should sometimes do things that they don't enjoy doing. This is, in general, because of the fact that "life is not easy".

Take your job as an example. You might not like it, but you have to go to work everyday and do what your boss wants from you even if you hate this. This is because you need money. You can't be unemployed or you'll be starving to death! You could be ambitious and you have alot of creative ideas, but they put barriers along your way to make you act in a routine way! you still have to be patient and try hard to adapt with this environment till you find the right job.

Another example could be found in marriage. Both husband and wife should make sacrifices to satisfy each others. He might be interested in football and she doesn't like it, but because she loves him, she has to learn more about it and to share him his enjoyable moments. Also, he should respect her thoughts and try to win her heart. For instance, he could go shopping with her without showing that he's bored to death.

The conclusion is that life is so hard and you will never be able to enjoy every moment of it. So, you should accept it in both happiness and sorrow.
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PostSubject: answerer   Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:06 pm

It is widely accepted that if we could choose, we would never do something against our satisfaction. Besides some occasional sadist behavior, humans do not want to be forced to do something contrary to their enjoyment. Nevertheless, life would be impossible if we just pursued our private interest. Society depends on a general effort, thus sometimes we may be forced to do something against our will for the best of the general good.

What would happen if all the farmers decided to go on vacation for 3 months? The food supplies would be threatened. Since we depend on each other to survive, there is a tacit social contract according to which everyone must carry on his duties. Moreover, besides personal responsibilities, we also have to follow the rules established by the state. The laws for driving, for instance, work to organize the traffic. If each one could decide the speed limit, there would be much more incidents.

When it comes to younger people, this discourse makes even more sense, given that kids depend on their parents to decide what is best for them. Doing homework, deciding the sleep time or when to take a medicine are all decisions that expect the parent to take that may contradict the desires of the child. If the kid would be let free to choose issues like that, s/he could finish to put his/her own life in risk.

There are also situations where an unpleasant short term action may lead to long term benefit. For instance, eating vegetables that you do not like may make you healthy, saving money may help you to buy your own house. All this shows that it is in the person's best interest to develop a wider and mature perspective in order to decide which are the best options. To stick to short term pleasure can bring may problems. To use an analogy, it is like eating too much candy. It may seems good at first, but may give you a stomachache after.
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PostSubject: don't enjoy doing things.   Thu May 06, 2010 4:40 am

Although many may not agree with me , I believe people should sometimes do things they do not enjoy because many a times I ended up liking things which I didn’t enjoy initially and now some of them are my favorite pastimes. In subsequent paragraphs , I’ll present arguments to support my stand.

To begin with , in my opinion there are certain activities that are best enjoyed if done in groups and not alone. I used to hate gardening as it often left me with full of mud , which I derided. Also, digging, planting and watering require lot of patience which I didn’t have. One day my parents insisted that I do gardening with them. Initially I resisted but gave up to my parents’ demands . To my utter surprise , I really enjoyed playing in dirt with my father and assisting my mother in planting saplings.

Besides that , I believe lack of interest in anything often results from failure one faces while doing it. I often had a hard time playing Carrom because I was not good at hitting striker and was never able to win a game. Consequently , I stopped playing it. During my summer vacations , my cousin came home , and the other day she invited me to play the game. She taught me knicks and knacks of Carrom and I got better with every game that I played with her. Not only that , I won trophies in the school-level Carrom championships. Had I not learned to play it, I would not have won those trophies.

Thus, These incidents brought significant changes in my personality and inculcated the passion to learn from things that I don’t enjoy which eventually helped in shaping my career well.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy do   Sun May 09, 2010 7:19 am

Some people believe that sometimes we should do things that we do not enjoy do while others prefer the opposite. As concerns my view ,I support the former opinion for the following reasons.

First of all , As we all know there are a lot of things which are unpleasant for us and we do not enjoy to do at all but sometimes this is required in order to succeed . For example nobody wants to read and do his or her homework everyday but homework is obligatory and helps you to improve your rates. Secondly , Sometimes you have to do something despite the fact that this makes you feel bored and depressed inasmuch this will help you in the future and the benefits you will obtain might be not obvious now. Thirdly life is a continuous fight ,so we should do things such us work a many hours or study in a renown university in order to gain perspective and better living conditions. Finally , in my point of view the most unpleasant thing is when a member of my family asks me to do something and i am bored or tired and i do not want to help but I must do it to make them feel they the can trust me because I will be always there for them.

