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 Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission

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PostSubject: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:17 am

Please post your writing responses for the free IELTS extended essay writing task here. You do not need to log in or register to post your writing, simply click on POSTREPLY. Please allow at least a couple of days for an OnlinEnglish.net Administrator to view and respond to your task. Responses will be limited to a score and some generic comments targeting the areas you could improve in.

Good luck!
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PostSubject: TRAVEL   Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:34 am

Travelling and experiencing first hand feel of a country and its customs is the best way to self indulge oneselve.Geting out and exporling new place , people ,sharing moments with your family and friends have always been exciting.I prefer going out on such occassion with my friends and family.Having known people aroud keeps the excitment and fun alive,one can share the experience,company of good peolpe helps in a new unknown place.
Travelling alone is very boring and having no one to share your joy is the worst thing to happen.Joy of travelling is when you have people who have alike feelings there present to talk to,share ideas and cherish candid moments.My family and i enjoy travelling and exploring new places and culture so its always easy to relate with eachother in this aspect and we always had good moments.These are the moments that keep us family together inspite of us all having different lifes to live and huge responsibilities.This gives us a chance to knit our family together.

Being aone in anew place can be riskyand without a group or a guide fetching information will be difficult.Its more secure and handy when you haveoyur friends around.Information like accomadation,transportation,food can divided among memebers to be obtained and each member or person can engage themselves usefully and like wise more information helps to see and know more fo the new place.Most of the people travel to get out from there daily routines in life,feel relaxed,have fun,discover the unknown,know the world they live and get first hand feel of it all.There is no better way to experience this without friends and family.
Travelling abroad can be well planned like in terms of fixing up the approoriate dates ,places to visit ,the group you want to travel with, expense all of which can be jotted and planned well in advance to set for the trip one longed for.Going in groups save money and valuable time and energy.According to me i always prefer to go in a group of sportive and fun loving company to keep the sprit of travelling high and refresh those special moments again and again .
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PostSubject: Task 2 essay writing !   Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:19 am

I am very much delighted to know your site.Thank you very much for this and I am sure I can improve my writing with your support and achieve the target.

Some people who want to travel overseas elect to go on group tours. This can provide them with a

sense of security and ease in a foreign country where they are unfamiliar with the language and

customs, but it can also restrict them from experiencing a lot of things about the country they have

come to see.

To what extent is this style of travel effective?

Are there better ways to travel overseas and experience a foreign country and culture?

This is being a trend to travel overseas these days . I disagree to large extent that if they go in groups , it will restrict them from experiencing a lot of things about the country they have come to see however there are some argument against it.

On the one hand, I disagree for several reasons. Firstly, it is usually a lot of fun going overseas together in a group . The reason which i believe ,is we can share our happiness, exploration and the struggle which may occur and experience during the tours. For example, we can laugh and joy together on the tour and hug together if we feel the homesick or if we get hard time during that period. Secondly, it is the matter of security to travel in groups. Sometimes, the new country and the new exposure could be scary. Moreover, unfamiliarity regarding language , customs, culture and social system may result in confusion and feel insecure oneself and in reverse ,we can find the way effectively if we are in groups. Thirdly, it is true that more the head, more the things explore and more satisfaction. Lastly, it is usually cheap to go on groups in which we can sum all costs in total and then we can divide per head in flexible forthcoming time so that if someone has no money right a way, they can take their breath easily ,travel on groups and pay later.

On the other hand, I agree to some extent with the statement. It hinders to get all enjoyment and satisfaction if we are in groups. First in manner, it is acceptable that each individual is unique and if we join the groups to which we are spending much money and time to learn and exposure on something from overseas, there is some chance to be frustrated. The reason is we need to me obligated with the groups and the interest may not match each other. The result is , eventhough if I want to visit one particular hospital because I am interested to know about the emergency care provided to the injured person, other may want to experience in Medical-Surgical care. It may be difficult to get permission with large demand. Second in manner, it is sometime difficult to learn and see the things if we are in large group .For instance, if we are observing one demonstration , it may be out of vision because of large number and hard to learn the things from there.

