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 Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8

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PostSubject: TOEIC Writing question 8    Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptyTue May 24, 2011 6:15 am

The reason could be all three. Greater income, self-esteem and wider career opportunities. The reason depends upon the person too. Income alone can not place a person on high esteem. The higher the post, higher the esteeem and salary a person acquire.
On one hand, we can say that all three are equally important. But, if we focus only on the life style of scenario then I could say that greater income would be the reason for seeking promotions at work. In the present scenario anything could be made out of money. Naturally people honour, fear, support and recognise only people with more income.
Even considering the personal life income matters among relatives, neighbours and friends. For example, when you meet one of your relative, after he comes to know where you work would be about your salary. Therfore, income matters alot and worths alot.
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PostSubject: TOEIC Writing question 8   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 8:16 pm

Without a doubt, everybody is long for the promotion for some reasons. Some people consider the promotion as the achievement, while some think promotion can give them more fortune. Personally, promotion is just like a reward to show all of the colleagues how well you have been performing during the job. In other words, through the promotion, we will be able to understand how much we make a progress compare to before and able to work even harder to reach next level.

Promotion is just like an incentive. Let me take an example about two people, lets say Kevin and Linda, with and without promotion. Kevin is a new work in the food company and only has 1K every month. He works very hard, completes so many transactions from different countries, and helps the company make a huge number of profits. He is the key person to save the company, but he did not have any promotion since he worked for the company for the first day. He still gets his 1k every month. Linda is a new worker in the same company and only has 1k every month as well. For the two years, she did not have any order from the customers, not mentioned to completing the transaction. However, Kevin and Linda have the same salary, which is 1K. They have the same pay-check, no matter how hard s/he works. For this situation, without any promotion or reward, do you still believe Kevin will keep working hard? I donít think so. Instead, I guess Kevin will lose his motivation to find out more new customers. As result, nobody in the company wants to work harder, because they donít think itís necessary.

Promotion not only motivates one individual, but it also makes the working environment better. In other words, the promotion causes the employees to be willing to challenge themselves or each other. We are human beings, and sometimes we get lazy naturally. However, with the promotion, we would have more motivations to learn anything new to be a better person, for the sake of been promoted. Itís just like a catalyst that makes everybody in the company work harder.

In a conclusion, promotion is must-to-have in the company. There are different reasons why people are looking for promotion. However, from my point of view, the most important reason is that promotion will motivate us to learn more, to challenge more, and to work more.
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PostSubject: toeic question 8   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 11:57 am

the most important reason why most people seek promotion at work is to be able to tackle greater challenges . every new level in a job brings new opportunities and greater challenges . When my uncle told me he was working towards being promoted again i asked him if he wasnt earning enough money already and he told me that it wasnt about the money but the challenge because doing the same thing over and over becomes boring thats why people keep striving to get higher.
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PostSubject: Reasons for promotion   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 5:41 am

There are many reasons for seeking promotions at work. Most important being the applaud itself, which gives the high self esteem. That the work done is appreciated and one is acknowledged for it. Along with it comes the appreciation, salary hike, increment in other benefits etc.

Promotion is given to the individual when he/she has carried out her duties with great responsibilities. Due to which the organization or company has benefited from it.And to acknowledge the effort of the individual he/she is given promotion. So that the individual is motivated to carry out his task further. Along with it comes the perks which the individual is entitled on getting promoted according to the company/organizations norms. These are increase in the salary, wider job responsibility leading to higher post.

At work the most important reason for seeking promotions is increase in salary hike. As everyone after a some point of time expects to be rewarded for the work done. And increase in salary hike gives a boost to ones self esteem. That their efforts have been appreciated and applauded. This at the same time helps the company in increasing healthy competition among its members. Thereby increasing the overall efficiency and output of the company.

For example in any private company like Mc Donalds..where customer satisfaction is the main motto of the company to remain in the market.And to maintain this and remain in the market, if the employee of their advertising department does a superb job in increasing their profit. Than that employee is gauranted to be promoted for the work done.

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PostSubject: Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 11:47 pm

There are so many companies around the world. So, job seekers always have big consideration when they make a decision to enter one company. Even though we are living in the capitalism society, we should consider many things in order to get proper job positions. As another job seeker, I think the career opportunities is the most important criteria when choosing the position. There are several reasons.

Fist of all, because current industrial system is changing so quickly, I must prepare the next postion. For example, If I enter the IT company and get a position in good department to make careers, I will get lots of opportunities to move to another good company when I quit this position. As you know, Getting a good job continously is pretty hard to everyone. So, I want to make good careers in first company to get a nice chance to move another company.
Secondly, making good careers helps me earn lots of money. I currently heard that when companies decide the salary of employees, they estimate their achivements. Moreover, if someone get a good estimate from his or her company, he or she will get a chance to promote quickly. This kind of situation is very common in our society.
Lastly, I just want to do my own business finally. Because of that, the careers is very important. I saw many articles in the newspaper about people who did sucessfully their own businesses after quitting a job. Their common thing is good careers in previous position. Because they have lots of expierence in thier fields and it provides them with the easy way to suceed.

In conclusion, I know all the conditions when we get a job are important. However, If you want to a big successful person in our society which is changing so fast, you must choose a position which is possible to make good career.
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PostSubject: Promotion   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptySun Nov 27, 2011 12:43 pm

Every person starts a carrier with a plan in his/her or mind to achieve success and prosperity. To make thier carrier graph good and with higher achievements they plan how to succeed, what trainings they require considering their lack of knowledge. These training plans help them achieve their goals and work with perfection. To acquire a promotion a person has to be a all rounder with good qualities as proactiveness, good communication skills with their colleagues and good presentation skills. A person also has to have good knowledge in product or business his company deals with. That is he/she has to a product matter expert, they have to be computer savy. If a person has all these qualities is eligible to promotion. With each and every level responsebilities change and that person has to prove himself/herself capable of handling those positions. Wish change in position comes good income and good status in the life. I guess pormotion is a way for making people realise their worth and the benefit they are for the organistion. It also makes a person stronger and increase possiblities of achieveing good life.
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PostSubject: Re: Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 EmptySat May 11, 2013 6:31 am

People seek promotions for different reasons. Some may consider promotion as tool for greater income. Similarly some seeks promotion for respect and self-esteem. However, in my case I would see promotion as a gateway for greater career opportunity. Promotion which leads to greater career opportunity means the rise in trust, responsibilities and challenges.

Greater career opportunity means more trust towards someone. In my case, I find it more satisfying to have earned the trust rather than money. Trust gives us the strength and confidence to carry out any task at our work place. This further helps us in achieving success in our lives.

Similarly, promotion leading towards greater career opportunity, also assigns with more responsibilites. More resposibilities might be burden for many people but, I think if you want to grow as a leader in your field you have to learn to take more responsibilites and be a role model to others.Responsibilites also lead to more challanges.
Challanges make my job interesting. I hate to take monotous jobs. I think challenging job is also important because that teaches us to take risk and discover something nee. The lessons learnt at the challenginf job is also important in real life situtaion.

In conclusion, earning trust, becoming responsibile towards job and challenges are important factors for me at my waork place. Promotions for greater career opportunity can only assure all of it.Therefore, I prefer the promotion that leads to greater career opportunity rather than greater income and self respect.

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PostSubject: Re: Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8   Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8 - Page 2 Empty

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Answer Submission for Part 3 / Question 8
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