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 Toefl. Scam Alert!!!

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Toefl. Scam Alert!!! Empty
PostSubject: Toefl. Scam Alert!!!   Toefl. Scam Alert!!! EmptyWed May 30, 2012 6:06 am

I must confess that as an educational consultant and academic advisor with over five years of experience in studentsí admissions matters, I have seen and heard about quite a number of unpleasant issues regarding international examinations and the onus is laid on me to enlighten the public so that they can learn from these experiences and know how to avoid such pitfalls.
There are quite a number of international examination scams going on everywhere, and it is very important for student to be cautious in their dealings with the so called mercenaries (runs guys), who usually claim they can help/assist them to score very high in their examinations (Toefl).
Many students have become victims of fraudsters in the process of getting undue assistance with their examinations. It is time for every student to open his/her eyes wide, so as to see things clearly and rightly. Examination fraud, impersonation and special assistance do not work again. It might have worked in time past but the bitter truth remains that, it works no longer.
Do not allow anyone to deceive you in order to syphon you. Things change and we must always appreciate that. Test owners (ETS) who organize and administer examinations like Toefl and Gre are quite aware of the impersonatorsí challenge and they are working round the clock to break and prevent all their anticipated moves.
Paying your hard-earned money to examination cheats/mercenaries will only cause you agony. You will lose your money and waste your precious time. Anyone who gets caught in exam malpractice could be ban from writing future examinations/tests for up to five (5) years. So it is better if you do things the right way, and get your examinations done once and for all. Your mind will be at rest and you will be proud of your achievements.
Mack IV Consult is an education consultancy firm borne out of necessity to liberate students from the shackles of international examinations like Toefl. We have trained hundreds of students over the last five years and the success rate is very high. More than eighty percent (80%) of our students usually sit for their exams only once.
You too can benefit from our wealth of experience on international examinations. It is very possible to score high on Toefl all you need do is to come to the right place. At Mack IV Consult, your success is paramount to us and you can be sure that we will help you succeed. Our coaching/tutorials are performed by professionals and masters of the game, tutors who have been on the examination hot seats several times and are passionate about imparting others with their knowledge and experiences.
Regardless of your academic background, our tutors will work with you at your own pace and help you develop progressively. At Mack IV Consult, your academic success is guaranteed!!! . Best of LUCK!!!

Visit us today at:
ADEDAYO House beside ASSOCIATION plaza,
36 Lagos-Abeokuta expressway
Cement bustop,
Call our hotlines--- 08027018133, 07039509787.
You can also visit our website mackivconsult
Come and experience a world class service.
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Toefl. Scam Alert!!!
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