In general, we can achieve our goal easily if we travel oversees in groups and the group instead of travelling alone is usually mandatory
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PostSubject: Travelling Abroad in Group Tours   Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:50 pm

Tourism is one of the biggest industries of many industrialized countries. It is natural for people to yearn for travel to see unfamiliar and interesting places they have heard or seen, read on multi-media outlets. Travel is true to both to all classes. eight lower, middle or the elite or upper class of society. Most of those who could afford group tours are the middle and upper classes of society as they are the ones with financial capability.

If you are to ask me if traveling by group tours is effective. Yes, it is as being with many fellow travelers is like a security blanket and you have a feeling of fiesta or party atmosphere where you can enjoy not only inside the ship but also when you embark on different places.
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PostSubject: Traveling to overseas country   Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:35 am

In this wide wonderful world, people likes to travel to other countries in group tour for different pupeses such as, enjying the life,to know the culture and living style, Business, and so on.In this some prefer group tour which can be really find exciting in individules.

Travel and tourism is improing a lot world wide which tempt humanbeing to take tour especially to foreign countries though they are unfemiliar to such countries.On the other hand it can be restricted them to some extent, like if they are not known about the language of puticular country it will be difficult to the tourist for conversation.For instace Dubai is becoming number one tourist place and where people forced themselves to visit.

At the end I wolud like to conclude saying that these are the best way to visit a foreign country for the varies purposes.
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PostSubject: Free IELTS Writing Task 2 (Extended Essay) - travel   Tue Nov 20, 2007 3:58 pm

Planning a holiday, people are expecting different things in respect of what they would like to experience in a foreign country in a certain amount of time. They may either choose an organized trip where they will travel with a certain group of people or they may decide to travel on their own without any professional guidance. This essay will discuss this two distinct ways of traveling.

People who spend their vacation in form of a group tour would benefit of not needing that much time to prepare their trip. Things like transportation or accomodation are already organized. In this respect they do not need to inform themeselves that much about the country they want to visit. Moreover, if they selcted wisely in respect of the travel agency, they can be sure to see all the popular places and won´t miss important things just because of not knowing about them. Even more, group tours, for example a bus trip, are mainly designed in way which gives people access to a relative high number of locations in a short time. This stresses again why people with a small time budget might travel in a group. Another plus for this type of traveling might be, that it helps people who ahve problems with easily get in touch with other people. getting to know a country together with a fix group enables them to share their experiences.

On the other hand, some people do not like to be forced together with strangers for maybe a couple of weeks and won´t feel free if they are not able to make their own choices about their travel plans. For those people it is more important to visit less locations but doing this more intense. Furthermore, it kind of values up their trip if they could just let things happen to them by occasion and that they are free to come up with a new plan every other day.

In conclusion, it mainly depends on the type of person and his or her interpretation of what should be a joyful and relaxing way to explore a foreign country.
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PostSubject: task   Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:55 am

Traveling overseas with a group tours, is a good idea because you will already have companions who can share you the opinion and talk with you. Also, you will go straightly to the places that you want to visit and you will be provided with a much security. But you could not get much experience that could get if you have traveled alone and you could have less communication with a foreign people and their culture.

On one hand, traveling overseas with group tours help you to get companion during the journey so, you can share point of views and get chatting with. Also, you will save the time by going to the right direction and know the right places, which you want to visit, where they are. If you travel with tourists, you will have a sense of security that you need because, you have got already companions with you.

On the other hand, traveling overseas alone can provide you with more experience than traveling with tourists because you have to do every thing yourself while you are visiting different places. Traveling alone will push you to communicate with foreign people to explain things such as if you need to know places like hotel, restaurant or pleasure centres, you should ask the people to direct you. Also make new friends who could give you some information about the country and the culture. Absolutely by traveling alone you will try a new life with a completely new people and different culture.

