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 Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission

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PostSubject: Monitoring Technology   Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission - Page 3 EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 8:43 am

Technology is unavoidable in the 21st century. It surrounds us on a day to day basis. Babies are even being exposed to it before their ever born. Fetus’s in wombs are being connected to modern day science through heart monitors and ultrasounds. We have computers, televisions, i-pods, cell phones, and numerous other devices that are existent in today’s society. Technology is not necessarily a bad thing to be exposed to. In fact, we need to learn how to operate these devices because new products are constantly being manufactured. The more that we know about electronics, the more we will be able to succeed in the marketplace. From cash registers being technologically advanced, to the modern cures in medical science, we need to know how to operate these electronic devices. The problem with technology is that too much of a good thing can be dangerous. Technology needs to be monitored because of inappropriate material, addiction, and the separation of reality from the virtual fantasy that can occur with it.
There are many wonderful sites that can uplift us and teach us some important information to empower our minds. A wonderful program was created for Cortez Middle School called the 21st century. It’s a school program that teaches technology skills for today’s world. Our youth have the opportunity to learn how to put together computer programs and learn school work on devices that keep their minds moving and growing. The youth are not sitting idle with their brains because they are exploring in programs that are creating new ways of thinking.
From babies to old timers there are marvelous opportunities to learn from new and exciting programs. With programs like: “Your Baby Can Read,” An 18 month old infant can learn to read. The” Rosetta Stone” offers to teach up to 29 different languages. On Ancestry.com our grandparents are amazed at how much genealogy work they are able to complete because of advancements in software. There are television programs that can teach us how to better ourselves as well. Phones have come a long way in their advancements. We can now use a cell phone to communicate with each other at any given time without having to wait inside of our homes to hear from someone.
One of problems with technology, are the vultures behind it. Unfortunately, some people create technology that can have inappropriate material within its contents. Monitoring sights will limit the access to our children’s usage. We need to teach our youth boundaries and explain to them the safety of our reasoning behind these sights. There are times when our children will want to rebel against our wishes, but we need to stay firm and true in our demands of safety for them. Movies have a rating determining their content within them. This should help a parent to decide whether or not it’s appropriate for their child. Parents need to remember that as our society becomes more acceptable to sex lyrics and crime then the standards decrease. A movie that was rated R in the 1980’s may be rated as a PG 13 in the 21st century. Music is even being played on the Disney Channel that has sex lyrics within its contents. It’s a shame that a child could be actively engaged in what they thought of as “innocent” entertainment and then “wham” something hits their ears with terrible dismay.
After a while, children become accustomed to these findings, they may think that their shutting it out from within themselves but their minds have already received the damage. A very serious restriction would be online pornography. This is one thing we would hope that our children would never be exposed to. The damage that could occur because of these horrible sights is destructive to a child. There is no excuse that could be found that these sights are alright.
Where are we allowing our kids to participate in technology? Are we allowing them free access to these devices allowing televisions and computers in their bedrooms, and allowing unlimited usage of phones? Parent Time pointed out, “There have been news stories that have tried to explain to parents why it is not safe for children to access the Internet in their bedrooms. There have also been many incidents where these social networking websites have been breeding grounds for those who want to harm children. Just this past August, a 15-year-old Washington girl was lured away by a man she met on MySpace. She has since been found. Before that, a 16-year-old Newark girl was believed to have also run off with a man she met, but her whereabouts at this time are not known. As of this time, MySpace plans to put in new restrictions on how adults may contact underage users, but I wonder how they will prevent adults from pretending to be children.” (Parent time) There are viruses that lie within software that can harm the computer systems as well. When these viruses become exposed to sights, damages occur that can destroy the system. If proper monitoring was done than a child would not have been on this sight.
We have wonderful opportunities to learn technology that we need to take advantage of. When we learn more about technical advancements then we can have a better chance of receiving better jobs because of all the devices that are out in the world today. We need to be able to have a proper balance of learning and training though because although it is wonderful that we want to explore new advancements and continue to learn, our bodies need to be able to rest. Addiction to technology is very common among those that are exposed to it. Often times we find ourselves on the internet, playing video games, watching television or even just texting messages to someone for hours at a given time. Devices can control our minds; we may start staring off into these electronics for numerous of hours. We need to recognize that there’s a problem and address the situation. We need to be responsible parents allowing our children access to electronic devices for only a given amount of time during the day. If this means “pulling the plug” then that’s exactly what needs to happen. James Lehman stated, “Know ahead of time that kids overreact to things being taken away from them. Parents, in turn, are often afraid of getting into a power struggle with their children. The bottom line is that many kids will react negatively when you start to set limits on their texting or cell phone activities, but if you stick with the plan, they will eventually respond and comply with your family’s rules.” We need to be setting a timer to help us with this. It has been recommended that a child has a maximum of 2 hours a day of electronic devices. A parent may want to let a child choose how long on each unit that they want to participate in for the day as long as it doesn’t exceed the 2 hours.
Prolonged hours on devices can create health issues. We need to be able to rest our minds so that we can think clearly. A brain can be hay wired when promoting excessive waves to it. We need to leave devices for a while and then come back to them, then, our minds will have a better chance at processing more information. Our eye sight can become blurred as well when transmitting signals from the internet to our senses when we overuse electronic devices. Even personal hygiene can be ignored when we abuse technology. There are times when showers become ignored for days, causing terrible stink. During this time, not only have they not showered but their teeth and hair were not brushed. A person can start feeling a lack of self-worth because of their predicament of uncleanliness they have created for themselves. This improper care to themselves can create bigger problems for them than it’s worth.