In conclusion, although doing only things that you enjoy to do makes your life more ideal and easy for you , as it has become evident sometimes you have to do unfavorable things which are giving you the opportunity to prove that you are a responsible and mature person.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Mon May 10, 2010 10:46 am

I agree with the statement, that often we must do things, we do not like or simply just do not want to do. Since childhood people learn, that they have to do some things, not because they enjoy it. I think there is no kid, who wants to go to bed early or eat all the vegetables in his plate. First of all, as we all know, many unpleasant things just have to be done as a necessity and there is no doubt about it. For example nobody likes studying all day long for a hard test, but if you want to succeed you do not really have a choice, do you?
Secondly, when you grow up, nobody cares if you like doing something or not. If it is your duty, people expect you to do it without asking questions or making demands. For example your boss will never ask you if you LIKE writing and sorting documents all weekend, he or she will simply tell you to do it, whether you enjoy it or not.
Finally, there is, of course, another point of view. Just imagine all the people in the world doing whatever they like. This will lead to chaos and anarchy, because our society can not exist and "work" properly if everyone was doing only the pleasant things. For example nobody wants to clean the streets or collect the garbage and so on, but there are things that have to be done, so you and me and the other people can live better and easyer.
In conclusion I would like to say, that it is necessery for everyone to find the perfect balance between the things they enjoy doing and they must do. As an old bulgarian saying states: "Too much good, can never be good". The key to happiness is not in doing ONLY pleasent things, but in finding a way to make the things you HAVE to do more pleasent.
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PostSubject: writing exercise   Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:13 pm

Being all a part of a society, we have to follow certain rules no matter we like them or not. It is about respect fot others yourself. That is wy I agree to the statement "People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing".
For example, sometimes we would rather spend time resting or watching T. V. or doing some activitie that we like instead of taking the trash to the garbage disposal thet is one block from your place and smells bad.
Or maybe we don`t really enjoy wattering the plants but your family love nature and the plants looks so good in your house.
I can provide hundred of examples like this, simple and common things that we do not like to do but we have to do them in order to have a better life and a better relationships.
In the other hand I can see another example not related to respect but related to needs. To explain myself I will say that some people don`t enjoy walk far distances under the rain or in a cold day to catch a bus but they have to do it because they can`t afford to pay a taxi or to buy a car.

I belive that every thing has a reward and we shoul try to enjoy the things that we do even we don´t really like to do them. Life is short, it is better to enjoy and live in peace.
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PostSubject: Independant writing task.   Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:50 pm

Do you agree or disagree with the following:
People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

Every human has needs to fulfill, ambitions to achieve, responsibilities to get hold of and many other things to do. In addition, during the process of all this a person has to do many things whether he enjoys doing them or not. It is just the rule of the nature, I guess.

Most certainly it is true that there are certain things we can't avoid doing. I will give two examples to clarify this.

First, young children may not like going to school. Despite their dislike for school, they have to go everyday and get educated. The importance of going to school is due to the fact that you need to be minimally educated if you want to get a job. You may have to get higher education if you want to get to the best jobs. Simply, if you do not get educated, you will not be able to get a job so you will not have a proper income, at last, you may find yourself homeless or something.

Second, parents have got to do things that they prefer not do. For example, a father has to do more and extra work in order to get enough income to support his family. Instead, he could have get some relaxation or just stay at home rather than go out and work in a second job.
Another example is that of a mother who has children of different ages. Obviously, she would have to abandon some of her usual habits in order to take care of them. Sometimes, a working mother has to quit her career life in order to manage her and take care of her children. She has less time for herself and instead she has to do all the housework and also keep a good care of how her children are growing. Amazingly, most mothers do this willingly even if they don't enjoy it. You might think I'm contradicting myself but I think it just in the nature of the mother.
To sum up, I think that there are certain responsibilities and actions in a man's life and he just has to adjust to doing it whether he likes it or not. As the old saying says "No pain, no gain" and the pain here is very simple as all you have to suffer is boredom from the work you are doing.
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PostSubject: writing2   Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:58 pm

People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing.