At the end, traveling is effective either you have traveled with tours group or alone. And both of them have a positive side and negative side. If I am planning to travel overseas, I would prefer to travel with a member of my family because they really understand me and help me to enjoy my time.
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PostSubject: [b]The travel overseas means much[/b]   Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:56 pm

In nobodies mind that travelling overseas brings nothing to the personal experience but mess. However there's always a question difficult to answer, whom should accompany me for this trip?
I see that travelling abroad worth that much preparation pre-executing to utmost the reveunue of such trip. Some people would rather to do it solely to enjoy it better,beliving that single is perfect. Others do see that doing it in a group would be an opportunity to share the experience,joy as well as less cost. But still the share point for both groups that travelling brings you a bunch of benefits.
For those who travel solely i can find that their decision stays of value considering their point of view about independence and privacy. Some of that group of preference see that it's my trip,it's my plan and i'm the king of the trip. Not to be forgotten also,that they see that any moment of adventure or joy is my private moment in my private life,so why should i share it.
But on the contrary to such group,others who would travel in a group would see that all pleasure is in sharing. Travelling with your mate,wife,girl/boy friend or even with your family,for them is the best ever choice. That punch of people do see that share means perfection.They also se that life is all about brining joy to others not only pleasing yourself.
Motive for the travel sharing not only stays to the spirtual limit,it may also extend to behind the seen lookin for less cost,less risk or even just because it make no difference for some about others prescence in the scene.
In my opinion it stays that travelling share or no share is an individual prefernce as well as a circumstantial event,whoever importance of travel to get the benefit of it stays the same.
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PostSubject: IELTS Writing   Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:19 am

I knew lots of people who want to travel on group tours. This can make them secure and fearless even if the place they plan to go is somewhat unfamiliar with the customs, languages and simply the tradition that one country practices. There are so many ways that travelling can be effective and these are the following:

First, I agree that it can make them secure, because if you have two or more companion it will boost your confidence in doing things especially to become creative in exploring one place. Two heads are better that one, if you are unfamiliar with the languages of one country, the group can thinks many ways to communicate even in verbal or non-verbal means of communicating others. Feeling secure makes a person happy and real enjoy the travel plans, if you know that you can depend on them whatever happens, you will know in your heart that it will be fine.

Second, travelling on groups can make the journey more exciting. Excitement is the word that the travellers wants to experience. If you have more companions, each of them can share lots of ideas such as where to go, what to wear, what to eat, and any suggestion that might change the atmosphere to serious to more enjoybale gimmick. The sharing of one’s mind will create a more enchanting event that a one’s in a life time experience.

Third, the more people travel, the more experiences they will get. Since you are travel on groups, every people on groups wants to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make the travel fruitful and gains more to compensate their financial expenses. So, they will gain lots of foreign friends, know their values, culture and traditions and save money for buying souvenirs. It is nice to know and share what you have learned from the foreign land and how it differs from your place of origin.

However, I think there are better ways to travel overseas and experience a foreign land and their culture and one is to is to travel alone, plan ahead and searching the website by my self will really give me more information about their culture, languages, customs and traditions and even maps in the vicinity where I will go. Making personal plans will create better move my daily iterinary of travels. Of course, I will save time and money for the reason that I can make personal plans without considering the suggestions of others. Travel on groups also will spend more money because I want to harmonize the group, obviously, I don’t want to left behind, I want to fit in.

I conclusion, there are many effective ways in travelling on groups as what I have stated above but don’t forget that travelling alone can be more effective then. But the decision is all yours, whatever you prefer either travel alone or on groups the best thing is to enjoy every minute of it to be able to make the experinces more memorable.
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Faiz Muh

PostSubject: TASK 2   Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:46 pm


Traveling all around the world is one of the best way to be aware about the traditions, customs and languages. It also provide the historical knowled as well besides all these the most important focused point is to get amusement be means of watching the wonders of nauture.

Before the emergence of modern era people used to travel with groups because there were no easy way of transportation and other hoteling and moteling facilites that's why, they used consize the difficulties of travel. Now a days the means of transpotation became too fast and people are moving with in twinkle of an eye from one continet to an other. Similarly the travel facilities are also available on their own ease and technology became one of the most important tool for assistance of travelers and as a part of global village, languages are also going to be demolished and a few language are dominant all around the world and in such a advance era, people became to sharp to learn more than one language. As a result people wish to travel alone or mostly with their families.

Those who are wishing to travel with groups have their own motives such as either they are too close friends and they feel that they can amuse more rather than mangling with others. Group traveling also has its advantages and disadvantages, the profoud adventages are: Feel free to share any thing with group members, not feel lonely in the night, if ger suffer, group members help him/her similarly if gets any trouble any where , his friends help him/her. The disaventages are minute but have importance such as, misconceptions among group members, annoy, and various other mismangements gives the bad taste to whole of the tour and such a irritating environment makes the person sick.