Technology has come a long ways in the way we communicate with one another. From mail that used to take weeks to send, we can now let our loved ones receive messages in an instant with one click of a button. We can let someone know of our status and receive help right away. There have been instances of cars being stuck out on highways because they either have a flat tire or have run out of gas. With texting, we can instantly send a message to the recipient and obtain help.
There are some problems with texting, though. There have been numerous car accidents due to texting. The moment that a person gets distracted and looks down to pay attention to unnecessary material on one of our technical tools other than the road then tragedy strikes, killing unfortunate people. Not only is there a problem with texting on the road but inside of schools where our youth should be focused on studying, there you will find information being sent through phones. Sometimes we need to monitor these actions of others so that we can have safe and productive environments. Individuals walk into businesses trying to accomplish a mission but low and behold their on their cell phone. Not only is it hard to communicate with others when their focused elsewhere but it is extremely rude. Mrs. Cook stated, “I was distracted in a movie theater recently when the group of teens in front of me was so busy texting back and forth and laughing that they weren't even watching the movie. The lights from their phones kept flashing on, and anyone in the row behind could clearly read what was being texted. I was getting so annoyed that I was tempted to say, ‘Yes, Jim is very cute, but can you please discuss this after the movie?’ Where are the parents? Apparently they're either not teaching their children manners or enforcing them. I just bought emergency phones for my girls, and they use them when they go out. The rule is that if they abuse the prepaid phones the girls will lose them for a day. They know manners, and they are very polite, because I make sure they are. They are only allowed to play video games when their chores are done. We have a lot of educational stuff available for them, and they play outside often. I've seen many children whom I know would not make it a week in my house, because they would be required to limit their electronic time and be respectful. It's a shame.”
Through technology people can lose contact with the real world. When we don’t communicate with each other face to face, we start to lose valuable skills that are necessary to help get along with one another. We start to lose contact with reality. People forget how to communicate with one another and then they turn to devices to get some form of contact with words. There are a lot of dating sights on the internet that have made a killing of profits off of adults that may be seeking for attention. Some people are fortunate to find their spouses on these sights; however, the vast majority of individuals become lost in a virtual world. There have been a lot of divorces due to poor choices that married spouses make. When a problem arises in a marriage, a spouse will go seeking for these outside sources instead of working with their partner to fix their problems. They become selfish and they aggressively pour their hearts into a device that may give only instant satisfaction. One of the fastest growing sites is known as Facebook. It’s a sight that reacquaints long lost friendships and keeps the present friendship up to par. While it’s important to have friends it’s also important to set a boundary. It’s amazing to know how many people would be talkative and friendly on this sight but if one was to see the person face to face then words will not be communicated. This could be for the fact that long lost friends are on this sight. People grow up and have other focuses than what they used to and so the communication skills between the two people have become lost. It’s easier to jot information down and reply to it when it’s on a device, but it’s much harder to gain a bond between one another when it’s reality.
There is information that needs to be monitored on these social networking sights as well. Parent time has set up these excellent tips to follow, “Never post your personal information, such as cell phone number, address, or the name of your school, be aware that information you give out in blogs could also put you at risk of victimization. People looking to harm you could use the information you post to gain your trust. They can also deceive you by pretending they know you. Never give out your password to anyone other than your parent or guardian. Only add people as friends to your site if you know them in real life. Never meet in person with anyone you first ‘met’ on a social networking site. Some people may not be who they say they are. Think before posting your photos. Personal photos should not have revealing information, such as school names or locations. Look at the backgrounds of the pictures to make sure you are not giving out any identifying information without realizing it. The name of a mall, the license plate of your car, signs, or the name of your sports team on your jersey or clothing all contain information that can be used to determine your location. Never respond to harassing or rude comments posted on your profile. Delete any unwanted messages or friends who continuously leave inappropriate comments. Report these comments to the networking site if they violate that site’s terms of service. Check the privacy settings of the social networking sites that you use. Set it so that people can only be added as your friend if you approve it, set it so that people can only view your profile if you have approved them as a friend. Remember that posting information about your friends could put them at risk. Protect your friends by not posting any names, ages, phone numbers, school names, or locations. Refrain from making or posting plans and activities on your site. Consider going through your blog and profile and removing information that could put you at risk. Remember, anyone has access to your blog and profile, not just people you know.” It’s important not to get caught up in games on the internet. There are many games that could be played or accomplished outside. Soccer, baseball, gardening, running, and other outside recreational activities become ignored in reality because one gets too focused on the virtual concept of it all. We need to be pushing our kids into the real world.
We need to be monitoring electronic devices so that we don’t encounter inappropriate material, obtain an addiction, or lose sight of reality. If we can escape from these horrible insights of the virtual world than we can enjoy wonderful opportunities that can help broaden our horizons and help bring more success. As Lisa Bauer said, “Technology is a wonderful resource to have and learn. We should start our children on them at 3 years old. We do however, need to be watching our children on the internet and give them breaks so that they can rest their minds.”
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission - Page 3 EmptyMon May 23, 2011 12:32 pm