While most people will love to do things that they enjoy and stay away from things that they do not; I believe that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. There are two main reasons for this argument; first is that things that people do not like can actually be things that will benefit them. Second, their perspective of those un-enjoyable things can sometimes change according to time.

Compare hamburger with boiled spinach, or watching TV with playing sports. Although not all, we can be sure that many children much enjoy the first ones rather than the later ones. But, we can also be certain that spinach have better nutrition values than hamburger, or playing sports is healthier than watching TV. This is only two simple examples of how things that people do not enjoy is actually benefit them more than the things that they love.

People should give second chance to the things they do not enjoy because their preference may change according to time. Take me for example, I still can vividly remember that I hated spinach and only wants fast foods for meal when I was a child. But now, I do not like fast food because it is too greasy and salty for me; and only eager to eat if there is vegetables on the table. Humans are adaptive creatures. By trying things that they do not like before may gives them a new experience and even end up liking them.

In conclusion, people should sometimes try things they do not like. Not only this can benefit them, but it can also changes their perspective on that things.

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PostSubject: things that we don't ejoy doing   Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:01 am

We are leaving in a world in which we can not do just what we want. I think that we are obliged by the circumstances to do things that we do not enjoy doing.

To begin with, a first reason is the financial situation. Money is very important nowadays. Even dough you are not a material person you have to survive. A good example to illustrate this is the extra time spent at work. I know that is not very pleasant to stay at work more than other colleagues, but the extra money will help you a lot. Have not you always craved at higher income? Have not you always complained that you don’t have enough money for the daily expenses? You can not succeed without sacrifices and effort.

In addition to the financial situation, there is also the possibility to hurt other people if we do just what we enjoy. You can not think just about yourself, and other people to be your stepping stone. This is very selfish and later or sooner you will pay for it. Your mother is sick and needs to be cared. You can not be so selfish and go clubbing that day. You should stay home and help her recover. To be happy you need to make other people happy.

Beyond the financial situation and the possibility to hurt other people, what would happen with this world if everybody would do just what they want? My answer is the world would fall apart. Just imagine how this would be, probably chaos and anarchy. Our society would not function in this situation; it would be like a sick organism. For instance nobody is willing to clean the streets. But this has to be done; otherwise we would be literally sick, not just hypothetically.

To sum up, I am more inclined to think that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. I think that everybody assert that ones has certain responsibilities that can not be canceled.
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PostSubject: People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doi   Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:53 am

I agree with the statement that people should do things that they do not enjoy doing since not everything in life is pleasant to make. The basis of living in society is following some rules and in order to have some rights, people should also follow some obligations. Most of those obligations are not pleasant to follow. Every since we are little kids we are used to this type of exchange between getting what we want if we do something that we do not enjoy doing, for example, you can eat desert if you eat the soup or vegetables; you get a candy if you clean the room of the toys from the ground and actually that kind of education can prepare infants for later behaviors in society. For example, people pay taxes in order to have some help from the government in cases of natural disaster, to have the streets clean and some sort of organization in the society.
Apart from obligations stated by the society, it can be beneficial to oneself to do unpleasant things. Going to the gym can be a hard task to someone but be highly beneficial to that person since he or she can decrease the probability of having several health issues; also some actions like doing voluntary work can be unpleasant at first but they can help a lot others and ultimately they can make you feel better, but at first, it can be hard to take the time to help others instead of spending that time with your family, having fun or taking time for yourself. These are specific examples of someone’s part in a society where each citizen takes part in something else than it’s own obligations. So it should be encouraged in all societies that all people do things that can benefit all even if they are unpleasant to do. The fact is that if everybody would take an hour from the week to do so, it would make a difference to others and it would not take a long time of someone’s life.
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PostSubject: Independent task   Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:10 am

I agree with the statement that people must get accustomed about not always doing only what they enjoy doing because I respect some Eastern way of thinking that put happiness and unhappiness on the same level and because some concepts such as responsibility and duty are crucially important in everyday life.

We should take some Asian philosophers as an example. Western society and culture put the idea of happiness absolutely against the concept of unhappiness. On the other hand there are some eastern philosophers that stated that but happiness and unhappiness are necessarily and unavoidably parts of our lives and shall be put on the same level. In other words both concepts have to be accepted and respected. We must not be scared of these moments of pain or suffering because they belong to valuable periods of our life as well as moments of happiness do.