As for as my point of view is concerned regarding traveling , I wish to travel alone or with family because in this way we get chance to mangle with people more and more , it become the quesiton of survival and taste, as a result men communicate more and more with local people and direct questioning make the person more aware about tradition , culture and all other aspect of the knowledge. While in group tour only group member is just interperaing the things which mostly can not be trasfored exactly. So that, if a person get a chance to travel I suggest him/her to get a tour alone which gives a tremendious amusement
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PostSubject: check my writting, please   Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:27 pm

Some people say that public transport is inconvenience for commuters. To some extent, do you agree or not ?


Public transport is the mean of transport which can carry a lot of people on a fixed route with a given schedule. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular in our society. Though someone think that this kind of transport is inconvenience for commuters, I strongly disagree with them.

My first argument supporting public transport is that it is cheaper than any kind of personal transport. This fact is very clear because when using public transport, the total cost are divided for many consumers and each of them just have to pay a small fee. For example, if you go from Haiphong to Hanoi by bus, it takes you only 30.000 VND compare with 500.000 VND by taxi.

My second argument is that public transport is good for our traffic. On the one hand, too much personal transports can cause the traffic jam, especially in rush hour. On the other hand, almost traffic accidents are caused by personal transports. In opposite, drivers of public transports are always experienced and well educated sothat you can believe in them. Obviously, noone including commuters want to be late by traffic jams or other traffic problems.

My last argument is that public transport can solve the environmental problems especially in cities. Nobody can deny that dioxide carbon and hundreds poisons caused by too much personal transports can seriuosly harm the air and our health. It is also the reason why lung cancer and other healthy problems are more effective in cities than countrysides.

There is a reason for someone against public transport. They can not manage their time and always miss the train or bus.I can understand their point of view but I can not agree with them.

So, in conclusion, I believe in public transport as the best way of transport for our society.
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PostSubject: Travel   Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:59 pm

Travelling is one of the most popular hobby. Now adays it's getting populariety day by day. The given topic is either people like to travel with group or individual.

Abroad is totally unknown place. Men can not share their mission, vision, experience or quaries cause of different language and customs. Travelling with groups or personally, both have arguments to share or merits and demerits.

From my view group travelling is better than in person. The main theme or intention of travelling is to know a diffrent culture, to see new natural landscapes, to gather different taste some thing like that. In this situation an unknown person may miss any thing like any significant historical place or any important events just lack of language. Where in group or with a proffessional guide this mistake will not take place easily. Yes I know group tour have some restriction like time, day etc. But in vast thinking it is not a major issue. If men want to do any thing new they need help from others whereas if some one have personal tour guide there will not have any miss events or miss sites. On the other hand in a group there are many mind so there have many comments or variety of knowldge to share with others. In addition tour guides are well experience and their intention in travel is to help others in travelling.
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PostSubject: ielts task2   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:24 am

In my opinion travelling with the groups certainly have many advantages but travellling alone is as joyful. It also depends on the temperament of the individuals.

I would like to get lost in the streets of such a country whose language, culture and ways of living are absolutely alien to me. I will enjoy talking in the language of symbols and signals. I will see ordinary people and the their styles. I would prefer to spend my nights in some cheap place rather than in a luxury hotel. Afterall I have come here to meet the real people and not the artificial one. There is no joy like wandering in the streets especially if it is some foriegn country. Everyone wants to see historical monuments, museums, buildings and parks but I want to see houses, roads, hills and ordinary shops. Ofcourse security is a concern but being an ordinary traveller what danger I have from the people who are as ordinary as I am.

This is absolutely my personal and subjective point of view. I can not deny that people in groups often enjoy more. They can share their expenses and so can see more places, can share jokes or stories or stuff like this. But I am the person who would like to move without any sense of direction. What directions matter if it is a foriegn land. All I need is a ruck sack, some bread and cheese, a camera, a stove, a camp and feet to walk. I imagine of lying on the grass, sleeping along the bank of a river and then start my journey again in some random direction.
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PostSubject: travel   Fri Jun 27, 2008 8:29 am

Travelling in groups is effective if we concern on our safety. It is very important to put safety as the main priority as we do not know how the countries we are about to go are. Some people may say that this country is safe, and this is not, but it is always not for foreigners. Therefore, being in a group is recommendable.

most importantly, in our journeys, we do not miss any charming events or great places. And I do not agree people say going in a large number of people will spoil the vacation.Not at all. Let us consider, a group of tourists from Japan going to Hong Kong Disneyland. They must be happy playing and visiting places together. I bet, they would say that they enjoy the trip.