Nowadays travelling abroad is becoming less expensive and people have more free time compared to the past, this due to the modern tecnology and society.
In many cases there are organizated trips where people take part and they fell safe because they are in a group having a guide. I do not think this is the best way to enjoy an holiday however
it depends on the cases. i will explain why.

Firstly, in average everyone like travel, it broadens the mind and it is in ours nature.
Having sayed that, there are several kinds of travels, for instance we can consider the differences between people who travel alone or in a group.
The first one, being alone, is driving himself and all depends on his decisions, this is a good point in terms of experiences. However despite being alone to be in a group is more suitable for people who just want to relax themselves without worryes, therefore the ways that somebody choose to manage his journey is very subjective .

There are advantages and disadvantages in both kinds of holidays, next to this it is crucial to know lenguages and places which we are going to visit because being alone sometimes can be dangerous.

To sum up, i think that being in a group is more secure and organizated however in my opinion it is not the right way to make experiences becouse they are not indipendent.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission - Page 3 EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 12:41 pm

Nowadays, tourism, as well-established business branch, offers may opportunities for traveling. When it comes to traveling to foreign countries, people usually choose services provided by traveling agencies. As everything else does, traveling overseas with group tours has many advantages and disadvantages.
Firstly, tourist operator provides travelers with safe transport and accommodation. This is the main reason why tourists get the sense of security. Secondly, being in foreign country is not always easy, especially regarding the communication with domestic people. As it is well-known, some of the cultures around the world are very devoted to their customs and can get offended easily by foreigners who are not aware of the customs’’ importance. It can be clearly seen that indeed, travelers feel safely when there is a mediator between them and the inhabitants of the country they have visited.
On the other hand, using the services from a traveling operator, restrict travelers from experiencing authentic things about tourist place they have visited. For instance, tourists are restricted from meeting local people and learning about their culture, customs and their way of living. Yet another example is preventing travelers from learning the language, thus missing opportunity to communicate with people from other cultures. From all these examples it is evident that traveling in group is not beneficial for travelers when it comes to exploring the foreign country and mingling with other cultures.
In conclusion, in my opinion, although traveling with tourist operator seems to be the safest way, it is very restrictive option. Traveling overseas should break the barriers among the cultures, thus broadening horizons of the travelers as well as of the domestic citizens. Therefore, the best way for oneself to experience another culture is to arrange travel on their own.
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission - Page 3 EmptyFri May 04, 2012 9:04 am

Essay Topic: Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only the environment, but population and education as well.
What problems will your country face in next 10 years? How can these problems be overcome.

Essay Writing:
In 21st century, there is a lot of development and advancement in technology and medicines, due to which our average life has increased substantially. People have a better living and better quality of life. However, these improvements also have some negative effects on the country. World is facing significant challenges with environment, population and education. These problems are expected to increase in next decade.

Challenges relating to environment are mostly due to pollution caused by smoke emitted from industries and vehicles; deforestation to make land for new buildings. Global warming commonly summarizes the issue with environment.

Population explosion is also another major challenge faced by the countries. Due to advancement in healthcare and improved lifestyle, people live longer. In past average age of humans was 60-70 years which has increased to 80 years in present days.

Third, most important issue is education. On one side, many people are gaining education in various professional courses, however, there are not enough jobs to cater to the need of educated population, which in turn increases unemployment. On the other side, it is also believed education standards are deteriorating due to segmentation and fragmentation of subjects.

India is facing challenges from all the above problems relating to environment, Population and education which are interrelated to each other. India is the second most populated country. To meet the living requirements of large population, people tend towards cutting forests and creating accommodation space for humans which negatively impacts environment. Unemployment has increased, dearth of not enough jobs for educated population would influence in increase in crime. Increase in population also increases the need of more vehicles and excessive use of vehicles causes traffic jams and pollution.

Drastic measures have to be implemented to bring these risks under control. Strict rules on percentage of emission of smoke need to be drawn. Birth control measures need to be mandated to control population growth. Vehicle production number per year need to be defined and people should be encouraged to travel in public transport, which will reduce pollution to some extent. Forest areas need to be cordoned-off to prevent any human activities and encourage a-forestation. If deforestation increased any further it would turn the country into dry land.

In conclusion, all the challenges discussed above are dangerous to human kind if not auctioned now. Ten years from now, the situation will worsen further, therefore there is a need to act now!
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PostSubject: Re: Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission   Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission - Page 3 Empty

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Free IELTS extended essay writing task submission
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