Furthermore, we are often asked to do things we do not enjoy doing, especially when the concept of responsibility is implied. Most of the times we are supposed to do things like these because of some sort of external force. For instance, my parents could ask me to tutor my brother during his homework. Even though I would to everything but staying at home with him, my sense of responsibility, which is something I believe in, recommends me to help my brother because I am older and I have to take care of him.

Duty is another point. This concept goes beyond merely wanting to do a certain thing. Duty is strictly connected to future. In other words, even though I would prefer going out and meet my friends, I have to stay at home to wake up early tomorrow and do my job. This is because my vision of the future is open and I want to prevent bad surprises like too much work during the weekend. In this case even if I do not enjoy this choice, it will turn out to be wise and very useful.

All these reasons bring me to state that it is important to get used to a life that do not imply only moments of happiness enjoying all the things we do.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:55 am

I totally agree. In my opinion life is not all about fun. Sometimes you simply have to do things, which you do not like. You have to work hard or take responsibility even though you would prefer to lie in the bed and just relax. When you are confronted with a problem or a uncomfortable situation you have to face it instead of avoiding it.
Undoubtedly, life would be easier if you do only things which you like .
However there are many things in life, which are maybe uncomfortable, but still need to be done. I want to give an example: If you apply for a job, you often are invited to interview. I assume everybody does not like such a situation. Nevertheless you have to handle it, because otherwise you wont get the job. Another example would be education. Surely, education often means a lot of work and sacrifice and often people do not enjoy learning. Yet you are rewarded for your hard work. When you are well educated you will get a better job and a higher salary.
By contrast, I am of the opinion that everybody should also do things which he likes. As I have already said, life is not all about fun, but it is an important thing in life. I think that it is very important that everybody has a hobby which satisfies him. When you do things you enjoy, you can relax and “acquire” new energy.

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PostSubject: Poeple should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing.   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:15 pm

Doing things that gives enjoyment is very essential in our everyday lives because it brings about fulfilment.However, I am of the opinion that people should sometimes do things that they don't enjoy doing.Simply because the world we are is a dynamic place and we ought to change as situations changes based on the following reasons.

First, in educational perspective,most time we study courses we don't actually enjoy studing due to lack of finance or the basic requirement for the course we wanted.Imagine a college student that wanted to study medicine, because of lack of funds he ended up studying music.To this fellow, it's not that he have passion to study music but because of his financial constrien,he just had to accept it.Another good example is a professor that lectures a particular course.You might not enjoy taking his class for some reasons but because you have to take the class for you to graduate, you try to force yourself to like or enjoy it.

Second,when you work in an oraganisation where there are laid down policies,weather you like or enjoy those policies it's mandatory that you follow those policies for you to keep your job.Especially in this period of great economic recession people are force to enjoy what they don't actually, in real sense enjoy doing.For example, in my company, we do a lot of data entry which I don't always enjoy doing, but because I have to keep my job and also be an obedient staff to my manager, I just try to be happy with the task.Another example is when you face some challenges like: inability to attend properly to a customer because of your work load.If the customer yells at you repeated without you responding back is not that you enjoy her yelling but because you want to stick to the company'e rules/policies.

Third, in family perspective, some things our parents gives us advices or instructions that we really don't like or enjoy but because of the important roles they play in our lives, we just tends to obey.for example, a child that the parents don't allow to hugeout with his friends after 7pm,becuase of the respect and love such a child has for his parents he tends to stick to their rules and regulations even without enjoying getting back home before 7pm.another example is when you are ask to go for an errand by your mother, it might be that it's not just a convenient time for you to get it done, but because you have to be an obedient child you just do it.

In conclusion, from all perspective stated above, I believe people should somethings do what they don't really enjoy doing for them to respectful, obedient and be a better person in the society.

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PostSubject: This is my first TOEFL essay ever. =)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:36 am

Doing new and different things that we might not enjoy doing can be very encouraging and stimulating sometimes.
I once worked in a movie theatre, my main mansion was at first cleaning rooms during breaks but afterwards my boss decided it was time to let me do something different and I ended up working as a box office attendant. It was something I really did not enjoy doing because I am a shy person and I often get nervous when talking to people I do not know. So basically I was forced to do something I didn’t enjoy doing. At first I wanted to refuse but then I thought it would be a challenge for me and would help me improving my social and communication skills, so I went for it. So what I am saying is that most times doing things that you do not enjoy doing may help you going beyond your own limits, it may help you discovering new abilities that you were unaware of. It helps demostarting yourself and the others that you can go beyond your limits.