It is economic to walk in groups. Hiring a tourist guide, is however advisable. Trips are scheduled properly and independently. To really experience like being a resident of the country, you should try homestay tour. It can be a traditional ones-adoption to local families or modern-like ones-staying in a separate same-type of house. A long homestay makes you experience more being locals, culturally.

So, why being so individualistic? Traveling in groups is the best way to ensure safety!
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PostSubject: Need your comment   Tue Jul 22, 2008 11:05 am

Going abroad for holidays has been a very popular activity as of today’s society. People feel being away from all the routines and work which always give them lots of stress and headache is helpful to their health and can also bring about the satisfaction of life itself. Some people would choose to spend their vacation abroad guided by the tour company for which they have guides. To me, the best choice would be a solo tour or a friends-tour.

To begin with, a sense of security provided by the tour company would certainly make everything around you looks just alright as it is. Everything is ready and all the activities are smooth and comfortable. For example, passport check-in is made faster, the hotels are booked, the food is chosen and ready… especially guidance is provided for the first time of flight. This is one good reason for that the travelers prefer a group tour.

Despites that mater, you do not need to worry about the sites for your visit the next day or the day after that at all. Most people would spend two or three days just to find the places of their interest for their whole holidays while that time worth spending on either work or daily life instead. With only one stop at the agency’s door, they will make sure to ease your concerns.

Even though that is a good way to set out on a journey one could have, there are times that humans need more freedom for themselves rather than to follow someone else’s paths. One shall find harmony in choosing visiting grounds by themselves and taking part in every single activity along the way through. In addition to this, those people would feel the boss as he or she decides on what they want. Exploring different culture is also of importance to the purposes of some travelers which results in going to some places that the company cannot put on the schedule. For instance, we cannot find the living style or their social culture or value just by going around them and looking at them from distance. It needs some contact and exposure that only you can have a word about it.

To conclude, I agree that traveling in group could ease most of our work and preparation for the trip. Yet, if I ever have to choose, I would say trying that out alone or with some friends, without guides of course, is a much enjoyable experience life can give.
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PostSubject: IELTS Writing Task 2, Please comment.   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:26 am

Traveling is becoming more convenient for people with the availability of different modes of transportation. Nowadays, we can also see that people travels overseas more frequently. A lot of tour agencies have made use of this to organize group tours. Traveling on a group tour can be effective as it is very convenient for the travelers. On the other hand, there are also other ways to travel overseas such as traveling by bag packing as one can better experience a foreign country and its culture. I will analyze both modes of traveling in this order.

Convenience is an important factor for a person in plan for a vocation in other countries. As in the busy world, people do not have much time to search for information about where to go or what are the best restaurants in the foreign countries. For example, I hardly find a time for myself to be able to travel overseas and the only free time I have, I would want spend it for my vocations overseas. Buying a group tour from a tour agency is certainly more convenient for those who do not have time in finding information about where to visit for sightseeing or shoppings.

On the other hand, going without a group such as bag packing and staying in a home stay could be an experiential trip for one to learn about the culture of the country. There are several countries that have a service for home stay instead of staying in a hotel. For example, there are many hill tribes’ villages in Southeast Asian countries that offer home stay services for bag packers. In this way, one could experience the ways of life and the cultures of the country or ethnic group which one cannot experience when going with a tour group that is usually staying in a hotel. Thus, it is another option for traveling overseas.

In conclusion, some prefer to travel on a tour group and some prefer not to depending on a person’s life style. As for me I find traveling with a tour agency more preferable as it suits my personal life style- working a lot- and I feel that I will still continue to travel with a tour group as long as I am still a working woman.
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PostSubject: Travelling by group and other better alternatives   Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:53 am

Most people who prefer traveling in groups are first-time tourists who would like to be assisted in their travels so that they could get the most out of their trip or holiday. As much as this arrangement seems logical and more practical, I believe that people on tours or groups should not limit themselves from experiencing a whole lot more than what the tour could offer.

