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 Free IELTS descriptive report writing task submission

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PostSubject: Writing task 1   Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:43 pm

The first graph shows that china has the greatest population growth compared to India and to the USA during the 1950 till 2005. In addtion, the graph shows that India will over come china in the popluation starting 2030 till 2050.
The second graph present the urbanistion between China and India. There is a steadily increase in China growth from the 1950 to 1985 where it reaches it's peak in the 1985. Starting 1985 there was a slightly decrease in the number of people and it's been excepted to reach till the number of 30 million people in 2030. While in India there was a steadily rise in the number of pople in the rural areas which is 2 times bigger starting the 1950 till 2005. The graph also shows that india will reach it's peak in 2020.
For the urban areas, china is also on the top compared to India. Chine starts with nearly 800 million people in the 1950 and it will reah 900 million at the end of 2030. However, India graph line shows that there was a dramaticily increase in it's population. The Indai beings with the same that china beings with in the 1950 but India will end less than China by 400 million people in the year 2030.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS descriptive report writing task submission   Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:47 am

The first line graph show data on population size in China, India and US over the period from 1950 and 2050, with data after 2005 being forecasted. The second line graph describe data on changes in population size in rural and urban areas in India and China over the same time period as the first graph.
According to the graphs, the population size in China exhibited generally an upward trend, starting from 600 millions in 1950, with predicted peak at just bellow 1500 millions in 2030. Furthermore, the density of the population in rural areas is five as much as that in urban areas. Nevertheless, urbanization rate in China, although remained steadily up to 1985, will increase rapidly as predicted values show.
This situation is compared to India, where the population size is insignificantly smaller, but with no projections for its decrease. In fact, the forecasted estimates show that population size in India in 2030 will be approximately as 3 times larger as it was in 1950. Urbanization rate in India is similar to that of China. US is the country with smallest population size as well as with lower rate of increase.
As can be seen from the graphs, both countries China and India exhibit relatively high rates of population growth and urbanization as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS descriptive report writing task submission   Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:09 am

There is two graphs showing population growth in India, China & the US and urbanisation in India & China respectively. This two graphs is presented the year from 1950 to 2030, in which the data is projected after 2005.
We can see from the population growth chart that, the population growth of China is higher than India & the US till 2025.after 2025,the population growth will be higher in India than China & the US. On the other hand, the population growth in the US is very low. There will be slight increased in population till 2030.from urbanisation chart we see that, rates of urbanisation was higher in China rural till 2005 than India. After 2005, urbanisation rates will have been higher in India rural than china rural. Urbanisation rates of china urban was lower than china rural and India rural but higher than India urban.But at the middle of year 2025 to 2030 it will be higher than china rural & India rural.
From the above discussion we can say that, the population growth & urbanisation rate will be higher in India in the future. Though at present, population growth & rates of urbanisation is higher in China.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS descriptive report writing task submission   

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Free IELTS descriptive report writing task submission
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