On the other hand, I also think that sometimes you’d better listen to your heart and avoid doing things you do not enjoy doing, because you may get bad results and fail. I know lots of people who were forced by their parents to choose their college. When it comes to school or university, I think it is important to choose something which we enjoy doing, beacuse that is the necessary condition in order to succeed. When you are studying subjects that you are not interested in and thus that you do not enjoy studying, you are unlikely to have good results even if you try to do your best.
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PostSubject: movies and tv   Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:09 am

Watching television and movies is one of the ways the people use to spend their free times. It has pronounced effects on the human life. These effects could positively or negatively influence the people behavior. In my opinion the negative influences of watching television and movies are more obvious than the positive ones.

Violent movies have an effective role in producing people with violent and aggressive behaviors. For children and youth, it is very dangerous to leave them watching this type of movies as they will imitate what they had seen in the movie and transform it to their own life. Consequently this will create abnormal behavior of children and youth with others, make them lose the right ethics and so be non moral , increase the crime thinking rate.

In addition, watching television can negatively affect the human social behavior. For a family, in case of varied interests of the family members, each family member will watch what he/ she prefers a lone without the other members. This will lead to weak family bonding. Furthermore, a person addicts watching television as a way of escaping from life stressors instead of talking to one of his family members, so watching television will retard the social relation ships and produce socially isolated persons.

Moreover, watching television result in lazy, physically inactive human beings. Watching television is accompanied with setting down long time and eating more snacks. This will decrease physical fitness and increase the probability of being an obese lazy person.

To make the long story short, watching television has many influences on the human behavior. The increased crime rates, abnormal children behaviors, social isolation indicate the negative influences of watching movies and television on the people behavior. In my opinion, controlling the time of watching television and selecting the suitable and useful type of material for all family members will make watching television beneficial rather than hazardous to human behavior.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Tue May 24, 2011 11:11 pm

i agree if people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. Because if the things very emergency, you can not ignore it. For example Jason's mother is in sick now, His father Already dead, No ones take care his mother. since Jason was 10 years old, Jason Did not like his mother, He never help his mother Do something, He never talk to his mother and now his mother is in Sick. what should he do? If in that times he still refuses his mother, His mother probably will die because no ones take care her. Jason must help his mother now, Even he does not enjoy it to help or talk with his mother. he must think which ones is more important, refuses his mother because he does not like helping or help his mother. That's why people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing even if he is very hate that things but if he refuses that you will regret it slow or fast.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:58 pm

Most people imagine their perfect life as series of fun, entertaining and enjoyable activities. In the ideal world, everyone would be able to choose what and when to do what they wanted. However, we do not live in the perfect world. In the real world we all have responsibilities that we cannot run from or sometimes, not even postpone. In my personal opinion, people should have to do things they do not enjoy.
The main reason I believe this is because the obligation to do things we do not like is what teaches us responsibility and allows a life in society. For example, think about our family. A parent has to feed their child even if he wants to sleep, or else the baby won’t survive until adulthood. Or an adult who has to provide for their parents. This kind of responsibility is essential for a life in a society and even the survival of mankind. Imagine a completely selfish person. She won’t think about anyone but herself and will never be able to raise a child.
Moreover, responsibility teaches respect for the other. A person has to know that her liberty ends where someone else’s begins. For example, if you want to have a dog you need to know that you’ll have to clean after him. Other people have the right not to step on someone else’ dogs mess. This kind of respect makes life more agreeable and living among other people more enjoyable.
In conclusion, the perfect live and the perfect society are not compatible. For a good society to exist everyone living on it have to have responsibilities. One cannot do whatever he wants without considering other people’s comfort. If you want to be respected, you need to respect your neighbor and for that everyone must sometimes do things they do not enjoy.
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PostSubject: Re: Free iBT independent writing task submission   Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:19 pm

Preferences differ from one person to another, and therefore liking something is relative. If so, then why do we all end up doing the same things sometimes? When it comes to funerals, visiting a sick aunt or running errands we all tend to pursue such acts, does that imply that we all enjoy them? No, we do some things out of obligation.