Explore and have your own adventure is what I would advice a fellow traveler. In a manner of speaking, tours are scheduled trips that follow a routine destination every time. Having to follow only what the tour offers might not give a person the chance to explore more about the country and culture. For instance, employing a personal tour guide or a local will enable you to enjoy and see another side of the culture and people which other tours wouldn't probably have. These people can provide you with first hand information and insights about their ways of life.

Another way to travel might be to join an earlier tour and go back again at another day or time to the sites you found most interesting. Visiting these places one more time will give you a better satisfaction with regard to having a longer time in appreciating and marveling at some of your own personal finds. Unlike when you are a part of a tour or group, you would have to spend a specific amount of time at a spot and would have to move along together with the group because you need to visit other sites and you need to follow a strict schedule as well. Some places in Europe, like in Rome for example, have magnificent structures that you would want to take your time at looking and admiring.

To put it in a nutshell, group traveling is always the safest way to go and probably the most popular choice, however if you got an adventurous streak on you, it would never hurt to do something more special and have a more personal experience with your new found culture and friends.
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PostSubject: Academic writing 2   Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:57 am

hi, i saw your site.it impressed me a lot.please correct my essay and tell me the result.i want to improve my writing skills.Thank you.

Travelling is a good opportunity to see new placess and learn new culture,language and customs.it also enhances our knowledge.Going alone to a foriegn country is better than going in a group.

Most people like to go to a foriegn country with a group,because going to a new country alone might bring lot of problems .For example if we go alone to a place ,we can not understand their languge ,cultures and customs.However we do not know the places.so we need some one to help us thorough out our journey.Thatswhy some people like to travel by group.

on the other hand,travelling in a group may bring some difficulties.If we go in a group we cant spend much time to see all places.we have to be rush in all our journey,also we may miss to see few places.there is less freedom and enjoyment.so i think ,it is better to go alone or with our family rather than in a group.we could hire a tourist guider in all tourist places.they explain more about the place ,culture and customs.He also guide us in other popular places in that country.so we can take as much as time to spend and learn the new things in that place.It is worth rather than going in a group tour.

In conclusion ,travelling brings new experience and knowledge,which we get everything while travelling alone or with family than group travel.i think it is good to all people who travel abroad that they have to choose family tour rather than a group tour.
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PostSubject: task 2   Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:29 pm


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send my essay to you for correction. I will appreciate it if you could give me your feedback.

With Best Regards,


Some people who want to travel overseas elect to go on group tours. This can provide them with a sense of security and ease in a foreign country where they are unfamiliar with the language and customs, but it can also restrict them from experiencing a lot of things about the country they havecome to see.

To what extent is this style of travel effective?

Are there better ways to travel overseas and experience a foreign country and culture?

Nowadays, advancements in technology and telecommunication have made international traveling much easier and faster. Many people prefer to spend their holidays on traveling abroad. There are various ways for this and the most prominent one is through tourist agencies which usually organise a tour for a group of individuals to visit one or more than one attractive areas. However, other ways one could choose include, journey as an exchange student, a volunteer for humanistic activities in specific areas of need in underprivileged countries, adventurous travels, and traveling around the world by bicycle for fund raising.

Firstly, people travel abroad mainly because they are enthusiastic to more directly enjoy seeing the touristy areas, and become familiar with language, culture, customs and also history of each area. They also would like to have excitement and fun and get relaxed. However, some people find traveling more enjoyable if their travel is accompanied by study, work, collecting donations for different purposes, or supporting people in poor countries.

Secondly, tourist agencies are usually expert companies which could help people for finding the appropriate hotels and also guiding them to different places. This is of course more secure to go traveling as part a tour. Moreover, there is an opportunity to know other travelers in the tour and sometime make long lasting friend ship with them. However, as a member of a group there are more limitations. For example everybody has to pursue the same schedule.

Thirdly, there are other options one can arrange to see the overseas. For example, students could decide to do part of their curriculum in one overseas university, and therefore, not only first hand feel the other sites, but also spend part of their study in another education institute. Furthermore, a volunteer while enjoy helping poor countries and people, can get familiar with different aspects of lives in overseas.