"Love what you do and do what you love". I was taught to live by this quotation when I was younger and I believe it carries all answers to the question raised.

I, myself, enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I enjoy watching movies, painting and many more other activities but does that imply that I shouldn't do the things and I do not like? I shouldn't wash the dishes, study nor make my bed? No, I have a hundred tasks to do of which five I may like and ninety five I do not, but that doesn't mean I should simply dismiss them. I'm going to propose a solution.

We should all learn to live by the quote and start loving everything we do. Next time I'm washing the dishes I'll put on some music and turn it into a fun activity, won't that be great? Gradually by filling in the boring tasks in our lives with things to make it more enjoyable we'll learn to love everything we do, and in turn we'll do the job better and faster, consequently we'll learn to love our whole lives more and be happier.

Why would we go through all of that? Why don't we just suck it up and do the things we like and dislike no questions asked? Well, imagine this scenario you're sitting in front of your sick friend and obligations spells out your features, you clearly do not want to be here, you'd be hurting her feelings. We can imagine different situations but in the end we'll reach the same conclusion because when you do things merely out of obligation you'll end up doing a terrible job and hurting those around you.

My solution is simple, it involves doing the things we love but through an unusual approach. Through loving life and everything about it, loving each and every task that way we'll be doing what enjoy without any omission. What are you waiting for? Try it out.
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Although just doing enjoyable things is so nice but, it is not always possible. I think sometimes people should do things that they do not enjoy doing. The necessity, love of other people and law are some factors that make people do things that they do not enjoy doing them.

There are some necessities in life that make people do things that they do not want to. For example, the necessity of being healthy in order to live longer sometimes makes you to go doctors or dentists, or the necessity of gaining a good job in order to live easier makes you to stay awake at night to study hard for your exam.

There are some people in a person's life that he or she loves them. This love make this person do things that he or she does not enjoy doing them. People do these tasks to help the people they love or to make life easier for them. The parents who work so hard in order to gain more money and give their children the best education opportunity, are the best example of this case.

There are some laws in every person's society which he or she should obey them. Sometimes these laws are not enjoyable but people should do them. These laws keep the organization of the society and they are necessary. For instance, when a person is late, he or she does not enjoy waiting for the traffic light to become green but he or she waits. Not obeying laws and rules leads to a chaotic society so, people try to obey them although they do not enjoy them.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that each person's life is not just what he or she likes or enjoys, it consists of some necessities, other people and his or her society, too. This fact makes him or her sometimes do things that he or she does not enjoy doing.
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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is impossible to be completely honest with friend

Some people suggest that in order to protect the pristine friendship, it is so important to be honest with our friend, any small lie can make your friendship fragile. While other people may have different answer for this, they believe that sometimes truth is just too cruel to tell our friends. From my point of view, it is better to be honest with your friends even it may be hurtful for a while. For the reason that telling the truth to each other can refine the friendship and have more confidence on each other. Furthermore, telling the truth will make me feel better mentally.

Telling the truth is always a test for the truth of our friendship. And it can let us tell the true friendship from others. My friend Amy is a good example for this, I am always touched by her sincerity and she always telling the truth, even the truth is a bad news, or she lost something borrowed from me. I can always tolerate it, since she does not mean it. And the every single truth telling made us become opener to each other. On the other hand, if she lies to me, even in a good attention, we would not become such a good friend with her.

To be honest with my friends will make me feel better. Otherwise, it would be a torture inside my mind. For instance, when I lie to someone, I should be very prudent to talking with him just in case not to mess up. And usually, a lie often come after another, one manipulated story come after another, and finally explode. In contrast, if I tell the truth, the result may be hurtful in the begging, but in exchange for a peaceful mind in the end. Take myself for example, when I’d done something bed, I always feel guilty, but with the confession to people, I may get relief, I might to face the reality. And say sorry to people you owe may work in the end as well, just in case I telling the truth in the begging.

It is clear that to be honest with my friends is healthy for our mental condition and maintaining our relationship. The true friendship endures the truth. So as the true courage deed.
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Free iBT independent writing task submission
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