In conclusion, in my view, people have different intentions and choices for traveling abroad. Although tours are a safe and an appropriate way of journies, some individuals may desire to travel in other ways.
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PostSubject: traveling   Tue Mar 03, 2009 5:57 am

There are different ways to travel oversees, you can go by a tour or you may choose to go on your own. there are pros and cons for each of these ways but iI believe every person has to choose either way according to his/her personality and a certain way may not work for every one.

Obviously, it is more convenient to let a traveling agency plan your tour for you. They will handle everything from getting the tickets and the visa, to booking hotels, to choosing the places you would like to visit in the new country and etc. Above all, in a tour as you are group traveling, you will definitely find new friends and have a lot of fun. The only disadvantage is that your schedule is limited to the tour's and you can not insert your own taste in it.

Meanwhile, some people prefer to travel without joining a tour. Such people have to make all the reservations and bookings on their own and should gather some information about the place they are going to before starting their trip.In this way, you have the freedom to do whatever you like, such as staying longer in a city you enjoyed the most or skipping some sight-seeing and going shopping instead. If you don't mind staying in a "bed and breakfast" instead of a 4 or 5 star hotel, and you are not that fond of other luxuries,Traveling without a tour is usually less costly.

On the other hand, the best way to learn about a foreign culture is to skip shopping and sight-seeing and join the natives in their everyday life. A friend of mine did that in Greece by finding friends among the natives and accompanying them in their different get-togethers and other ceremonies.

Nevertheless, either way has some benefits and disadvantages. I personally prefer to travel in a tour, unless I have a friend in the country I am going to who can help me in planning my schedule. There are many different tours available nowadays for a variety of tastes and I believe everyone can find one which is the most suitable for them.
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PostSubject: travelling overseas   Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:39 am

Traveling places is one of the best ways of entertainment. It not gives enjoyment but also educates and makes aware of different cultures and traditions. Traveling in groups has some advantages as well as some in-conveniences also.
From the famous proverb, "Unity in Diversity", if they go as a group to a new place where language ,custom is every thing new, then it would be helpful for each other in terms of security,analyzing their difficulties regarding local languages to be spoken.So as a whole if they are in groups they can overcome such normal inconveniences.And the other side of the discussion could be ,if they go in groups they will miss the chance of interacting personally with the local people which indeed makes less chances of knowing their culture,their attitudes,and their traditions.
So,the best way for traveling overseas would be approaching through a qualified and trust-worthy guides who has a complete knowledge of the important places and can make the best tour experience.
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PostSubject: different ways of travelling   Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:07 am

Travelling on group tours is definitely an effective option for many people who want to see new countries and faces. This way of travelling has a lot of advantages, for example that there is normally one tourist guide who tells the travellers interesting information and stories about the places they are visiting. It is also good that the people in the group learn to know each other and they could maybe become friends during the tour. This kind of tour is also cheaper than other travelling styles because they usually include the hotel, food, transport and sometimes also recreation.
In the other hand there are many things about the group tour that make it not the best option for everyone. For example there are travellers who would prefer to explore the new places by their own, without depending on the rest of people in the group. For these persons there are many other options of travelling cheap and keep their independence during the travel. One of these alternatives is to do a back packing tour sleeping in hostels around the world. This option is probably better for young people who are also searching for adventure, are not very exigent and want to save some money. For travellers who also want to save money but who need more comfortable sleeping places than a hostel, there are also good hotels where they can get big discounts if they book soon enough. And for those where money doesn’t play a role, its probably the best option to travel on their own, sleep in a nice hotel and pay for a guide if they wish to do so.
By both, doing a back packing tour or booking a hotel it is possible for the travellers to find information in the own language about the countries they are visiting. For example by searching in the internet, by buying catalogues about the places to visit, by asking the habitants of the place or by searching for the tourist information. The big difference between these kinds of travelling and the group travel is not necessarily the amount of money spent, but the way the travellers will probably have to interact with the people from the foreign country. While the tourist group will have to stay together the whole time and will just do what the guides say, the individual travellers will probably have to interact more with the people in the country and decide on their own what they want to do.
To summarise, travelling in a group tour as well as travelling on their own has advantages and disadvantages, depending on what the person is looking for and what expectations from the travel experience he has.
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PostSubject: Some people who want to travel overseas elect to go on group   Mon May 11, 2009 5:51 am

now a days people are trying to get more and more idea from their surrounding circle. people want to know about the world activities, culture of different countries, their national clothes, their language, their routine activities that typr of many different things.

for that they try to get information form internet but many people thught we should take personla visit to that country whcih they liked. but they don't know how to arrange their tour and they have many question in their mind for e.g living problem, up and down travel problem, they don't know even geography of that country hence finally he try to contact to tours and travells agent.

Every people think about their safety first and it is the best way to go to with travellers beacuse there are so many others people with family. 2nd thing is that you have received good souranding enviornment so no problem with their language. they can easily undersatnd thie rlanguage also. journy with travellers most essential benefit is that we never feel ourself alone and our all demand are fulfill. We received all types of facilities.

Coins has two parts. some negative part are also there. With gorup tours we wake up early in the morning as per their schedule. they strict with ther terms and conditions means per day maximum journey, hotels and rooms are fixed, visiting place are also fixed. if we want see some special place they can not ptovide that type of facilities. so some people could not prefer journey with group tours
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Ramesh A

PostSubject: Please evaluate   Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:04 pm

Touring to a foreign country has become an integral part of almost every upper class life now. Some people feel travelling in group is advantageous for safety reasons and for adaptations in a new country. There are views that this group touring might limit individuals to fully enjoy the trip. I strongly feel certain coordinations if effectively dealt then group touring is the best way to enjoy.

Basically touring should be filled with fun. It should not be dealing only with schedules. Fun and enjoyment should be the core intention of travel. I should site everyone's college tours as a simple example here. Is it not an unforgettable event in our life even now?? It is because the entertaining way of travel involved in group tours. This is applicable to Foreign trips too. There needs to be some dance, music, games, minor quarrels among the gang which makes the trip live.

In a private or a nuclear family tour, we might be able to see the places we want without any hassels and failure but thery may not be satisfaction in the trip. For example last year I and my wife went to Switzerland for a week trip. Although we were able to decide our timings at our own discretion, at one point of time we really felt boring. In fact my wife started telling me that next time we should plan with our friends.

There are of course few minor constraints in group travelling due to improper coordination. Main problem is assembling in a place at the right time by all the members of the group. The best way to tackle is to get a package which is conducted by tour operators. When coordination is done by a third party, members of the group will not be lazy and reluctant in joining the group or obeying the rules.

To conclude, although minor constraints involved in group travelling, it is always recommended after all touring is fun oriented. The extent of this constraint is insignificant when compared to the enjoyment in group travelling. We may not get the complete satisfaction if travel alone or with very minimum members. Guides or tour operators can be assigned to make the trip more professional and enjoyable.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:47 am

The World is becoming a smaller place! With more accessable travel across the globe, cheaper flights and a variety of travel options to meet individual needs. Group tours is becoming a popular choice to many. This style of travel allows the traveller the freedom to choice the destination, accommodation and transportation that suits them best. Whilst providing safe and secure experiences without the worries of “going it alone” may cause. Whilst many people enjoy the adventure of solo travel, many more seek the adventure without the worry and prefer the planned approach to visiting foreign countries.
When planning your next holiday each person has different views to what they wish to achieve. Some prefer beach holidays, relaxing in the sun, occasionally taking a dip in the sea to cool off. Others enjoy adventure holidays, sking,diving, mountain biking and generally being active. Others like to visit famous historical attractions, others prefer to explore “off the beaten track”. Each person has individual needs and for some the idea of travelling alone to a foreign country where they speak differently, eat differently and behave differently can be frightening. This is where group travel can be effective. This allows the security of being in a group with tour guides, whilst enabelling the traveller the experience of differing cultures.
I feel this is especially true for some solo travellers of mature age. This style of travel has opened up a new world for my mother. Holidaying once or twice a year via coach travel has brought her many enjoyable and exciting experience, together with developing friendships with her fellow travellers, which otherwise she may has missed, with not having the confidence to plan her own excursions of venturing it alone.
Group touring still offers choice, choice of destination, choice of activities, choice of accommodation, and choice of budget, with the ease of planning your perfect adventure without the worry.
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Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission
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